Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is it seriously Saturday already??

Where had this week gone? I just blogged Monday and I blink my eyes and it Saturday. Between work and normal life we actually managed to make time to go to Toney Thursday night for revival. I was wanting to go so bad to see some of my dearest friends Brother David and Sister Patty. They mean so much to us. So we actually got to go we were 10 minutes late but we were there.

Yesterday I got up bright and early so I could go do my grocery shopping. It only took my like 3 hours in 2 stores. LOL..I took the boys big mistake. I thought I might kill them. LOL..But here are my deals.
Kroger I spent 57.00 and saved 49.00.
Publix I spent 68.00 and saved 79.00.
CVS spent 4.60 and I got men's Gillette body wash Palmolive 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal and 2 jars of olives. I was really excited about that
Publix again I bought scrubbing bubbles extended care shower cleaner regular 7.99 had a 1.00 off coupon plus they gave me a 5.00 publix gifts card for buying it. Then I got 2 packs of Kraft sliced cheese and a pack of lever bar soap and it was 1.36. ( Which I paid for with my 5.00 gift card)

I think I was pretty successful this week and you should see my pantry refrigerator and freezer. They are full. My kids and Bradley are in heaven.

So this weekend Bradley's brother and sister in law are in town. So we are about to get ready to head down to his mom's. The kids are dying to go swimming. So they will probably stay in the pool all day and I am hoping to get to go shopping a little bit. I am sure most of our weekend will be spent at Bradley's parents house. I am wanting to grill out but my house is a wreck. So I need to stay here and clean a little bit but that want happen. Oh well gotta get ready to head to the in laws have a great holiday weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow I can not believe how bad I have been. It has been a while since I posted! Oh well I have been busy. I had to work Friday then we had to go to Jordan's graduation party Friday night. Which was really fun and the kids (and adults) had a blast on the big inflatable slide. There was kind of a stampede and Sherry Tammy and Gina about killed Gina. I will just say this Sherry and Tammy never made it up to the top the rolled out on the ground. It was too funny and guess who didn't have her camera??? Oh well then it was 4th weekend and that is always super busy.
What flips me out more than anything is that it is the end of May. I can not believe it!! 5 weeks until our revival.

Today was really nice! The kids went home with Nana and Papaw last night. I was actually off work when the kids weren't here. I love my kids but it was so nice to be home ALONE!! That never happens. Bradley is so good to keep the kids if I need to go to the store or want to go shopping but I never get to be here by myself. I cleaned and clipped coupons all day!

Oh yea I am now all into the coupon mania. I started it this weekend and I saved a ton. I got my normal groceries plus a ton more. My trunk was full the back seat was half full and I spent 114.00. I saved 110.00!! So I was excited! I go deodorant for free and chips ahoy cookies for .40 a pack. It was fun to go grocery shopping and getting all these deals!! Plus I have tons of groceries. That was just my first weekend before I got a sunday paper. Oh well I am going to go to bed and get some rest!! Have a good week...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Sick

Well thankfully Logan has not been sick with his stomach anymore. Now he has a war infection!! Ain't that wonderful. He is so whiny and miserable. I am about to scream! Lucas or Bradley have not been sick yet so I am thankful for that.

Also I can tell revival is getting near. Everything is going on in my house. My sink and dishwasher are backing up. Plus the other night I came home and thru some jeans in the washer and came sit down on the couch to check my email. I waited for the jeans to be thru to go put them in the dryer. As I was walking in the laundry I hear Bradley saying Haley where did all this water come from in the bathroom. Apparently he was pouring drano down the drain in the washer and did not reconnect the hose. So the washer drained in the floor. My bathroom is on the other side of the wall and it went completely thru up under my hardwood. I was sick at my stomach. So we still have fans blowing on it. I am afraid I am going to have to call the insurance man.

