Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow AGAIN!!! and a NAME!!!

Don't get me wrong I love snow but I am so tired of it this year. We have gotten so much snow here lately. Bradley has worked one full week since Thanksgiving. Some of the days were just because Holidays but the rest were snow days. One day he even went in because he couldn't get a hold of his boss. And no one showed up so he just came home. Anyway, they are saying 3-5 inches tonight and tomorrow. So I am sure our kids will not be having school tomorrow either. Oh well enough about that.

On a better note we are in the home stretch of this baby thing. I am so tired of being pregnant. Not having any complications so far. Thank You Lord! With Lucas I was already on bed rest and with Logan I had him in about two weeks from now. I am hoping I at least get the baby room done first. Which I have not even started or decided what I want. I only have 6 weeks left until delivery date. Which my doctor doesn't think I will go that long but that's what we are shooting for. We have accomplished one thing kind of...I have gave in on a name I think it will be Levi Maddux... Unless I change my mind again. I just got tired of messing with it. He doesn't like anything I like so I am settling. I do like Maddux and trust me it could be worse than Levi. He has came up with some pretty crazy names. The only other one that comes close is Lincoln. OH well that is enough for now I guess I am going to go wait on the snow.

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick and Busy...

Well I will start by saying I am sick of doctors and ultrasounds. I have had 5 ultrasounds and I am hoping I do not have another one. I have scheduled my glucose tolerance test at least 4 times and due to snow and stomach virus I have had to reschedule. And guess I scheduled it for Friday morning... I just heard on the news they are calling for us to get about 2 inches of snow Thursday night. So I am thinking I am going to have to reschedule again. LOL Any way I have a little over 7 weeks until my delivery date. Which is really like a little more than 5 weeks because they are scheduling my c-section early. I have not done one thing in the nursery and do not even know what I want. I cant find anything I just really love. I see things that I like but nothing I cant live without. We still do not know what we are naming this kid yet. We can't agree on anything really. So I guess he is not going to have a name or a bed...LOL

Anyway things have been kind of crazy around here. We have had the stomach virus except Logan and I am hoping he doesn't get it. Plus I have been working on quoting a huge wedding. That you don't even want to hear about because the bride is crazy. She wants something for nothing and that bothers me really bad. But anyway good news Kelsey is here staying with mom and dad for a while. We don't get to see her that much so her being here has been fun. OH well I am about to get ready for bed because I have to work tomorrow. After this month I am done with that place..LOL I have said that with both boys but somehow I keep going back. Have a good week...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Wilkins eating snow! (in pigeon forge)
Lucas making a snow angel
Logan doing whatever Lucas does...
Logan Bradley Lucas and our pirate snowman!!
Logan in the snow!

Lucas about to throw a huge snowball at me!!
Logan really enjoyed building a snowman
Lucas with some bad hair after his toboggan!!

We had a great weekend in Pigeon Forge with the Middlebrooks. Well except for Brandy she had a rough one but that is another story. We came home last night and just dropped all our stuff. My house looks like a tornado touched in it. As soon as we got home I had to run to the grocery store of course to prepare for the snow... We got home got everyone in bed and I crashed only to be woke up by Lucas at 1:30 who had thrown up all in his bed. After that I was pretty much woke up every hour after that. He couldn't keep anything down. At about 5 we fell asleep. Bradley woke me up at 6:15 to fix his lunch. I thought for sure he wouldn't go to work but he tried it anyway. So I stayed up because I was so worried about him driving. He only works 12 miles from our house and it took him a hour to get there. The roads were really bad. As soon as he called and told me he made it I went to sleep only for him to call me back 20 minutes later to tell me no one else showed up not even his boss so he was coming home. So I couldn't go to sleep until he got home. He made it back a little after 8 both boys were awake and all 3 of them wanted to go out and play. I made them wait to see if Lucas was really feeling better or he just wanted to go out. After a while we went out. They had a blast I mainly sat and watched and took pictures... They played and played and played. I got hit by a ton of snowballs but we had fun. As soon as we got in got all our snow clothes off Bradley's parents called wanting to come get the boys because they were bored. They came about 4 and got them. It kind of left Bradley and I bored. We have watched a movie, watched football, made Chicken Alfredo and chocolate chip cookies and did a lot of nothing all afternoon. I have to say it was a pretty good snow day after it got going...This morning was a little rough but other than that it was good!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Need to be busy...

I know I should be packing clothes right now but I just can't get it together today. I am so sleepy for one thing and another thing I just ain't in the mood. LOL We are leaving at about 4 today to go to Pigeon Forge with all the Middlebrooks. It is supposed to be snowing up there and I have already been informed by my mom ( who is already there) that it looks like it is built in the side of the mountain. Apparently way up on a very high hill with a narrow road. To say the least I panic over this kind of thing. My wonderful husband whom I love so much...Thinks that he is a race car driver going around these kind of curves and hills. Now I was raised on Sand Mountain so you would think that it wouldn't bother me but it does. I have lived in Tennessee now longer than I lived on the mountain. Almost 15 years Wow!!! Didn't realize how long it has been... Last year we went up to Cloudland canyon on lookout mountain and I literally felt like I couldn't breath. Bradley says I am becoming more like my mother everyday but I can not help it. If it is covered with snow I will be even more nervous.. Pray that I don't kill him and he don't kill me!!!