Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Passed inspection again!

I made it thru another doctors appointment! I am still on bed rest of course. I was about the same. So as long as I can make this week I will be good and they will schedule my c-section for next week. I go back to the doctor Friday. Bradley says they will probably put me in so it will ruin the whole weekend and he will have to sit at the hospital all weekend. LOL... I told him yes everything revolves you and making you miserable! LOL Of course he is only kidding! I am ready for this baby to be here and all this be over with but I definitely want a healthy baby more! So we will see! Good news is I haven't gained any more weight. I am holding steady at 25lbs. Maybe I won't...Oh well have a good week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Update!!

Yes I am still on bed rest and it stinks. I went to the doctor Friday and they did a non stress test on the baby. Everything still looks good with baby. I am the problem. My Bp was still a little high but definitely better. I do have preclampsia. So they are just going to watch me really close. I have to go to doctor 2 times a week. I have to go Tuesday for a ultrasound and see doctor. Then back Friday for another Non stress and see the doctor. She told me to go ahead and bring my bag cause if I am any worse they will just send me over to the hospital that day. Which sounds really good right now. I just want to make sure they baby is healthy. I sure do not want a baby in the NICU if possible. So she says if I can make it next week they will schedule me for the that next week. They really want me to get to 38 weeks which is like a week and a half away. I am ok with that. Most important is that baby is healthy. So today Bradley is going to paint the nursery and hopefully get bed put together. I am really anxious to get everything put together so I can put stuff up!! Oh well everyone have a good weekend!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bed Rest!! Seriously???

Well its official. I am on bed rest!! I had a just my regular Dr appointment on Thursday. I went in my BP was 152/100. The doctor did not like this at all. So she sent me over to the hospital to be monitored for a while. I was there from like 4-9pm that night. She sent me home on strict strict bed rest and a 24 hour urine test that I had to do Sunday and take in to my appointment today. Well my baby shower was Friday night so bed rest didn't really go well on Friday. My shower was great. I got some good gifts and gift cards. That I can't even go spend because I am on bed rest. Which stinks really bad. Oh well I am going to buy my car seat and stroller with them anyway.

So mom took me back to the doctor this morning at 10:00 AM. BP still not great it wasn't normal but not outrageously high. So she wanted me to come in for a ultrasound this afternoon. That went good baby was breathing really good and had good blood flow. Which seemed to make the doctor happy. So then they wanted me to go to another lab to have blood work done. We literally didn't get finished at the lab until after 3. We spent the whole day at the doctor and running to get lunch before the ultrasound. So tonight I am bored. I am sick of bed rest. Luckily my husband is good enough to cook and clean for me. He won't let me do anything. Which is really nice but also annoying. I hate to lay around while everyone else is doing stuff. I am so thankful that he can do it and will do it. My in laws came got the boys last night after church. Which is nice not having to worry about them. Lucas has school tomorrow so Bradley went and got him after work. I know yall think I am crazy but last night when they got the boys I cried and cried. I was so depressed. I thought how awful that is...That could have been our last day at home just us 4. I know I am hormonal. Logan was super excited to go to papaws so that made it easier. I think Lucas knows something is up because he is stuck to me like glue. It is kind of sad he is such a big boy now but he was my first baby. There is something special about that I can not explain. I love Logan just as much but there is a special bond with that first baby.

On a funny note. Logan was getting in my lap yesterday and he pushed on my belly. So Bradley told him be careful not to hurt the baby. Logan looked at my belly for a second then looked at me and said " Is the baby in your belly" I said "Yes" he then looked at me so serious and said "momma did you eat him" LOL.... That child is a mess I just laughed and said no. He is crazy.

Oh well my blog was really long and I am sorry to bore yall but it just all kind of came out... Plus have I mentioned that I am bored!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

5 weeks and counting!!

Well I officially have 5 weeks left from today. I am so ready but not really... I know 5 weeks and nothing really done. I have the bedding the room is the correct color. NO baby bed and you can not even walk in that room. It became the storage room after Logan moved in with Lucas. Not to mention where all the vacuums go to die.

Ok we have discovered this place in Murfreesboro that sells stuff really cheap. It is all new in boxes from Wal-mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond etc... So last Saturday Bradley and I run over there to see if I can find a vacuum. While in there they start rolling in these pallets full of stuff. I am thinking they got a delivery. No they sell the whole pallet for like 75-100. You should see all the stuff on them. Well of course the line was so long by that point we didn't get anything. We find out they do this every Wednesday and Saturday. So Wednesday LeAnne and I go back and wait in line for like 3 hours. We both got a pallet of stuff. Mine had 14 vacuums on it!! Yes 14!! Not to mention it also had a 10 cup food processor,2 blenders, a vacuum sealer for food, a 50.00 crock pot, a humidifier, 2 Mr Coffee programmable coffee pots and a Kuerig... Which I love love love....and a ton of other stuff.We ended keeping a lot of stuff. I paid $80.00 for the while thing. I sold the remaining vacuums for 80.00 the next day. So the way I look at it I got a vacuum, Kuerig, Crock pot, and Food processor for free... Now the thing is not everything works or it might be missing pieces. Most of it did some didn't. I was really excited with what I got and plan on going back this Wednesday to see what I can get. I plan on selling pretty much everything unless I get a stand-up mixer (I will be keeping that) It was fun and we got some good stuff for FREE basically.

Oh well as far pregnancy goes. I had some blood pressure problems last Monday and Tuesday. I had to go to doctor Tuesday then again on Friday. Which I hate! But by Friday everything was back to normal and I do not have to go back until this Friday. I am hoping I can go the full 5 weeks this time. It seems like this time it has went by so fast. Probably because of all the holidays that was thrown in there this time. Oh well I guess I will go to bed. We had one of those weekends you wished you could just erase from your mind for ever. Maybe I will write about it next time but for now thank the lord it is Monday and over with. It was horrible!!! Have a good week!!

P.S. My baby shower is this Friday at moms house!!! I love stuff like this. Not the getting gifts. I love the organizing the shower thing. Except they won't let me do anything this time...Oh well I am ready for some Chicken Salad sandwiches anyway!!!