Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mouse in the House!!!

As for my new dilemma I have a mouse in my house. Not just anywhere it is in my bedroom and I am about to loose it. I am not scared of alot of things but mice I can not stand. It is not that I am afraid they are going to hurt me. I just can not stand them. Now let me just tell you in the past I have completely left home for days at a time until it was caught. The longest I stayed away was 3 days. I have actually stayed home this time and I am trying to not freak out while sitting on the couch. I saw one in the garage back before Christmas but since Santa left toys in there we have not been going in and out that door. Well Monday after Christmas Bradley was burning boxes and the boys were going in and out. And it doesn't matter how many times you tell them or how much bodily harm you threaten they still barely shut the door. I went in there 2 times and the door was halfway open. So that afternoon I saw it. It has to be that mouse. It ran from my bathroom to my bedroom towards my closet. Then Lucas saw it run under the tv back into my bedroom later that day. So I immediately went to buy some traps. We have slept on the couch the past two nights. That is the only way Bradley convinced me to stay home. He said he would sleep with me on the couch. So it has not been comfortable at all. We haven't got much sleep but hey I am not sleeping in that room until it is dead and gone. Well today I had got braver because it hadn't been seen again. I had about decided maybe it was gone. About noon I am sitting on the couch and there it goes again. I immediately got all the kids and we left I know I am a big chicken but I do not care I can not stand them. I stayed gone all day until Bradley got off work. I took the kids to McDonalds and the park. Then Lucas saw it while Bradley was taking a shower. It ran in my room again. So I went to wal-mart I thought we needed more traps. We officially have 8 regular traps and 4 glue boards. I thought while we were gone to church tonight we would get him. Negative!! How is it possible to have 12 traps and not get the mouse! So it looks like another night of sleeping on the couch! Dear god please let us get him soon. I think I might loose my mind if we don't. So you should have saw me trying to get clothes out for church. I was standing in the living room trying to tell Bradley what to get out of the closet. That was quiet a sight. I was so not going in
the room at all. Oh well if he don't get caught soon I do not know what I am going to do. We are supposed to be leaving for Atlanta Friday. I have to get some laundry done!

I want my Christmas tree down but we still have two more to go. One this weekend and then Gatlinburg with the Middlebrooks the next weekend. But that is ok I am looking forward to it. What I am really excited about is we leave for Disney in 2 months. I can not wait. I am so excited!!!! So say a prayer for me I do not loose my sanity. LOL

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank God for Good People!

I will do a Christmas post tomorrow with pictures and everything but right now I just have to tell y'all this horrible story.

So today when we went to moms the kids wore their pj's as always and house shoes. Well after we ate and opened presents the kids were playing outside. Well Lucas wanted his tennis shoes and he kept asking me and Bradley to take him home so I told him after daddy took a nap he would take him. Well he kept on whining about it so I said what I say all the time " you can either wait or walk". So I see all the kids go outside and Michael is out back burning paper and boxes. We are all laying in the floor sleeping and Bradley is in bed. Like a hour goes by and 2 cops come to the door wanting Lucas' mom and dad. So I go out there and Lucas is in the back of the cop car. He apparently took me serious. He had walked right out the front door out the end of the subdivision and headed down Florence Rd (which is a very busy road) toward home. This is the part that scares me to death but I am so thankful for at the same time. Apparently a family stopped and saw him. They asked him to get in and he of course he said no and luckily they were persistent. So he tells them how to get home. Which he had already walked a good mile at least. I live probably 8-9 miles from moms house. They get almost to our subdivision when the family gets scared because they have took him so far and maybe he didn't know where he was going. So they called the police! The cops came got him. Lucas then showed them how to get home. The funny part is he is still on a mission to get his shoes. The cops tell Lucas no one is home and he says I know they are at my Mammie's house. He then takes them all the way back to mom's house. And that is the first time I even knew he was gone. When the cop told me all this I immediately start squalling like a baby. When they told me he got in the car with somebody I about lost it. I am so thankful it was good people that found him. It could have just as easily been a crazy person and he would be gone forever. It makes me so sick to think about that. I had a thousand emotions and thoughts run thru my head in about a minutes time. I tell you I felt like the most horrible mother ever. I saw how very easy it would be to loose him and my nerves were and still are shot. So when they finally let him out of the car he came over to me and his first words were "You didn't give me a key to get in the house" He had no clue what he did. He was on a mission to get his shoes. He said "Momma you told me to go". So after talking to him and explaining to him how bad it could have been. I am so very thankful that he is safe tonight. The strange thing is the very thing that scares me the most I am so thankful for. That someone stopped and picked him up. I do not know who the people were or were they came from but who ever they are I am so thankful and I pray god blesses them. On another note I am thankful that the cops were nice and saw that it was a honest mistake and that we are good people. The cop straight up told me I could take you to jail and take your kids with me now. For child neglect. He was walking with no shoes on too. He didn't want to mess his new house shoes up. I can not tell you how scared I am or how many tears I cried today. So my best Christmas present ever and always will be those people stopping and taking care of my child when I didn't even know he was missing.

