Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well today is going by so slow. Lucas woke up at 6:15 this morning and then Logan up at 7. I am so tired I feel like I have been up for two days and it is only 12:30. Oh well I feel like I have nothing to do today because we didn't go out last night so I went and got my groceries and I cleaned my house yesterday. So I am totally bored. So bored I decided to take the cover off the boys car seats and wash them. Just to let you know that is really bad if I am trying to find things to wash. I hate laundry and usually have laundry for as far as the eye can its not that bad but I always have some laundry.

Anyway I just put the boys down for a nap they are driving me crazy today. Mom says it the barometric all the kids are wild today. Bradley has gone to the dump and to the auto part store to get the stuff to change the oil in his truck. It is even 4th weekdend and I am bored I am usually running my legs off on 4th Saturday. Oh well I think when he gets home I will go to the church see if it is my turn this weekend and set up the basement for dinner. I cleaned out my car and I am going to take it to get cleaned when I get out. And for some reason I am not even in the mood to go shopping and that is odd for me.

We were supposed to go sign Lucas up for Tee Ball today but apparently I readit wrong and the last sign up was Wed night. So Lucas is upset at me and I am ill at myself. I tried convince him that soccer was just as much fun and he ain't buying it. So I have a email in to the baseball league people begging to let him sign up late. Oh well if not I am just going to have to deal with it.

All that aside it is fourth weekend and I am really hoping we have some visitors. I need one of those really good meetings this weekend. I guess being sick the past few weeks and not being there every time I feel like I am behind. Probably let the booger man bother my mind more than I should. But that is just part of life I guess. Well I just saw Bradley pull back in the driveway so I am going to head over to the church to do my good dead for the day. Have a great weekend I will post again after I go to weight watchers Monday night.. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just shoot me now...

This week has been better than last week so far. We are all getting a little better everyday. I am hoping by the end of the week we will be back to normal. Today is a little hectic at my house. Apparently everyone had to work today except me. So when they told me this weekend that I would have Addy and Wilkins today. I was like ok. But last night when LeAnne called and said "uh apparently the boys only go to school for 2 hours in the morning and you will have to keep them" to say the least I was not excited about this. So this morning my boys decided to wake up at 6:30...Which I do not understand because yesterday when I had to go to work. I had to drag them out of bed at 8:15. I believe the would have slept for another hour. What is up with that. Anyway they woke up early this morning. Wilkins got here at about 8:00 so her and logan went in the boys room to watch Dora and play. Lucas went in my room with his little lunch box of toys that he carries around to watch Spongebob. It was so nice for like a hour and a half it was so quiet and I am thinking ok so maybe it is not going to be that bad today. But then it happened LeAnne called to tell me she was on her way with the kids...They came in and it was like a zoo. Kids screaming crying laughing acting like wild animals. It was truly CRAZY. Do not get me wrong I love my nieces and nephews but all 6 kids at one time is too much for anyone.

Anyway I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago. I was doing really good then we got sick and it snowed so they cancelled the meeting that I usually go to. So I kind of fell off the wagon but decided I really want to lose some weight plus Carter ( Bradley's dad) told me he would give me 5 dollars for every pound I lost. Money motivates me..LOL..Anyway I decided Monday night that I was just going to go and get weighed. So I did I have lost 8.6 pounds so far...YAY that is so exciting for me. I want to lose a lot more but I thought it was a really good start. So papaw owes me almost 45 dollars. I am waiting to cash in until I have a lost little bit more. Oh well the kids are screaming again...

The two little ones (Logan and Wilkins) are asleep and the four big ones are in Lucas and Logans room supposedly playing but I think they are just destroying it...Oh well maybe I will make it thru the day..

Monday, February 22, 2010

There is a SUN!!!

