Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy week behind and ahead!

Well we have been crazy here lately it seems. Since mom has moved we have been helping her but nothing is getting accomplished it seems we just get in the pool or hot tub after working for a few minutes. LOL..My back has been killing me this week so I am completely useless. Carter is doing alot worse the treatment they had him on quit working. Edna is having surgery in two weeks for some female issues she has. And I am doing them at 65th Birthday party Friday night. And I am excited to say I actually got the whole family to come. We haven't all been together for a holiday in a few years. I am actually working on getting some of their brothers and sisters here. We will have to wait and see. So I am super busy this week.

Not to mention all the drama that is going on and it seems that is all I can think about. Worrying all the time, confused how some people do not know what MERCY is, wondering why people would be so brutal and seems like they just don't care. But let some of their family get in a battle and I am sure they can find some mercy. I just would like everyone that is making life so difficult for my family to look up the difference in a mistake and a sin.In my book I was taught by one of the greatest men in the world. (Bro. Paul) He had so much mercy and believed in the good old way of letting the lord doing the judging. Cause if you kick someone out and they still had a chance the blood will be on your hands. Oh well that is enough of my soapbox. I love everyone and want everyone to make it.

On a good note the lord truly blessed me last night and the lord sent his children to anoint me. I know he knows exactly what I need. And I so needed it in body and in mind. Oh well I have tons to do this week. Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why am I awake?? That is what I keep asking myself. This weekend was so busy on top of moving mom all weekend 3 people I know died. One of which we had to do all the flowers. LeAnne and I had to go to Hytop Sunday night to do flowers then back last night to Scottsboro to deliver them. Sunday night was the worst we didn't get in until after midnight and last night it was almost 11. But we made it and helped out some family also. So now I have been up since 5am because Lucas was awake and after making Bradley and Lucas' lunch I convinced Lucas he needed to sleep a little longer because he had school today and he wouldn't feel like playing if he was sleepy. So now he is back a sleep and I am awake. LOL Oh yea....

Thursday when they went to school Addy was telling LeAnne how they had to pray so much she couldn't even eat and I was like Lucas didn't say anything about praying. So I asked him "Lucas did you pray at school today" His response was"Never did never will" LOL He is so crazy. I am thinking here we go in this Methodist preschool in our long skirts and long hair looking all holy and our kids wont even PRAY!! LOL They are going to think we are atheist or something!!LOL OH well kids they are so funny. Well I am going to start getting things together for the day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made it!!!!

Ready to leave!!

On the way so excited!!

Cheesing in the parking lot!

posing with his name tag and backpack!! LOL

Well we made it. Lucas did so good!! He went straight in his classroom and started playing with all the kids. He said he had fun playing with he boys! He was so excited I couldn't be upset leaving him! Addy did really good too. The teacher claims they were very good but it was just the first day! LOL.. As the day went on the more I worried at about 11 I about had a melt down right there at work. You will never know how close I came to calling the school to check!! I know I am crazy!! LOL I didn't so I get points for that!

Yall have a great weekend!! It is our regular but I feel like it was just like a week ago. So I am not prepared!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One more day!

Well tomorrow is the big day! Lucas is super excited and I am trying not to think about actually leaving him. It makes it a little better that he and Addy have each other. That can also turn out to be a bad thing too. LOL..I am trying to get everything done around here today and I just aint motivated. Mom is moving this weekend and I have to help her Friday and Saturday. So today is pretty much the only day I have to clean my house since I have to work tomorrow. The boys are supposed to be cleaning their rooms so I can vaccum but of course Lucas has to go to the bathroom and Logan cant stay out of Lucas' room. Logan is going thru this stage where he just tortures Lucas. Like if Lucas is building a puzzle Logan drives his truck over it and if Lucas is watching tv Logan will stand right in front of him. I am so tired of argueing all the time! That is life with kids I guess. Oh well I better get up and get busy.

Oh yea I went to the doctor Monday and I have already gained 11lbs. I could not believe it. With my boys I lost weight the first 3 or 4 months. Not happy about this! I also found out my doctor is relocating to Franklin the first of October. So I will have to get another doctor! Very upset about this too!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pre School Orientation

Well today was prek orientation. We basically just went and met the teachers and got our supply list. The kids played for a little bit with the other kids. It wasn't bad today. They go Thursday and that is when I have to leave him. I know yall are thinking you leave him two days a week already when you go to work. It isn't the same they stay with Nana and Papaw and they think everything they do is cute no matter how annoying it is. These are strangers I am leaving him with. I will survive! He loved it and wanted to stay today all day. Then I saw these other kids that started crying just walking in the room. The moms were saying I am not leaving you today! So I think it will be easier as long as he likes it. I am sure I will get used to it and love it eventually.

On the good note I love school and the routine. Field trips and plays all that stuff! I so wish I would have become a teacher. I still think I might go to school when all my kids get in school. Oh well I may be so tired of it all by the time I get three kids in school I will have a different opinion. LOL OH well yall have a good week! Here are a few pics!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here is our new outfit we just put together tonight. Brandy has already posted it on her blog. I just loved it and had to post it to my blog too!!
Go check it out on our website!!!

All these school posts...

are killing me. I have been doing a really good job at avoiding the thought of Lucas going to school but yall are killing me! I will survive I think!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't believe it either!