All day I kept thinking about Papaw and I can't help think he sent those people to Lucas. I think he has a guardian angel. Thank you Lord for keeping my baby safe. I just keep thinking how different this day could have been!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Warning I am in a depressed bad mood! You may not want to read this!!

So I wake up this morning with Carter on my mind. I had a dream and he was there. So for some reason at 4am I am laying in bed thinking of the day he died. It was like I relived everything from about 5am until he died that afternoon. I laid in my bed crying. I could just see him fighting so hard to stay here with us. Then I could see the nurse checking his heart and that was it. Bradley had just stepped out of the room so I was standing there with Lebron and he lost it. I just stood there holding him up. Then Bradley walked in the room and I can still see the look on his face. I know we all thought we were prepared we knew he was dying for weeks. But you can not prepare yourself for that. I can see him laying there so peaceful and life less. It is the strangest thing in the world to me how one minute he was laying there alive and the next minute his body is there but it is so empty. I think the hardest part of all it was seeing this unemotional family all the sudden have real emotions. All these boys who have held it together for so long be so heartbroken and crying, telling there dad goodbye and they love him. Something I don't know I have ever seen and I hope I never have to see it again. Then the funeral where my little Lucas falls apart. He was so heart broken. To see him get in Nana's lap at the graveside and cry his little eyes out. But the most heartbreaking thing of all this is that Logan already barely remembers anything. You just had to know how crazy Logan and Carter were about each other. I used to joke that we had joint custody because I think he stayed there as much as he stayed home. So I warned you before you read this it wasn't going to be pretty!! I am sorry I had to vent to someone!!

The highlight of my day came when Lucas came in the living room in his underwear and Logan looks up at him and say Oh No Panty Man!! LOL I know why Carter loved him so much. Logan can put a smile on your face no matter how you feel! He is a mess!!!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas! I still have some shopping to do. Hope I am finished by Friday! I am really wanting a stress free Christmas Eve. I am usually still shopping. Well have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucas Morgan!

Today my Lucas is turning 6! I can not believe it. Where has time gone? He is such a good little boy. He has never even had a bad mark at school. His teacher says she can always depend on Lucas to be dong what he is suppose to be doing. I think that is just like the biggest compliment. I think he is going to grow up to be a awesome man one day. Actually Lucas is a little Bradley. He is just like his dad. From the way he walks to the way he talks. He loves any kind of super hero you can think of it, Toy Story, basketball, football, baseball, playing games on his wii or computer and Disney World! The one thing he gets from me is that he wants to go to Disney World everyday. He is beautiful inside and out.