Well it has been one of those weeks for us. Everyone in my house has been sick with the flu!! We are trying to get better but we just are not trying hard enough evidently. Lucas and I can not quit coughing and blowing our noses. Bradley is doing better and Logan, well Logan is his own little person and doesn't care if he feels bad or not he is full force all the time. LOL...But totally cute. You gotta love him. Anyway this weekend was so nice I forgot what it was like to wear short sleeves and flip flops.. It was so nice but I decided to go shopping most of the weekend. Friday Brandy mom and I went out for a little while. We went to Cozumels for lunch then to Biglots. After I left them I went to pick up my new laptop... YAY.. Finally Bradley can have the computer in the afternoon and I will have my laptop..So excited.Anyway mom and I later went to the fabric store then to Gymboree Childrens Place and a couple other children's stores. Then Saturday LeAnne and I went to Opry Mills for a couple hours then went to Marshalls to get my lay a way out. Went to to church Saturday night and Will came home with Lucas and Logan went home with uncle Michael. Then Sunday morning Brother Pat went to Park City so most of our church went with him. I was still not feeling real great so I decided to stay home. Later I went to moms for Italian Beef. The kids played outside most of the day Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we went to church. We have just changed it to were it starts at 5. So last night when we got out a little before 7 I was so excited. Then papaw wanted us to go out with him and Nana for some Japanese food. Which was really good. My kids were kinda scared of the Hibachi Cook. They really didn't know to handle someone throwing food at them. It was funny. Logan went home with Papaw and Lucas being the mommas boy that he is came home with us. It has been a nice weekend just a little busy. But it really made me ready for spring and summer. I couldn't help but buy summer clothes this weekend. I know they won't get to wear them for a while but I am so ready I think all this snow is making it worse. I so done with IT!!! Anyway till next time..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Worst Valentines Ever!!!

Well this week has been interesting. Started off ok but went down hill fast! First of all I was supposed to work a the flower shop here in Smyrna for Valentines Day Thurs-Sun. So Bradley and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day Thursday night while his parents had the boys. Because I figured it would be the earliest night I would get out of work. So we decided on Japanese. So I am already feeling a little bit on the sluggish side but the more I sit there the worst I feel not wanting to ruin the evening I am trying to be normal. So the little guy is cooking and throws over a piece of Shrimp at me and I eat it (which was really good) He then throws one over to Bradley. LOL ( Bradley is allergic to shell fish of any kind throws up and the whole nine yards just FYI) But anybody that knows Bradley he wouldn't want to hurt anybodies feelings. So I look at him like do you want me to get it off your plate and the guy is staring at Bradley like "What wrong with you white boy you not eat my food I fix for you" LOL. So Bradley eats it and says its good which it was. Two minutes later I look over and his face is white as cotton. We barely make it thru eating without him losing it and me just coughing my head off. Get in the car and decided forget it we went and got the kids and went home and went to bed. It was awful. The next day I go to work miserable sick I come home Bradley still in his PJ's you can't even walk thru the house because there is toys everywhere. I am like I am going to bed. I am chilling coughing aching all over running fever snotty nose running to the potty. 10 minutes later Bradley comes in the room so what are your symptoms....I am like huh he has been sick all day. So we barely make it thru the night coughing waking each other up rolling the bed because we are miserable. So guess who wakes up at 6:30 Saturday morning. Yes that's right the 2 cutest little healthy boys in town. Raring and ready to go. I quickly dial nana and they come to the rescue. So we laid around all day Saturday and lucky for me I had a Valentines Day Party planned for all the little kids at church today so I drug myself out of bed and made it to the party. The kids had a really good time but I was so miserable. Anyway I came home Lucas is now sick and they have took Logan away from us again in hopes that he doesn't get sick!!! Anyway that was my lovely Valentines we were so sick we didn't even buy each other cards.. Oh well hope I have a better week. I am up now waiting on the snow and hoping Lucas stays asleep on the couch!! Goodnight...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its been a while...

Well it has been a while since my last blog. A lot has happened Halloween Logan turned 2, Thanksgiving, Lucas turned 4,Christmas, New Year and the huge snow storm we had last week. It was all good I am ready for some sunshine. Right now I am wishing that April 28 would hurry up and get here. We are leaving for Disney for 7 days and I can not wait. There is so much going on right now in my life. Things are crazy but it is just life. So I am going to try to add some pics of the past few months..