So I have been reading every ones blog about there children going to school. I have to say I am in denial. Lucas starts a week from today. Granted it is just Pre School and he only goes 2 days a week. I can't even stand the thought he is such a mommas baby. I mean he would be with me all the time if I would let him. And it isn't just being away from me. I am so worried how he will act. Will he behave? Will he make the grand announcement when he has to go poop?? (yes he thinks everyone should know when he has to go potty) Will he sit still and mind the teacher? Will he have a melt down when Addy plays with another kids? Or vice versa? I am like have I taught him all he should know or will he be that kid in the class that is behind everyone else? All you mothers know what I mean. I guess this is the time that tells have I done my job as a mother and can he make it without me there. I know this will not be the biggest thing I will every worry about in his life but right now it is!! He is my baby!!

On the other hand I am kind of excited about me and Logan getting to spend some time together before the new baby gets here. Usually if Logan is there Lucas is to. Not like with Lucas we were together for 2 years before another baby came along. So for me and Logan to get to hang out for a few months will be fun.

Well on a good note. My sickness is gone for the most part. I am feeling more like myself except for my afternoon naps I feel like I cant live without. I get so sleepy. So today we are trying to recuperate from a busy weekend with Douglas April Danielle and the girls. It was fun but I am really tired and I am trying to get my laundry caught up!

So yall have a great week!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Once upon a awful week!!

Nervously waiting for shots!!
Doing a puzzle to get his mind off the shots that are in the near future!!

This week has went by really fast but it was a doozy!! It started going down hill Tuesday when the boys went with Nana and Papaw to Aunt Sue's house on Gunters Mtn. They have no air conditioning there so they played outside all day and do you know how hot it has been this week. OML!! Lucas had already said his head was hurting and Nana thought he had a little fever but they played anyway. So on the way home he was running a major fever and tossed his cookies all over the Dollar General thank the lord I wasn't there. LOL Anyway when they got back to her house he got sick again. By the time Bradley got there to get them they were both running a fever and Lucas had thrown up again. SO my night was wonderful!! They were so pitiful I felt so sorry for them!

Well Wednesday I got to babysit Ms. Priss (AKA Wilkins) who was also sick and running fever. So yes you heard it right 3 sick kids. It actually wasn't too bad until Lucas and Wilkins started feeling better. Then they were crazy. Logan went to sleep at about 1 and slept til 6 and he woke up feeling better. The downside to that was he woke up at 6 so he was not sleepy at 9, 10 or even 11. No not midnight or 1 or 2. He came to me at 3:30 am and had to go to the potty. Finally after threatening his life!! (sarcasm!!) He went to sleep at about 4. On;y for me to get up at 5 to fix my husbands lunch then back up at 7:30 for work. It was a long day Thursday.
So Thursday night Danielle ( Bradley's niece) is up for the weekend. So we met her and Papaw at Red Lobster for some dinner. Of course Logan wanted to go back with Papaw and I let him cause Lucas had a Dr appointment today!
And OML that is a whole different chapter you dont even want to know about. He was behind on his shots. Since he is starting Pre-K next week he had to be current. So 4 shots later we had a major basket case on our hands. Let me just tell you the older they are the worse shots are. He was a nervous wreck. He is a worrier anyway and he was tore up before we even got there. It was a nightmare and it was just me and him. I am not sure how yall are but when they get shots and cry like that it makes me cry. LOL. Maybe just because I am prego and my emotions are high but I about lost it right there. LOL OH well it is over now and he is fine.
Tonight Bradley Lucas and I went to Little Italy for some awesome chicken Alfredo pizza then to Target to get him a toy for making it thru the shots!! LOL..
Right now everyone is asleep. Bradley has to work tomorrow and Lucas is asleep on the couch. I am sitting here about to finish off a cream cheese danish I bought this afternoon at Publix. LOL I am awful I know but I am 9 weeks prego and that sick feeling has almost completely left me. So I am eating what I want. I am so tired all the time. I wish that would go away so I can actually do all my house work at one time! I am tired of one room a day being cleaned and never completely finishing the laundry! Why is it you forget the bad things about being pregnant and child birth. I only remember the good things and how I felt when I held them for the first time. If you did remember all those awful nasty things there would be a lot of Only Children around!! LOL
Oh well good night and have a great weekend!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing Really!

Not a lot has really been going on around here. We have all had the crud plus I have had a UTI. They are miserable and I seem to get them all the time while I am pregnant. Also I have been pregnant sick everyday. I did get to see the heartbeat and the baby last week. It is only about 1/2 inch long. Not much to see but it made me feel better when I saw the heart beat and they said it was perfectly healthy so far. I know I am psycho I guess but I constantly worry until the baby actually arrives and is in my arms that something may be wrong. My doctor did move my due date up so I am officially due March10th now. I can not wait to find out what I am having so wanting a girl but I think it will probably be a boy again!

Oh well we had a great day Friday. Brandy, LeAnne and I went to Meridianville to Sis Patty Kittrells house. She had a get together for all us girls that grew up together. Rented a huge water slide for the kids. They had a blast. We sat and talked and laughed all day. It was lots of fun! I miss them all so much. Anyway Brandy has tons of pictures I am sure she will upload them soon and I will steal some and post them. LOL I didn't take near as many as she did. Oh well I am going to start canning some salsa and maybe start on my grapes for some jelly!

Have a great week!!