As you can see in the above picture of me it was the most miserable day of my life!
I have never been more swollen and my blood pressure has never been so high. But we got the best Christmas present ever. I have to say he wasn't the prettiest thing I ever seen but it was love at first sight. I could tell you things about that day that you probably wouldn't believe. It was awful. We all came out healthy and happy. I came home from the hospital the day before Christmas eve. It was the most relaxing Christmas eve I have ever had. Bradley and I sat on the couch all day just looking at him. We had this couch that had these huge pillows on it. We would lay Lucas on the pillow and he would sleep for hours. He was such a good baby. Slept all night before he was 2 weeks old. There is something about your first child that is just different. Not that I love him more it is just different with your first baby. I think it is just a learning experience with the first one. I always say the first one is the test dummy. lol Oh well Happy Birthday Lucas Mom and Dad love you so much!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas already?!

Well I do not know what my problem is this year. I just ain't feeling it like usual. I am usually almost finished shopping by now. I literally have 4 presents under my tree. It seems like just the other day Levi was born. That was February! Christmas day he will be 10 months. And in case y'all haven't counted down the days yet. It is just 11 days until Christmas!!! It seems like I have had something going on everyday. Not to mention Lucas has started basketball and that is every Thursday practice and every Saturday a game. They have had two games already (and won both of them YAY). Tomorrow is his Christmas thing at school. Then he is off for Christmas vacation. We have a ton of stuff to do this weekend. I would love to get the rest of my shopping done. Or at least 90% of it. Bradley hasn't been shopping yet so he will be dong that this weekend. Which means anything I do I will have all three kids in tow. You know they can't shop with kids!! LOL Anyway I need a little Christmas spirit. The boys are so excited about Christmas. Lucas' birthday is next Tuesday and he will be 6. I can not believe it. Levi got his first tooth and his temper is bigger than he is. He has been doing so much better you just wouldn't believe it. Thank You Lord!! Oh well I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is so me!

I saw this saying today and it is soooo me!!

"The only reason I am FAT is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality!" LOL

I love it

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My trees!

I guess I will start with the smallest! its Lucas and Logan's tree. They love their ornaments. They are way to big for this little 4 ft tree but hey its Christmas I let them have some fun with it!
I wanted to show yall a couple of my favorite ornaments. This is from our last Disney Vacation in 2009.
This has been my favorite the longest. It was actually from before we got married. I went with mom and dad to Chicago Navy Pier and we bought this I love it.
TaDa My tree. Sorry I took these pictures with my phone not the best quality. I have no presents wrapped yet either sorry! LOL

My Kitchen Candy Cane tree. This is the first year I did one in the kitchen and I love it!
The newest member to my Christmas decorations. LeAnne did this and I have to say I love it and so does my husband. Roll Tide baby!!

I am wanting to do a tree in Levi's room but I don't know it that will happen. I would have one in my room too if I had another skinny tree. I will have to keep looking on Craigslist. I got the tree that is in my living room for $40.00 on cl. It was prelit with 900 lights which is unbelievable most pre lit trees have like 400 lights. So I was super excited. I think it is beautiful. I love to sit and look at the tree. LOL Doesn't take much to amuse me. Oh well mom's tree is going up this weekend not to mention it is Lucas' first basketball game and the Cardin Christmas. The fun begins!! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving late!

