Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love this picture! LOL
Give me that!
Silly Boy
LOL! He needs a haircut something fierce!

Well he is finally crawling! I know he will be a year old the end of next month and he is just now crawling. LOL He is the baby and has been so sickly. We have spoiled him just a little. I can not describe to you how bad he has been or how one Saturday night at church he just changed. Nothing happened or anything. He took a bottle during church and didn't spit up. He started acting silly and doing things. It was so crazy. He is jabbering saying momma daddy bite bite. Waving Bye Bye. It was just like somebody flipped a switch with him. I am so glad. He still spits up on a occasion but most of the time he doesn't have to wear a bib. Which he hates. Literally for the first 10 months of his life he had a bib on all the time. He never went without one. It was pitiful. All I know is that I am so thankful things have changed. You don't know how excited I was to be able to carry him in church without him spitting up on his clothes before we got in the door. So here are a few pictures and a short video of Levi crawling.

Have a good week!! I am super excited we leave 4 weeks from tomorrow for Disney World YAY!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 2 of Weight Watchers

Well I have officially lost almost 5lbs. I have been doing pretty good. The first week was bad I did so good all week. Then the day I went to weigh in it happened. The dreaded time all of us ladies hate. Yes so I had only lost a little over 2lbs. Well I did good all week until the weekend but I still lost a little more than 2lbs. So I am thinking starting tomorrow I have to work out everyday and do fudge at all. I have to admit I hadn't ate dinner before I went to weigh. So afterwards Me Bradley and the kids went to Nana's. She had my favorite Roast Potatoes Carrots and Green Bean. Plus Cole Slaw and Broccoli salad. I ate potatoes for the first time in two weeks. They were read potatoes and they were just boiled with some butter. Not too bad. It was so good. Anyway Brandy and I were hoping for a dramatic loss and it hasn't happened yet. Oh well I am hanging in there. My goal is 20 lbs before Disney. We will see??

Oh well have a good week everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonderful Weekend!

We have had a busy wonderful weekend! We had Bro Frank and Sis Nelda down for the weekend. There was a few families that came down from the North with him but more of the visitors were from the South. So to say the least we had a crowd. Brian was saying he didn't think there would be that many visitors. Bradley was like "oh yea Bro Frank is like a Holiness rock star". LOL He is a dork. It was so good all weekend. I could sit and listen to Bro Frank all day. I feel like he just fed our church. Oh well I enjoyed seeing everyone this weekend. I am so tired today I can't hardly see straight. Levi has a cold. So he is coughing sneezing and a runny nose. Yuck!! Nana went home from church yesterday with a stomach virus. So I am just hoping we don't get that.

Well on another note I am hoping I didn't totally ruin my diet this weekend. For those of you who don't know have dinner Saturday night and Sunday on 4th weekend. Plus this weekend they ordered Pizza and krispy Kreme donuts for after church last night. That is like horrible for people on weight watchers. Oh well I had one piece of pizza and it was supreme. I am thinking it cant be too bad since it was mostly vegetables. Like a salad right!? Oh well Bradley said for me to just keep telling myself that. And I was very proud of myself I did not eat a donut. So I did pretty good last night. The other two times I can't say I did. Tabitha was out to sabotage my diet and made my favorite chocolate pie and her homemade cinnamon rolls. I can not resist.LOL Oh well I am going to have to walk like 10 miles today and tomorrow but right now I got to start doing some laundry. My house looks like it exploded!! Hope everyone stayed safe in the storm last night!! Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Really Good Weekend!!

Well we had a great weekend! Friday night we went to Moe's for dinner. Then to Lowes to get some stuff for the bathroom. I am so excited to get this bathroom finished. So Saturday we worked around the house. I cleaned Bradley worked in the bathroom. He got all the cement boards down for the tile. Now we are ready to put the bath tub in. I can not wait we have been operating with one bathroom in this house for too long. Once the bathtub goes in I can paint then the tile and it is all easy stuff after that. Oh well Lucas had a basketball game Saturday in the afternoon. He did awesome and they won like 24-7. He has a really good team so it is fun to watch. We came home got ready for church. Church was good we went to Zaxby's after church. They have a awesome grilled chicken salad. Then today we went to church this morning. Then went to Cracker Barrel with Edna and Bro Fred and Sis Trinda. It was fun we never get to do anything with all them. Then came back to church tonight and it was so good. I got one of the best blessings of my life. It was so good and I needed it so bad!!!! I can not even tell you! I feel like a new person!! LOL Alot of people got help today and tonight. So I would say it was a great weekend. So now Bradley and I are sitting on the couch. I am on the laptop and he is playing Modern Warfare 3. Lucas and Logan went to Nana's house for the night because they are out of school tomorrow. Maybe Levi will sleep late tomorrow. Oh well everyone have a good week.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Well mom Brandy and I started weight watchers Tuesday night. Things are going pretty good so far. The first day is always the worst to me. It is all in my head!! I know I keep thinking I want to eat somethings. So they have seriously changed the weight watchers program. All fruits and vegetables are zero points. Which is a great thing because I love fruits and veggies. So when i want something to munch on I can grab a banana or apple or orange. So we will see if we have lost any weight. I just have to start excercising. I want a new video I just can't do any thing that is too intense. My blood pressure goes crazy.

