Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Weekend Gone!

Three Little Pirates on the way to Mason's Halloween Birthday party
He hates bibs. lol
Halloween in the park.

Of course we had another busy weekend! Friday night was the church Halloween get together. Fun as usual! Saturday morning we were supposed to have a soccer game but it was too cold and foggy. So we got ready and went to Mason's Birthday party. Then Bradley calls on the way home to tell me to hurry home he has hurt his self. Apparently he was pulling a nail out of he wall when it flew and hit him in the eye ball. For a couple minutes he thought he had totally put his eye out. So after a ER trip we discovered it was a significant corneal abrasion. He is doing better now but he was in some serious pain for a while. We managed to get to Halloween in the park for a little while. It was really cold but the kids had fun. They were cowboys this time. We had so many events this weekend that we dressed up for and my kids have a ton of costumes. Sunday me and the boys ran to Wal-Mart then came back to get Bradley to go get some lunch at our new favorite restaurant. The Golden Eagle!! It is Mongolian and it is so good!! After Church last night we got home in time to watch Captain America. Can I just say I cried but it was really good. I thought I wouldn't like it at all but it was good! So now today I am just cleaning house and getting things ready to go Trick or Treating tonight! Oh well Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Pictures

Gutting the pumpkin
Bradley doing the carving
Lucas and Logan coloring while Daddy carves pumpkin
LOL. Bradley trying to talk while needing to spit. He is going to kill me!
Finished product
Scary pumpkin. Bradley did pretty good not to trace it. He just drew it on pumpkin then carved it out. He is talented! LOL
Lucas at his Harvest Hoedown at school
Ready for Halloween Party at church.
LOL I love this! He was a big hit last night
Wilkins the good witch! She wanted everyone to know she was a NICE witch
The kids before we left
Logan on Hayride
His face is retarded
Levi at church. He was tired of being held
Carleigh the cutest strawberry
Hobo with all his candy

Jordan and Logan! LOL
Mickey Mouse. He was hilarious in the car seat. He couldn't even move!!lol

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan Monster!

Today is my Logan Monsters birthday. He is 4 years old! I can not believe it. Time goes by way too fast. He is defiantly the clown of the group. He is always making us laugh. He wanted to go to the circus. So there was this little circus in Murfreesboro. It was in like this gym at the National Guard Armory. I saw it thinking it was just going to be a little rinky dink thing. They actually had quiet a bit of stuff. The kids got to ride the elephant which is all Logan wanted to do. It was pretty good considering it was so small. The only thing I do not recommend is going to a small confined area with Elephants. They smell horrible!!!! I thought I would throw up it was disgusting. LOL Bradley was freaking out because it smelt so bad. Oh well the kids had fun. After the circus we went to this Mongolian Stir fry restaurant that every one has been telling us to try. It was really good. Oh well Logan is wound up today and he may not make it to his 5th birthday!!LOL

It was really loud!
He really like the animals. He did have a really cute longall with a big Zebra
but he threw up on it atleast 5 times!
Riding the elephant! Gross
Watching the girls hang from ropes!
Cotton candy
Birthday boy!
Ready for the show to start!

What weekend??

All the kids at the pumpkin patch!
Logan making a goal
They played against each other
About to go on ghost tour at Sam Davis home
My ghosts!

Yet another busy weekend. Friday evening me and the boys made ghosts for the yard. After that we meet up with mom, Brandy,Wilkins,and all Leannes gang to go to the ghost tours at Sam davis home. Our Kids love ghost stories. It was really good and creepy.

Then Saturday we and Logan got up bright and early to head to the soccer field. Bradley stayed home to work on our bathroom. So Lucas and Levi stayed with him. It was too cold for Levi out there anyway. Oh yea I stopped by mcdonalds to get me some coffee. They have peppermint mocha and is super yummy!!! Logan did awesome he made 2 goals. He was super excited! After the game me and the boys met everyone at the pumpkin patch. They had a blast. We took tons of pictures which I will have to post later. I don't have patience for blogger to upload them. Sorry. Then the rest of the weekend was full of church. Thank god church is now starting at 5 on Sunday nights. I love this time of year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I can not believe...

That the first 9 weeks of school is over and we have already gotten report cards. Of course Lucas did great. We had parent teacher conferences yesterday. The teacher was showing me some of Lucas' work. I was cracking up kids are so funny. She was telling me how good he does but that he colors and draws better than she does. LOL I was so proud of him but it made me kind of sad. I couldn't help me think of Papaw. He taught Lucas to stay in the lines and color slow. They would sit at the table and color all day. So sweet! I am glad Lucas has that talent and he can always remember Papaw by that. Anyway I love his teacher. She is so sweet!! We got really lucky!