Look at my baby! I had to post this because I just love this hat. I love owls so when I saw this I had to get it.
He sticks his tongue out all the time! LOL He is silly!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We were supposed to leave for Atlanta Wednesday by like noon. Of course Bradley was to get off work at 10. Yea right! He ended up working 2 hours over time. So we decided we would wait until Thursday morning. I am not sure why we did that because we were pretty much miserable the whole way. I ended up getting up at 4:30 and we left by 5:30. Thank God Bradley drove the whole way. I finally got awake about the time we got to Calhoun thanks to some Peppermint Mocha from Mickey D's! We had a good trip for the most part. No traffic and the kids were still half asleep. So they were like in a trance! Logan watched beauty and the beast and Lucas colored the rest of the trip. By the time we got there it was about 11 there time so we started getting ready for dinner. I ate way too much!!! Nana is going to have to stop making sweet potato pie. I think I could eat a whole pie by myself. LOL I didn't but I could. Anyway we played some games. The rest of the day was spent looking at the paper. I don't know about yall but none of the toys I needed were on sale. I was very upset. It didn't stop me from hitting up Wal-Mart. Bradley and I got there about 9:30. It was a mad house. No buggies of course. Oh well we got what we needed. We were out of there by 10;30. Then of course Bradley wanted to eat so we stopped by waffle house. Then we were going to stop at tanger. It was ridiculous you couldn't even get off the exit. It was backed all the way down the interstate. I was like forget that. We then decided we would go to Target. Negative!!!! The line was crazy and again nothing there I needed that bad. Then we decided we would go to Kohl's but we soon decided we didn't want to wait another 40 minutes for it to open. If I would have sit still for 10 minutes I would have went to sleep. So no more driving down on Thanksgiving day. It ruined my Black Friday. Oh well we were back to the house by Midnight. The next day we made it to tanger got us some good ole Mexican Food and hit up Kohl's for some memory foam pillows. Which Nana ended up buying them for us for Christmas.

Saturday we got up early and was on the road by 7:30 our time. Got back before noon. Bradley laid down for a nap. Me and Logan went to meet mom and Aunt B at the avenue. Did a little shopping. Then the rest of the weekend consisted of church eating cleaning. It was our regular weekend plus our turn to clean so it was busy. We of course have another week that is so full I don't know what I am going to do! I guess it is going to be crazy busy until after Christmas. Oh well y'all have a good week!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What else?

It all started Wednesday evening. I have been feeling yucky all week like I am getting a cold. Well Wednesday Lucas started vomiting. So he didn't go to school Thursday. I blame it on the Thanksgiving lunch we ate school that. It was nasty!! Anyway so Thursday he was better. So Friday I wake up and hear something at the freezer. When I open the door water is running everywhere .Yes my refrigerator had went out. We were having Thanksgiving at mom's house Saturday. I had just bought everything I needed except the Turkey so I was not very happy!! For some reason unknown to me I have become the turkey lady. I have to say Tom was very pretty this year I almost took a picture. LOL.. So Saturday I decided I was going to call the appliance repair man and give them a shot before going to buy a new one right before Christmas. Thankfully it was just the relay switch it only took about 20 minutes and $100. I can so deal with that. Saturday was a pretty good day we stayed at moms until about 8:30 came home and the kids crashed. Sunday me and the kids got up and went to eat breakfast with mom dad Leanne Michael and kids. (Bradley was the good one he actually went to church) I felt horrible. if it were up to me I would have stayed home all together. I was miserable. So I ended up staying home Sunday night also. Because I couldn't hardly hold my head up. After church Bradley brought me a Taco Bell. After I ate I started feeling better.

Then today me Logan and Levi went to Publix and Hancock's. Then we stopped by Burger King on the way home. I get home make them lay down for a nap. Everything was good. I was putting up my groceries and cleaning. Logan wakes up about a hour later and I lays in the middle of the floor. I am thinking ok what is wrong. Logan doesn't sit or lay still unless he is asleep. Then it started. Vomiting everywhere. Yes the bug is still alive at my house. Not to mention I still feel crummy. Oh well on a good night Bradley and I got new cell phones. I have had my blackberry for 2 years. In cell phone age that is like a dinosaur. lol.. Anyway. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! We will be leaving Wednesday for Atlanta. So I have a ton to do this week. Until next time...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

This weekend was like most. Running crazy all weekend!! Friday morning Bradley took a early lunch and met me at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and then to Target to meet Douglas, April Nana and girls for a little Christmas shopping. I have missed them. So I was glad to see them. And of course Lucas and Logan love Kenzie and Shelby so they were excited. We got used to seeing them when carter was so bad. I think we saw them at least every weekend for about 6 weeks and most of the time April and the girls would stay the week and until Douglas came for the weekend. Before that it was about every other week. Then that night when Bradley got home we went down there to eat dinner with them. Bradley had to work Saturday. So I was going to sleep in for a little while but Brandy called bright and early to go eat breakfast. So me and the boys loaded up and went to get mom Brandy and Wilkins. Went to Kmart to look at Christmas stuff and did some running around. Then the rest of the weekend was church and Nana's house cleaning out stuff. I put her Christmas tree up yesterday. I did get mine up and half way decorated. I didn't like the top so I took it all down and haven't fixed it yet. I will post pics when I get it done. Bradley says it is the prettiest tree I have ever done. We will see!!