Oh well I am sure it will all work out. I just don't like to wait!! LOL

See ya!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting back to normal

... I feel like the whole first part of this year has been getting ready for Disney and this wedding. Now that they are over with I am so trying to get back in a normal routine. If anyone knows what that is please fill me in.

I had to work today and nothing really major happened. Mom came to my house to stay with the boys this morning and they were super excited. Mom never comes over to our house to stay with them. Actually mom never comes over here.LOL...I see her everyday but I usually run by her house or see her somewhere. Oh well enough about that.

On a good note Logan is getting better. He didn't eat that much today but what he did eat he didn't loose. So we were happy about that. I am sick of dirty diapers and throw up. Actually yesterday I thought he was better. So he ate spaghetti and had chocolate milk. After dinner I left to run to the store. I am literally 2 minutes away when Bradley calls to tell me that he threw up all over my cream chair. I was not happy. It is stained and now I am going to have recover it. I only paid 25.00 for it on Craigslist. It is just so cute I cant get rid of it.

Well that is enough for today. Have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick Baby

Ok so I have been terribly busy!! LeAnne and I left Friday morning to go pick up flowers and head out to Griffin church. We worked until 2am. We were so tired and hungry. Ok so 2 am in Trenton is like a ghost town. I mean seriously there were tumble weeds blowing across the roads and J/K The only thing open to eat was Huddle House so we braved it. Actually turned out to be pretty good. Then we got up at 6 am Saturday to finish up the wedding. After working all day at 4pm we decided to hit the road and come back home. Logan was so sick and actually still is. He hasn't kept anything down all week really. So we got home at like 6:15 rushed in got ready and actually got to church by like 10 after. Luckily Bradley can iron for me. LOL.. Anyway we had a birthday dinner after church. So we ate dinner then Logan had a accident and I had to leave early because it was everywhere. Sunday we went to church then to The Catfish House afterwards. Lucas' request.. He loves that place. Then we ran home dropped everybody off then to Publix. I got back home in time to take a 15 minute nap before getting ready for church again. I was so tired and I actually still am.

So today I had Wilkins and my boys. I have been trying to start cleaning and getting ready for revival. Why do we worry ourselves to death over this. I feel like I have to have new everything. Every surface needs to be painted again. I am wanting new bedroom furniture. I have way too much to do in the next month. Oh well right now I feel like my back side is glued to this couch. I do not want to get up. I am afraid I will not get anything else accomplished tonight..Oh well

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not a creature was stirring...

Well I made it through the day. The kids are in bed and it is super quiet here. Logan finally went to sleep at about 7 and he was out. He kept absolutely nothing down today. He threw up like 8 times and just laid on the couch. Bless his heart! Addy was here today and he wanted to play with her and Lucas outside. He would get up and try. Ten minutes later he would come in crying. He said "Momma I need a band aid" I was like what for. He said "for my belly it hurts" in his cute little baby voice. So I finally just put one across his belly button. It made him happy didn't help him but he was content. As all you moms know whatever makes them happy.

So we didn't have church due to the recent flood damage we had. The men were over there painting and cleaning the carpet. We are supposed to go tomorrow night and scrub the tables and stuff. I miss church!!! I feel like it has been forever since I have been. Since fourth weekend in April I have been 1 time. That was Saturday night. I could have went Sunday morning. It is just so depressing on Mothers Day. People talk about their dead mommas and it just depresses me!! Oh well I wont get to go until Sunday due to the wedding I am doing Saturday night. That is if we do not have a death at our church... Oh Lord let's don't even go there. Well I am going to try to go to bed and pray to the lord I do not get woke up by someone throwing up, pooping, or crying. I am so tired of washing clothes and sheets and towels and blankets.

