Thursday, May 26, 2011

My week in review! A super long post!

I have been super busy the past week! Last Thursday night we were supposed to have ball practice but they had to call it off. So Bradley and I were in the back yard playing ball with the boys when Bro. Pat called and asked us to come over to the church. We were trying to finish up our basement remodel and they got the carpet in early. We stayed there until after 10. Graduation parties were supposed to be there Friday night so I was helping set up and Bradley was doing the plumbing in the kitchen.

Friday I went back over to the church kid free! Thank you Nana! She kept all three of them so I could help them clean and get everything ready for the party and 4th weekend. So I ran to a couple stores which was so nice with no kids in tow. I usually always have atleast one with me. So this was a nice change for me.I went to get the kids and got them ready. Bradley ran home and changed from his work clothes and went straight to the church to finish the plumbing. The boys and I met him there for the party. After we ate Bradley some how ended up playing football with all the little boys. They wanted me to do the pinatas which was a lot of fun with the little kids. Except for fighting off the stinking mosquitos. They were sworming us! It was awful!

Saturday I got up super early meet mom ,LeAnne and Brandy to head to Beth's baby shower at Hytop. Which was really cute. We got to so spend some time with people we hardly ever see. Which was fun! Lots of laughs! Then rushed back home to find out that Lucas had lost his ball game but had the two best hits he had ever had. I wasn't there to see. :( And also that my father in law and brother in law which I love very much decided to come fix my back door. Which I am very grateful for except it didn't get finished. I had wood and tools all over my dining room. I also had a huge gap all around my door because Papaw got hungry and was ready to go home. LOL So I come home on 4th Saturday afternoon at 5 pm to find my house a mess (that I had stayed up until midnight Friday night getting cleaned) and the roar of cicada's. I was not happy!! I rushed in tried not to think about it got everybody baths fixed food for church and rushed out the door to get there 5 minutes till 7. It was our turn to clean so we were there until 10 again.

Sunday morning we rushed to church got there right on time again to find no one else on my crew had got there yet! LOL It was a bad morning. We didn't have any visitors. Which we usually don't in May with all the revivals starting. It was kind of nice for all of us on the cleaning crew. We didn't have that much to clean. Church was good Bro Pat annointed me and Levi. Then after getting home everyone except me taking a nap! Getting ready for church again. It had come to me to put a empty bottle in my diaper bag in case some one gave Levi the juice. I thought it was probably just me. Then I thought no I need to have faith so I did. Honestly I forgot all about it. We took the supper and was washing feet. Levi had went to sleep and was laying on the bench. I hadn't thought anything else about it honestly. Until I saw Bradley walking across the altar with that bottle. Bro Pat had told him to get a bottle that Bro JB felt like Levi needed the juice. I think he probably had like 4 oz of grape juice. I gave it to him and he loved it. He drank every bit of it. I know you probably think I am awful. I just kept thinking oml he has on his Easter outfit I paid almost $60. It was all white and I could just imagine him spitting up grape juice all over it. LOL..He didn't!!

Monday we got up cleaned a little. Then Nana and Papaw came over to finish my back door which is still not finished but I don't really care anymore. Levi was so happy all day.Lucas had a ballgame. They got slaughtered again. But the coach told them they played a awesome game. Which he lied!!! I get so sick of them saying they did great. If you don't ever tell them what they did wrong. They will keep doing it. That's my theory anyway! LOL Again I guess thats why I ain't the coach!! LOL So after the game mom me Bradley and the kids went to eat Mexican.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were about the same we did nothing. I started crocheting which I love! Went to church and laid around. I can not even tell you how much better Levi is doing. I knew he was doing better. But when I went to get his laundry out of his basket I saw how much better. He has stayed in the same outfit all day long everyday this week. (until I gave him a bath of course) I have like 5 bibs to wash. I am astonished!!