On another note Logan is actually growing up. I thought there for a while he was going to be a baby forever. Which I wouldn't normally complain about but you want them to a little. He says the funniest things. Yesterday morning he come got in bed with me really early and he was wanting me to get up. I was like just a little bit longer Logan. He said " Momma every time you don't get up it breaks my heart!" LOL I started laughing and got up of course. Then he says"Momma when you get up it stops breaking" LOL He says the funniest things. He is definitely like my side of the family. Last night we were in the van and there was a nasty smell. Logan says "Daddy I smell something. Is that your poop deck that stinks??" LOL Can you tell my child likes Spongebob?? LOL He is so funny.

And poor little Levi has a bigger attitude and temper than his little body should allow. He has started screaming shaking his head "no no no" (thank you mammy for teaching him that) and kicking his feet. He looks like a little possessed baby. lol

Oh well that is all for now. Have a great weekend! We have another busy one ahead of us. We are going on the Ghost tours at Sam Davis home tonight, Soccer in the morning, Pumpkin patch, and not to mention it is 4th weekend. It is going to be busy!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding, Soccer and a Smashed finger!!

We had a very busy weekend as usual. It started Thursday evening. I had to go to Nashville to pick flowers for a wedding I had to do for Friday. So I stayed up late Thursday night finished the bouquets and corsages. Friday I met Sis Trinda early she delivered my flowers Friday in Alabama. Thank the good Lord she was going to Andreas. Saved me a trip with 3 kids. After I met her me Logan Levi and Wilkins went to Cracker barrel for breakfast. People were looking at me like I was crazy. I am like I am just eating breakfast with 3 kids. Then Friday we had a shower to go to. Bradley took the boys to soccer practice and to Burger King. So that was nice I just had Levi and it was kind of peaceful. LOL

I am about done with Soccer too. He has a game every Saturday morning at 9:45. So we went to that. He made another goal this week. He would be really good if he could just stay on task. He loses his train of thought. I haven't found anything that holds hist attention longer than 10 minutes. Oh well they are really cute and he has fun. After the game we ran to Bojangles for some breakfast. Then home. I was all on a role cleaning doing laundry all that good stuff. Bradley had been outside trimming the hedges and he had just left for the dump when I was walking in the back door. I slammed it on my finger and then before I knew it I yanked it out. I couldn't even look at it. Lucas finally called Bradley and had him come home. I about passed out in the muddle of my kitchen. I honestly thought I had left the end of my finger in the door. I haven't hurt that bad in a long time. It smashed it really bad. Like the meat was coming out of my finger. I would post a picture but you don't want to see it I promise. Lucas was so upset before Bradley got back. He was going momma what do you want me to do for you. I said Lucas just pray for me. He said I don't know how to pray. I was like yes you do. So he goes to get down in front of me. Then he jumps and says I know I will go to the closet! They go running to the closet and a few minutes later he comes out with big tears running down his face. It was so sweet!! Anyway Bradley got me all bandaged up and I hurt all night. We made it to church only because we had a birthday party for Bro Cledis and it was our turn to clean. Sunday we went to church all day as usual. It was a good weekend. Except for my finger of course. Other than that it was good.

Tonight Lucas has basketball skill assessments. I don't know why he has no skills yet. That's why we are letting him play. Oh well have a good week are some pictures of our weekend!!

Logan's team in the huddle!
Levi sporting overalls for the first time at Logan's soccer game
Lucas and Levi
Below: Logan about to make a goal!

After his goal!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Clark Kent goes to school!!

So today was dress up like your favoite book character. Since Lucas loves comic books. I thought why not let him be Clark Kent. Plus we couldn't agree on anything else. He was so excited!!! I wanted a serious pose bu he couldn't do it. LOL
He loved the NERD glasses!
Trying not to smile!!
I had to throw in this picture too of Logan and Levi watching Spookley!! Super cute!
And the next two are of my late night craft project. They are for a wedding shower gift. I thought it turned out cute. Started with a clear ornament and turned into ADORABLE!!

Have I mentioned I love Pinterest!! LOL

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture Post

So here are some pictures of Levi. My camera has been MIA. Since I got it back you will probably be getting tons of pictures. Here are some to show how much he has grown!!

Happy Baby!!
He is such a sweet baby!!

I decided I was going to take the boys outside to do a few pictures. I was hoping to get one of them all together. Lucas and Logan's pictures turned out good. This is the first part of a project I am doing. I will share it with yall when I am finished! Have I mentioned I am addicted to pinterest! Soooo MANY adorable ideas!!

This pictures makes me laugh. Levi's eyes are hilarious and Logan well that is normal for him. LOL Sadly this is the best one with all three of them. LOL Oh well maybe another day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I just wanted to share this with yall. I have been on YouTube as usual listening to music. I love the old all male groups like the kingsmen and cathedrals. I came across this song that I have probably heard thousands of times but I actually listened to the words. It just made me feel so much better.

You beckon to my loved one and how my tears did flow
Tho I tried I could not hide how it hurt to see them go
but now I know they left this world and just moved to a better place
And someday you will call me too and I will see them face to face

In that city called Homeland I can hear you calling me
Oh my homeland oh how sweet its going to be just to see you
and to stand up on the shore and oh Ill live there forever more.