On another note today is my Birthday yes I am 29 years old. I have one more year before the big 3-0! I am going to enjoy it!!! Bradley will be 30 on Black Friday! This was my last Free weekend until after the first of the year! Thanksgiving with mom and dad next weekend then off to Atlanta on Wed for Thanksgiving with Bradley's family. I will be doing my black Friday shopping in Atl again this year. I am so ready except for the fact that my shopping buddies will not be there this year! (Danielle and Andrea) Last year me Bradley Danielle and Andrea went. It was fun. So I guess this year it will just be me and Bradley! Should be interesting! Oh well everyone have a great week!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

We eat out way too much!! lol

I realized that after writing this post!! LOL

Another exciting weekend! LOL Well it was busy anyway. Friday Bradley had a Dr appointment. SO me and the kids met up with him to eat at our most favorite restaurant. Demo's. After we ate dinner I went to get mom, Brandy and Wilkins. I was so wanting to go shop for a new Christmas tree. So we ran to Old Time Pottery and the Marshall's. Which I didn't find a tree just a pair of boots I wanted. Then Saturday morning Bradley had to work. So I got all the kids up and out the door for Logan's last soccer game. He done really good. Made another goal! His soccer season is over and Lucas started basketball practice Thursday.

So on my way to the game I noticed a sign for a Christmas Craft Show. So after me mom dad and the kids went to Cracker barrel for breakfast we ran to the new Disney Store. (which isn't a real Disney store just junk) Dad took the Lucas, Logan and Wilkins to the park. So mom, Levi and I went to the Hollyday Marketplace. OML They had some really cute stuff. Got me a new Alabama shirt and a houndstooth scarf. Which are very hard to come by in Tennessee. We had fun with no annoying kids. LOL Got the kids and headed home. We got there just as Bradley got home from work. I got to sit down for maybe 30 minutes before time to get ready to go to Logan and Wilkins soccer awards ceremony at YMCA. Which was a nightmare. After they got their medals they wanted to play in the jumpy things and slides. The only problem there was about 100 other snot nose little brats running around. Why do people not watch there kids anymore. They just let them run like hulligans or in some cases they watch them but they don't care what they are doing. UH Left there and we all went to eat Red Lobster with mom, dad, Aunt B and Wilkins. We had a good time. I can not remember the last time we all went out to eat like that. Then Sunday was church all day of course. It was a good busy weekend. I had told Bradley last week that I was so excited about the upcoming weekend because we had nothing to do. LOL Then about Thursday he tells me he has to work all day. Then I find out about the soccer stuff. UH maybe one weekend we can just be lazy.

On another note. Levi has not been doing good again. He has been spitting up so much here lately. I mean I am going thru at least 10 bibs in one church service. It has been awful! But yesterday morning at church it just came to me so strong to have him prayed for. So I did. He has been doing so much better. He never spit up all thru church. Mom even gave him a whole bottle and he never spit it up. He spit up one time yesterday. Last night he spit up a couple times but nothing like it was and he has been doing so good today! So thank you LORD!!! He knows right where we are at!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

8 months and already...

......looking at the toy paper. I walk away for 2 minutes and this is what I find when I come back. LOL

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating and Renge

By the fire after trick or treating. We are real outdoors people with the laptop. LOL We were looking at Disney reservations.
Me and Levi
Me and Bradley. Horrible picture of me but he is actually smiling.
Where Logan stayed all night! In the road.
Ready for some candy! Love Logans pose
Levi the little Mickey Mouse!
My boys before we left our house. I hated their costumes but I let them pick!