The other day I was thinking about having faith and what that meant. I know the substence of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I know that! I got to thinking about Uncle Paul he had a way of explaining things in a way anyone could understand it. He was talking about Faith one time and he said " We all know he can do it but lets get to the place where we know he WILL" It actually made since to me. So I got to thinking that way. I believe he has healed Levi and I can see the results already. I can't wait to go to the doctor to see how much he has gained.

I know this has been a long probably boring post! Sorry have a Great Memorial Day weekend!

love ya

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My new hobby!!!

Ok so I saw a really cute hat on etsy. I thought I can do that! If you know me or anyone else in the Middlebrooks family you are not surprised. Anyway I have took up crocheting. I already knew the basic stitches. I was crocheting when I was 9 or 10 years old. (Does Rags to Riches sound familiar to anyone) Did you know you can learn to do anything on youtube. LOL I watched some man crochet this hat and then the flower and put it together! I love it!

This one is for a newborn baby.

This one is my favorite so far.! I love it! If I only had a girl! It is aqua and red! Picture was too bright!
I had to make sure it was sized correctly. LOL

So now I am working on a news boy hat that will fit Logan. I love the classic crochet look with the more modern bright colors. I am thinking of selling them for 15.00! It is just a hobby I will probably make more than I sell.

I will have to blog about my weekend another day. There is so much to tell.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birds in the Grill! Really?!

So today I saw a little bird walk inside my grill. The lid was shut and there is a little notch on either side for smoke to escape. This little bird just walked in like he owned the joint. Then I got to noticing all the straw sticking out of the sides. So when Bradley got home I was telling him. I thought there was maybe a small little nest or the beginnings of one. Since I am totally freaked out by birds I made him open it to see. Boy were we wrong there was a huge nest with two small blue eggs. So we are just going to make it our science experiment. Watch it everyday until they hatch. Then we are going to take back our grill. LOL Here are a few pics I took with my cell phone!

Today the boys and I spent the whole day at Nana and Papaw's house. Edna's two sisters and her one brother came up to see them. Of course they wanted to see the baby. Not me just the kids. So since I have nothing else to do I spent my whole day down there. I had a really awesome lunch and laughed ALOT! They are crazy. Well the boys wanted me to take their picture. Since it was cute I decided to share it!
Lots of Love

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


OK so I took Levi to the doctor Friday. He weighs 9.6lbs! So while I was excited that he had gained more than a pound. I was really hoping for more like 3 pounds at least but I am thankful anyway. He could have lost a pound! So I am still holding on to what I felt the other night when Bro JB carried him around the altar. I believe the work is done now I am just waiting to see the results! So THANK YOU LORD!!! I have always heard you praise him for what he has done and he'll do more! So one of the ladies at church told me to put a teaspoon of plain yogurt in his bottle. So I tried it and he actually done really good. He hasn't really spit up all day. Mom declares he has gained weight just this weekend. LOL SO I am holding off on picking up the prescription for reflux to see if this helps.

We had a busy weekend again. Bradley and I drove to Huntsville to look at a van Friday afternoon. It was a really good price and the guy said now it has a couple small dents from like the grocery store. It was such a good price we wanted to check it out. This van looked like it had been in a hale storm. We cracked up when we saw it! Then Saturday we drove back to Shelbyville to look at another van. Then Lucas had a ballgame at 4pm. They got slaughtered!! 17-0! These kids looked like they were 12. Rushed home got ready for church. We made it all 3 services this weekend. It was really good. Almost had one make it Sunday night. So they had church again Monday night. She should have made it Monday night too. So we are looking forward to Wednesday night! Not to mention all the work that is going on at the church. We are getting the carpet and tile laid in the kitchen this week. We are supposed to be having graduation parties there Friday night. Plus it is 4th weekend.