P.S. Oh yea this afternoon Bradley went straight to the church after work so I ran by Mickey D's then over to the church to take him something to eat. Logan had been drinking sprite and mom gave him a cheese and peanut butter cracker. He threw up all over Lucas in the back seat. I thought Lucas was going to have a come apart. LOL....It was awful but I laughed at Lucas. He is such his fathers son. Then we got home and Logan had a accident out the bottom side and I was changing his underwear. I gave him a bath put some clean PJ's on him. Then I was sitting at the computer and kept smelling something. I finally looked down I had it on my clothes and didn't even know it. LOL That is so what I get for laughing at Lucas...LOL

Good Night have a good rest of the week!!!!


Well who ever said being a mom is a full time job LIED.. Last time I checked Bradley worked 8 hours a day. So why did I get woke up at 1:15am to my screaming 4 year old running in my room to tell me my 2 year old was screaming and sitting in the middle of throw up. So I am up at 2:30 stripping sheets and washing sheets and giving baths. If that is full time I want to know how do we get paid for overtime???

Oh well I am hoping he will go back to sleep soon. He has dozed off once and woke up sick again. So that is 2 loads of laundry. He is now laying on the couch. I am sitting here wondering where these old ladies get those plastic slip covers. It would sure come in handy right now!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedding Stuff!!

Yucko.. Is all I know to say...I had a nasty bug and boy was it nasty.... But I feel like a new person today. So we will just scratch the past 2 days because they were bad! I have a extremely busy week ahead of me. I had to work today and one of our salesmen were out sick so that just means the other 2 are going to complain. So I got to listen to that all day. The rest of the week is going to be filled with wedding dilemma's. LeAnne and I have a wedding Saturday at Griffin. It is a big one too. Luckily we only have to do the flowers and set everything up and maybe possibly serve if it gets busy. I have to keep kids tomorrow, work Thursday, and then to Trenton early Friday morning to start flowers. Meanwhile, all I can think about is my house. I am in the middle of getting things finished up around here before revival. Plus I am trying to change the boys room around and get new carpet before the end of June. Oh lord I may not make it....Plus we have several people that are knocking on Heaven's door if you know what I mean. I am just praying no one passes before this wedding. One of them have already asked me and LeAnne to sing at his funeral. Plus the other ones will have a choir and that includes LeAnne and I also. So lord please help us!!! LOL

Monday, May 10, 2010

So tired!!

Well I haven't posted in a while. I never even uploaded pictures from Disney. I actually started one day but I only took like close to 700 pictures. It wasn't easy deciding which ones I wanted to use. We had a great time but last week was a rough one. I am so ready to go back already. Anyway this weekend was kind of a bad one for me. Friday night Bradley the boys and myself went to the hospital to see a good friend of ours who is not doing very well. Then Saturday Bradley worked over at the church cause it is a little damp still. I ran him some lunch over there and then came home and we got ready for church. Sunday was Mother's Day we usually go to Gunter's Mtn for decoration with Bradley's family but Edna had to work so we didn't go. So I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and took them to the hospital. Then I came home got the boys and we went to mom's to clean out her flower bed for Mother's Day. The kids flew kites, ate hamburgers and hotdogs and then we flagged down the ice cream man. I do not know what happened after that because I immediatly started getting so sleepy and my belly wasn't feeling great either. So we came home about 8 got showers and I laid down. Woke up about 9:45 tossing my cookies. It was so bad. I was up all night throwing up and just sick. Not very good Mother's Day for me. So I was off work all day with and the kids were here and I was still sick. Thankfully they were pretty good. Except when I wook up to Logan pouring a bottle of water in the bed with me. LOL. Anyway now I feel like I was hit by a bus and my kids are wild. So I think when Bradley gets out of the shower I am going to lay down and let him tend to these little monsters. Hope everyone has a good week~~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home!! :(

Sorry about all the crazy posts. I was posting with the mobile blogger and apparently if you get too long winded it splits up your posts! LOL..Anyway I am super tired right now. I am about to get a shower put my pj's on and I will sit down and post all the details of our trip and I am sure tons of pictures soon!! Oh yea we had a great time!!