Monday, October 12, 2009

Praying for Kensley

Well it was just another day in my world. My kids spent the night with Bradley's parents last night. I could have slept in this morning but of course I decided to go into work with mom for a little while. Well I love making extra money here and there. I also needed to get some house work done especially after being gone last week. But I went on to work anyway. They were giving flu shots today so I decided to take one. YUCKO!!! Well after work I went got the kids went to get a few bales of hay and went to Hobby Lobby to get the stuff to make me a new wreath for fall.. It is so cute!! I picked all the flowers out and LeAnne made it for me!! I love it. Came back home put some laundry in the dryer. Just another day for me. But during my regular daily life I can not help but think of Dustin and Melissa and just how they must feel and poor little Kensley. I am not in anyway related to this family or even close friends to them. But I would say just mere acquaintances and I can nor keep from thinking of them and feeling such a load for them. I do not know Kensley besides what people have wrote about her. I know the lord has it all in his hands and I am begging him to let her be well soon. I have been thinking of ways that I could be of help. So I as I will be making my donations I am challenging everyone else to do the same.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toy Story

Well today has been lazy.. The boys and I have been gone to Pigeon Forge with mom and my sisters and the kids. It was what I would call CHAOS!! We had a really good time went to Black Bear Jamboree and Dollywood did a little shopping. It was a good trip but I am glad to be home. Today Bradley got up and went to church and I took Lucas to meet my dad. He has been dying to go see the Toy Story I and II in 3D. So dad finally tool him today. He LOVED it!!! After Bradlye got home from church me, Bradley and Logan went to Demo's to eat.. Then we have just been sitting around I went to get groceries Braldey mowed the grass. Now Bradley and Logan are napping Lucas is outside playing Woody in his cowboy costume. And I am enjoying the piece and quiet. Oh well I am gonna go start ironing our church clothes and get ready.

Our thougths and prayers are with Kensley Kelly and their family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!