Other than that life is pretty much normal. We were are in full getting ready for Disney mode. Getting kids clothes made and bought. We leave in 6 weeks and I can not wait. I finished making all of our dining reservations yesterday. We are eating at different places than we usually do. Except Chef Mickey's and the only reason I am doing that is for Levi's Birthday. I think I am more excited about getting his first Haircut on Main Street in MK. I really would take him right now to get it cut as you can see from the picture he needs it cut like yesterday. OH well everyone have a wonderful weekend. This is the first weekend since before Thanksgiving we haven't had something to do. Hopefully we can make some progress on my gutted bathroom.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide

Thank the good Lord Alabama won the BIG game last night. I never really liked football until I married Bradley. He is a HUGE Alabama fan. So thank you lord for letting them win. You do not want to see what he is like when they lose. It aint pretty! LOL Anyway we ordered Pizza I fixed some brownies and popcorn. Was a nice relaxing night hanging out with the family. Lucas and Logan fell asleep before half time. So it was just me and Bradley most of the game. Ill say it one more time Roll tide!!!

Now for a weekend recap. We went to the smokies with all the Middlebrooks. It was so much fun. Just as I predicted not a lot of sleeping going on but we laughed and ate the whole weekend. i wasn't the last one there this year so I got a nice quiet room on the lower level where there were no pool or air hockey tables. Which means no kids. Saturday we went ice skating and walked around gatlinburg just long enough to get a carmel apple and a fannie farkel corn dog. Got back to the cabin just in time to eat dinner and open presents. We looked at old pictures on the big tv. Which was awful! I can not believe how fat I am and how little I used to be. yuck!! Got up Sunday morning checked out of cabin and headed out to eat breakfast with everyone. Then mom, brandy, Leanne and I ran by the Disney store. I scored some cute shirts for our trip. Did I mention we are going to Disney in less than 7 weeks!! Sorry that is all I will be blogging about until then. I am so excited!

All in all it was great weekend with the family and now I am about to leave to go join Weight Watchers again! Mom brandy and I are going. I want to lose 20 pounds before Disney. We will see oh well everyone have a great week!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year!

Well another year gone. This year honestly has to be one of the worst years of my life. I feel so bad because Levi was born but I feel like I have just missed the whole thing. There has been so much going on It just seems like a blur. I can not believe I am already planning his first birthday party. (Which will be at Disney world!! YAY!! I can not wait.) This year is going to be better it has to be. I know I said it has been the worst year ever but I am so thankful that the good Lord has been there with us threw it all. I do not even want to think how it would be if I didn't have him to call on. Thank you lord for your blessings on me. Anyway enough about last year.

We leave for Gatlinburg tomorrow. Yes we still have one Christmas to go. I am excited to get away somewhere. Even if it is in a cabin with 44 Middlebrooks. LOL I am sure it will be entertaining as usual. There is usually not a lot of sleep going on but we make up for it in the laughing department. We have 14 bedrooms this year. Every one has their on room and bathroom. Which means Bradley can take his playstation 3 and play it all day and all night with no one bothering him. He is such a social butterfly. LOL Last weekend we went to Atlanta for Christmas with the in-laws. It seemed so rushed I hated the trip. We had a good time with everyone as usual. Got to go to church with them Sunday which I really enjoyed. So all in all it was a good quick trip.

On another note. I have still not caught my little friend but no one has seen him or any signs of him since last Wednesday. I have been sleeping in my bed this week. I have just about determined he has ran away or went somewhere and died. I know now that I am getting braver he will probably show back up. Oh well I can't get booted out of my house over a mouse. Well I better get up here and get busy. I was so excited about Lucas going back to school Wednesday and I have had Wilkins the past two days. I am not getting anything done. Oh well must get this house done and finish the laundry. I don't want to come home to a mess Sunday. Have a great weekend!!