Well I got to go to see my Nanny Monday ( Granny Helon's mom) it was her birthday and she turned 93. She had never seen Levi so I took him and left the other 2 with Nana. Aunt Maronica is up from Florida for the week. So we brought her home with us yesterday. Today we have just been hanging around moms house all day visiting. It has been a good day! We have a busy week left to go. Going to Hytop Saturday for Beth's baby shower then we have to rush back for church. You know we cook Saturday night and Sunday morning up here on our regular. Oh well have a good week!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fingers and Macaroni!

I am having to fight him to keep from sucking his fingers! He pulls his paci out and out his fingers go in every time I am not looking! LOL I do not want him to suck his fingers but it was so cute when I went in his room and saw him. He was just going to town on them. When mommy wasn't looking.

So today it has just been me, Logan and Levi. Since Levi has been asleep pretty much all day. Me and Logan have been playing. I fixed Mac and Cheese for lunch. He absolutely loves it! He ate 3 bowls of it and then wanted to lick the spatula. He is so crazy. I wish you could here some of the stuff he says. Today we have been counting and he has finally remembered his birthday! He is so smart but such a BABY! He loves to be petted and babied. It used to get on my nerves but now I love it. I guess with Lucas going to school this year it has made me realize they are growing up and I want them to be babies forever. As Bradley keeps reminding me we can't have a new baby as soon as one gets out of the baby stage! LOL

We are also in need of a van in a bad way. I am so tired of looking. I just want to find one that is decent and we can afford. Oh well Lucas had a ballgame last night. I know it is awful we missed church for a ball game. They usually do not schedule games for church nights but one got rained out last week. So that was the only night they could reschedule. I am a firm believer in if you sign your kids up for something it is your responsibility to see that they are there. If Lucas hadn't been there we would of had to forfeit the game because of not enough players. Anyway I pray to the good lord we don't have to reschedule any more games. They actually won last night!! After going into double overtime! Lucas hit the game winning run! He got the game ball again and he was so excited!! It was a very nerve wrecking game. We were tied again for the second inning of OT 2 outs and 2 kids on base and Lucas was up to bat! I was about to scream but he busted the ball pretty good and brought in the winning run!! They are getting so much better! First of the season was kind of rough! LOL Well everyone have a good week!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

Well I will start by saying Happy belated Mothers Day to all you mom's out there. We had another busy weekend. Friday night Lucas had a ballgame. After that we headed to Nana and Papaw's house for some yummy grilled steak. Douglas, April. Lebron and Annie were there. I was extremely tired and in one of those crazy moods I get in every now and then. I kept them all entertained. We laughed until we almost cried several times. Bradley finally said come on Haley I am taking you home before you say something even crazier.

So Saturday we all took Nana to Olive Garden for Mother's Day since we usually go to decoration on Sunday and never really do anything for her. So after hiding the check from papaw so we could all pay for it. He hates for us to pay for a meal! I don't usually mind but since it was a Mothers Day thing we wanted to pay. Bradley and I ran in Kohl's on the way back to their house. We hung around for a while then went home to get showers and got kids in bed.

Sunday we slept in which was the best Mothers Day gift. Even Levi slept until 8:30. I was super excited! The boys gave me one of those recordable cards. It was so sweet of them saying happy mothers day. I requested no presents since we had just bought a new washer and dryer. I am wanting some remodeling and carpet done. So I will cash in later. LOL Although Lucas wanted to go buy me a new dress and Logan wanted to buy me flowers. They were very sweet and we had a good day. We skipped church Sunday morning.SHH don't tell. LOL Mowed the grass and cleaned out the garage finally. It was bad!!! Grilled steak and had salad for dinner. So we got ready and went to church that night. Guess what we got preached on for laying out of church..LOL... Good thing I don't get my feelings hurt..LOL We weren't the only ones so it is all good! I will do better from now

Anyway Monday we were very lazy and didn't do much but wash clothes. Last night was Kindergarten registration. So Lucas and I ran to the school and did our thing there. Then went down to Nana's and ate a hamburger. So today I am cleaning and hoping to not do very much tonight besides relax and maybe play a little wii. I am addicted to the Wii sports Golf. LOL..I also love the Just Dance 2 game. Me and Bradley play golf after the kids go to bed and sometimes he will dance with me too. Don't tell anyone but he usually beats me and he has no rhythm. He cheats!! That's ok I can beat him at golf!!