We had a great Halloween. Went trick or treating for a while. The kids already had too much candy before we went. So we have candy coming out of our ears even after leaving Grandaddy half of a bowl. We came back and sat by the fire pit for a while. Brandy and I were talking Disney of course. I am so excited and ready to go right now. It will be two years since I have been on vacation when we go. So I am ready for sure.

On another note I have a new favorite show. Revenge! I had recorded it when it started but we hadn't watched it yet. Everyone kept saying it was good. I had 6 episodes recorded. So last night when we sat down to eat I mentioned something about watching it. Bradley was like uh ok. He wasn't thrilled. I was like just one to see if we like it. So about 4 hours and 2 bags of popcorn later. We had watched all 6 episodes and can not wait for tonight's show. If you haven't watched you gotta. Bradley's exact words were " Ok so this is my new favorite show" LOL

So I am finished boring you all. Have a good week!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Weekend Gone!

Three Little Pirates on the way to Mason's Halloween Birthday party
He hates bibs. lol
Halloween in the park.

Of course we had another busy weekend! Friday night was the church Halloween get together. Fun as usual! Saturday morning we were supposed to have a soccer game but it was too cold and foggy. So we got ready and went to Mason's Birthday party. Then Bradley calls on the way home to tell me to hurry home he has hurt his self. Apparently he was pulling a nail out of he wall when it flew and hit him in the eye ball. For a couple minutes he thought he had totally put his eye out. So after a ER trip we discovered it was a significant corneal abrasion. He is doing better now but he was in some serious pain for a while. We managed to get to Halloween in the park for a little while. It was really cold but the kids had fun. They were cowboys this time. We had so many events this weekend that we dressed up for and my kids have a ton of costumes. Sunday me and the boys ran to Wal-Mart then came back to get Bradley to go get some lunch at our new favorite restaurant. The Golden Eagle!! It is Mongolian and it is so good!! After Church last night we got home in time to watch Captain America. Can I just say I cried but it was really good. I thought I wouldn't like it at all but it was good! So now today I am just cleaning house and getting things ready to go Trick or Treating tonight! Oh well Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Pictures

Gutting the pumpkin
Bradley doing the carving
Lucas and Logan coloring while Daddy carves pumpkin
LOL. Bradley trying to talk while needing to spit. He is going to kill me!
Finished product
Scary pumpkin. Bradley did pretty good not to trace it. He just drew it on pumpkin then carved it out. He is talented! LOL
Lucas at his Harvest Hoedown at school
Ready for Halloween Party at church.
LOL I love this! He was a big hit last night
Wilkins the good witch! She wanted everyone to know she was a NICE witch
The kids before we left
Logan on Hayride
His face is retarded
Levi at church. He was tired of being held
Carleigh the cutest strawberry
Hobo with all his candy

Jordan and Logan! LOL
Mickey Mouse. He was hilarious in the car seat. He couldn't even move!!lol

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan Monster!

Today is my Logan Monsters birthday. He is 4 years old! I can not believe it. Time goes by way too fast. He is defiantly the clown of the group. He is always making us laugh. He wanted to go to the circus. So there was this little circus in Murfreesboro. It was in like this gym at the National Guard Armory. I saw it thinking it was just going to be a little rinky dink thing. They actually had quiet a bit of stuff. The kids got to ride the elephant which is all Logan wanted to do. It was pretty good considering it was so small. The only thing I do not recommend is going to a small confined area with Elephants. They smell horrible!!!! I thought I would throw up it was disgusting. LOL Bradley was freaking out because it smelt so bad. Oh well the kids had fun. After the circus we went to this Mongolian Stir fry restaurant that every one has been telling us to try. It was really good. Oh well Logan is wound up today and he may not make it to his 5th birthday!!LOL

It was really loud!
He really like the animals. He did have a really cute longall with a big Zebra
but he threw up on it atleast 5 times!
Riding the elephant! Gross
Watching the girls hang from ropes!
Cotton candy
Birthday boy!
Ready for the show to start!