Monday, September 19, 2011


 Things seem to be getting a little better gradually. Yesterday was kind of rough. Douglas and April headed back to Atlanta while Bradley and I were there. When we got ready to leave to go to church I lost it. I could not stand the thought of Edna being alone. Even for a couple hours to get ready for church. She did good though. One of the young girls from church spent the night with her last night. Lebron got back today so she has some company. I think Bradley and I worry more about her than she really needs. LOL

Oh well I just want to keep thinking of the good things this week. I saw a sign the other day that said "What if you woke up today with ONLY the things that you thanked God for yesterday" Made so much sense to me. I thought oh lord that would be awful. Because I don't know about yall but I am really bad when I get down to pray to start asking for things. So today I am haivng a Thankful Day!

 On another thankful note! I am so thankful that Levi is getting better. When I say he is better I mean he is growing like a weed. He has grown so much but he still throws up so bad! It drives me crazy but my prayer has been just to let him grow. I can deal with the throw up as long as he is healthy. So thank you lord for helping my baby!!!!

Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another week down!!

 Another crazy busy week almost over!! Thank you Lord! The first part of the week we were just dead. I still kind of feel that way actually but Wednesday night we got to go to church. And the good Lord came by for the whole family. I think we all needed it so bad. I actually hadn't been to church in almost a month and I was missing it. Then Friday was Jasmines wedding and we were busy with that of course. You know me if there is a wedding I am in on it some how. I actually didn't get to do as much as I would like to help with this because of Carter but I did enough. We did all the flowers and helped with food. Well of course clean up!! It turned out to be very pretty of course.

 Then today was the Cardin reunion. It wasn't as much fun as usual because we didn't stay all weekend like normal. We got to stay late and sit around the fire tonight. It was nice to sit with some family and laugh for a while. I am sure you will see pics soon! There are some good ones floating around from today. We ate and laughed alot so it was worth it.

 Everyone pray for Edna. Tomorrow is her anniversary and everyone is having to go home tomorrow. Thank the good Lord Douglas and April stayed all week so they were there with her. It is going to be rough anyway much less with everyone leaving. Actually pray for everyone. We have some good days but then like the other night Lucas just lost again. He started telling me about Pawpaw. Everything he could do and everything pawpaw taught him. It was actually really sweet but pitiful. He was like Momma did you know pawpaw could juggle. I was like NO. He said yea I wish he would have taught me before.... He never finished the sentence. He just lost it> It is so awful. He is at the age where he really don't understand it all but just enough to tear him up. Sometimes life ain't fair.

 I just keep thinking about how much he suffered in his last few weeks. I think thank you lord for taking him. Then I think about Christmas or family get together. It is going to be so different. EMPTY!! He was the one that said Nana the kids are getting hungry its time to eat or Nana we might as well open the presents the kids are ready!

Well that is enough and I am really sleepy!! NIGHT NIGHT!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carter "PAPAW" Johnson Pritchett 9/9/45- 9/8/11

 Well it has been a very long month at my house. For the past 4 weeks we have been at my in laws house every day. I usually got up and got Lucas to school. Then get the other two boys ready and head on down there by 9 or 10.  Bradley would go to work get home at 2:45 get Lucas off bus at 3. Then he was on his way down there too. We would stay until at least 8 or 9 every night. My house looks like a war zone.

 Tuesday he stayed in bed all day and I could hear the congestion in his breathing. By the time I got there Wednesday morning he was really congested sounding.  By Wednesday pm he was rattling. When I heard this I know it wouldn't be long. So we decided to stay the night. I was the only one that was awake all night, Most everyone got at least a couple hours of sleep. Thursday morning things begin to get a lot worse. He was having a hard time. Bradley had to go into work for couple hours but was back by 8:00am. Nurse came in and said it would probably be a few hours to a day or so. She called in some RX's so Michael and Bradley went to pick them up. Edna April Douglas and Lebron started cleaning a little becuase we knew there was some company coming and with everything being so rough we hadnt got to vacuum or really deep clean in a few days. So they made me stay in there with him in the recliner in hopes I would take a nap. NOT!! I sat beside him holding his hand. He would start moaning and I would tell him everything will be ok. After a while I was really sleepy so I started to sing to him. Now mind you I was tired and crying so it was probably really bad but I was alone and the vacuum was going so no one could hear me. He seemed to calm down a little. So I got over in the chair and kicked back. I dozed off for maybe 15 minutes and he woke up moaning and groaning. By the time I got back over to the bed Edna came in. She held his hand for a while. When she couldn't get him calmed down she wanted me to get the boys. It was about 12:00 or so at this point. It was just me April Edna Lebron and Douglas. I called Bradley and told them to hurry back. We all talked to him and tried to tell him it was ok. Everyone did. By this time word got out and people were coming in. The nurse came by to check his meds. Then all of the sudden he started taking really deep breaths. He did that 3 times and that was it. At about 3 pm he was gone. It was so peaceful and quick that we were all in shock.

 He would say I am not looking for death. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to be healed so bad and believed that he could be. It just wasn't meant to be. We have had some hard days here lately. The lord has been there to comfort Bradley and Edna and all the other boys. We have all had our moments. The best way I can describe it is a "Roller Coaster Ride"! Lucas has took it really hard. Logan doesn't understand and Levi will never know Papaw. I don't know which hurts me the most. All I can do is remind them of their Papaw and how much he loved them. I will tell Levi one day about him and what he missed out on. He loved the grand kids so much. He wasn't very affectionate to Edna or his boys but the grand kids was different. He would hug them and tell them how special they were. How much he loved them. There wasn't one time we saw him the boys didn't want to go with him and he wanted them. In the last two years I would worry so much that I let them go to much but I wouldn't trade it for anything now. That is something my boys will cherish for ever. I have cried for my mother in law, for Bradley, for my brother in laws, for my boys, for my nieces and nephews and for me. I didn't realize how much I would miss him. I liked to argue with him. lol He liked it too. He used to say just ask Haley she will tell you what she thinks. I think he liked that about me. When no one else would decide he would say ask Haley! One time we were all going somewhere to eat and no one would say where they wanted to go. So he said "Haley where ever you want to go just decide" I said "Ok lets go to Applebees" He said "Well I don't really like Applebees" I said "Tough you told me to decide" He just laughed and said "Let's go" LOL

 The point is he will be greatly missed by his wife, his boys, his brothers and sisters, his grand kids and ME!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictures and Prayers!!

 I think he is finally growing! 
 I took this picture because of his hair but the eyes made me laugh! lol
Today was wear as many colors as you can day. So we went all out. Lucas cried all the way to the bus. He hated it! As you can tell he isn't happy in this picture at all.

 And yes I finally gave in to let Lucas ride the bus. he has been begging since school began. I am like Lucas cool kids don't ride the bus. Apparently riding the bus is cool when you are in Kindergarten! So I am all for it. Not having to wake 2 other kids up and load them in the car at 6:30 AM makes everybody happier!

 Well keep praying right now I am sitting on the couch at Nana and Papaws. He is finally in bed resting. Just keep praying for him that he could rest and for the family that we can keep going... Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!!!!11