Well have a good week!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!

Well the past few days have been crazier than I can even tell you. We spent Monday in Wal-Mart parking lot taking donations. Then Tuesday was spent rounding up everything and hitting some businesses up for donations. Then Tuesday afternoon and night we went thru everything and loaded our U-Haul.

Wednesday at 4 am we got up headed out about 5 I got to Murfreesboro to McDonald's and Bradley calls. He is flipping out because he can't find his keys. Guess who has them...ME.. He was not very happy with me AT ALL! I was in tears. I was tired it was early and I was mad at myself. Mom ran them back home to him. He got to work and his boss thought it was funny. So life goes on.
We had a very adventurous ride to Alabama with me Brandy and LeAnne all in that stupid U-Haul truck and yes I was in the middle. WE got there and got it unloaded. We worked all day rode around taking some water out to the workers. It is pitiful out the. I grew up there and rode down that road every morning to school. I couldn't even recognize it to find my way around. There is nothing there that looks the same.

Then Wednesday night was visitation for Uncle Buddy and Aunt Mott. There family is so pitiful. I can't even imagine how they are feeling. Then today was the funeral. I am glad it is over. It is such a sad situation but you know we find comfort in humor in times like this. And let me tell you if anybody was humorous it was Aunt Mott. She was a HOOT! I have only been in the family for 10 years but every time I have been around her she was acting silly.

Brother Shirley held the funeral today and he was telling the story of when Uncle Buddy asked her to marry him. She said "I might" LOL I can so see her telling him that. Then when she went to buy his wedding band the jeweler told her he had a good deal on one that was returned. Apparently the first lady that bought it her fiancee died before they were married. Then another lady bought it and her fiance died before they were married too. The jeweler said "do you want it?" She said"Yea if it ain't meant to be he'll die!" LOL I thought that was so funny. Anyway they will be greatly missed. The only good thing that came out of this was I got to see a lot of friends and family I haven't seen in a long time.

Well we rolled in the driveway at 5:20 and they ran inside got there ball stuff and out the door. So now I am sitting here in peace and quiet. Levi is enjoying being in his bed for the first time in two days and I catching up on blogs. Have a good weekend!

Monday, May 2, 2011


That's all I can say! I just want to start by saying that Levi has been having problems and I really didn't say alot about it. I mean the family knew and if you were ever around him for a while you would know that he throws up all the time. I don't just mean spits up I mean throw up. When I took him for his 6 weeks appointment he hadn't even gained a full pound from birth. So of course we were even more concerned. We changed his formula to some sensitive stuff and it helped but he was still not keeping it down good.So Bradley said a few weeks ago that maybe I should start saying the blessing over his bottle. Now I know that may sound silly to some but I did it. When you are worried about your baby you will do anything. Again he got a little bit better. I was just really wanting him to just be well! Then last night we went to church and Bro Pat got the oil and came back there and anointed him. I was so thankful. Then Bro JB Coffey came to me and said give me my baby. Now he has had a stroke and his right arm is crippled but I didn't even think about him dropping him. I just laid him in his arms. He walked around the altar with him and just about everybody laid hands that baby. Then a younger brother Bro Trevor got up and said he was sorry that it had come to him to carry Levi around and he thought he was too young. So Bro Pat told him he better do what he was supposed to do. So he took him around again. Then the rest laid hands on him. I just feel like everything is going to be ok. I think the work is done and I can't wait to go to the Dr. next week. I was dreading it!

On another note. I know most everyone reads Brandy's facebook or blog. So yall donate to the clothing and toiletries drive. We are going to be super busy the next couple days. Have a good week!