I know Carter was my father in law and 90% of the time he drove me crazy. LOL We didn't always see eye to eye on things but he was one of the best people I know. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it or even wanted it. Like I have said so many times he was NOT a affectionate man. As a matter of fact I didn't think he even liked me the first few years we were married. Of course you know me that didn't stop me from being "ME". Bradley was sure to tell me often that's how he treats people he likes. If he didn't like you he wouldn't even acknowledge you. LOL He was a strange person. These past few years that they lived here I appreciated him so much. My kids loved him more than I can even explain. Lucas tells me every day that he misses Papaw or says Momma did you know Papaw... It is something new every day. Saturday Lucas and I were cleaning out his room and I came across this sock that was rolled up in a ball with a rubber band around it. I started to undo the rubber band and Lucas was no no. I immediately remembered what it was when he said NO. The last time they spent the night (maybe a week before he got bad) They had tennis rackets and Nana told them they couldn't bring the ball in the house so Papaw rigged this ball up out of a sock. When we went to get them that night they were hitting it everywhere and he was just laughing at them. So after we talked about it for a minute we just sat and cried.

Death is so strange to me. I mean I know he was really sick for a long time but it seemed so sudden to me. I guess cause he fought it for so long when he finally quit fighting it was really fast. I mean he literally took three breaths after he quit struggling. Then he was gone. There was nothing left but a empty shell. I can still see him just laying there in the bed with no life in his body. It was so weird one minute he is there fighting with everything he had then the next nothing. I can not wait until we get to see him again one day. The boys ask me when we will get to see papaw again. I tell them "Soon I hope!"

I know you are thinking why on this earth am I blogging at 1 AM. My answer is I have no clue. I can not sleep. When it first happened it was ok but the past couple times I have went over there things have just really bothered me. It is so strange for him not to be there. Maybe at first I was just used to him being there just in the back room. Now I know he isn't there. Oh well I am going to try to go to bed now. Good night and I am sorry for this blog. It was just what was in my head maybe now that I got it out I can sleep!!! Night Night!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

back to life as normal..

We had a pretty busy weekend! Lucas got home from LeAnne's Thursday afternoon so we ordered pizza. The Brandy called wanting Lucas and Logan to go watch Lion King. Of course Lucas fell asleep and Logan never shut up but they had fun. I ran to Children's Place and all three fabric store at about 7:30. It was a very quick trip!! LOL Then Friday me and the boys got up and headed out at 8:30. We had breakfast at chick fila. Then to Target where we stayed for the next two hours. I can not believe I stayed in there that long with three boys and no one was killed! It was actually fun. We looked at everything in the store. They wanted to look at the toys. So they narrowed down there Christmas list to everything in Target. That should be easy enough. After that we went by Aunt Bee's to drop off some stuff we bought for Wilkins. Then mom aunt bee Wilkins me and the boys went to Long Horns for lunch.

So Lucas has been driving us crazy to go play glow golf. So after we had dinner with Nana and Lebron at the Japanese restaurant we went to the Glow Golf place in the mall. The boys had a blast me and Bradley not so much! Saturday we were going to the Pumpkin patch but Lebron called wanting Bradley to help him clean out his dads garage. So me and Lucas cleaned out his room. It took us all day. I know ridiculous! We dumped out every toy bucket pulled all the furniture out and organized. I have been wanting to do that for so long. I just dreaded it so bad but now it looks really good. Bradley and Logan got home at 3. So he just built a fire in the back yard and got rid of some brush that needed to be burnt. The kids loved that of course. We took a walk around the neighborhood with the dog. (something else Lucas has been wanting to do for a week) Come Saturday night they were so tired after they had their showers I didn't know if they would make it to bed.

Sunday was church all day of course. We went to Cracker Barrel with mom dad and Wilkins. We had a pretty good Fall Break. This morning was rough Lucas didn't want to get up and neither did I. But we made it just fine. Logan Levi and me went to McDonald's for lunch then to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. I am going to get my bathroom done. I will have to post pics soon. We tore everything out of it about 3 months ago. As soon as we did Bradley started working 60 hours a week with a hour drive each way. Then carter got bad. So now there is nothing standing in our way. It has to get done. I am so tired of one bathroom in this house! Here are a few pics of our weekend.
Mammie rocking Levi at Cracker Barrel
I love this Logan is holding Wilkins purse while she plays checkers with Lucas!! LOL
Very tired from a long weekend
My poor itching little boy
Lucas carrying Levi
Playing glow golf
Nana, Lebron, and Bradley (they are so excited) LOL
Lucas and Logan being silly
Lucas and his new robot moves. Don't ask IDK where he got this!
Logan and those adorably misleading dimples!! He looks really sweet and innocent doesn't he!! WRONG!