Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well baseball season is over. (Thank you Jesus!) This is from their last game. It was a tournament. They got bronze metal in their division. So they have came a long way. Lucas had a lot of fun and I have to say so did me and Bradley. It was fun but it gets old every Saturday you have either a game or practice. Now he is saying he wants to play again in the fall and he wants to play football. Football probably will be a no. LOL I told him we will talk about basketball but no football. Oh well we have the team party which is of course the Saturday of revival weekend. He is excited about that!!

This weekend we are heading to Atlanta for their revival. It has been a year since we have been their and I am kind of excited to go. I feel like I am going on vacation or something. I haven't been anywhere in so long! We will be leaving Saturday morning. Not excited about the drive at all. Especially since Gary Wayne called to tell 4 lanes of I75 will be closed south of ATL. Not fun in a van with 3 little boys. Thank god for DVD players!! LOL

So after this weekend I have get busy on my house. We only have a little more than a week before our revival. I can not believe it is that time of year already. Oh well I always look forward to revival. Not really the cooking all week part. Yes it seems like we cook all week up here! Saturday night, Sunday Morning, Monday night (preacher night), Thursday is my day and then Friday night we have pizza. So in case you are planning a trip here for revival you WILL be fed I promise!! LOL

Oh well have a good weekend!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's HOT outside!

We have been super busy these days. Running from church to ball games. Working over at the church trying to get things done over there before revival. I haven't even started my "Spring cleaning". I barely got my daily cleaning done. LOL Lucas had ball game Tuesday night. They have only won two games all season. I mean seriously they stink. Well they had a tournament game Tuesday and I figure ok this is last game of the season. Actually I was hoping they would lose. That is awful I know. (babies at a 150 degree ball field doesn't work very well!) Well that get out there and they played like they knew what they were doing. They won like 21-8. I was happy for them but that means another practice and at least one more game.

Oh well it has been super HOT also. I have literally been at the pool everyday except yesterday! The kids are brown as little ginger bread. Except Levi no pool for him yet. He is growing though. He smiles a lot and is getting cuter. He was ugly for a while. I like me some fat babies and he has some scrawny little legs and arms. LOL

Oh well kids are waking up! Stay cool and have a nice weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally a Van

So I finally got a van!! It isn't new but it serves its purpose. Let me just tell you my car was getting smaller by the day. A Pontiac G6 is not meant for 2 adults and 3 little boys. I was about ready to scream every time we went to church or any where for that matter. So we finally found one in decent condition at a price we could afford! Thank You Lord! Well we went to drive it Saturday and everything looked good. So after a little negotiating I got him to come down about $500. Woohoo!! Anyway I went to pick it up today. When I got there I gave him the money he signed the title over. We signed the bill of sale after he went to make a copy. He came out and told me he had prayed that this van would be a blessing to someone. He said I don't know if you are a believer or a christian but I feel like giving you some money back. He gave me $200 back. I stood there crying in this mans driveway. It wasn't that I needed the money back. (It was nice but I did have it) We had just been praying that whatever vehicle we bought it we be good vehicle for us. That just let me know. I cried all the way home from Franklin. I called Bradley, Mom, Aunt Maronica, LeAnne and Nana. I cried every time I told someone. How thankful I am to know that god is right there with me in everything we do watching over us. So I will go now I just had to share that with you all!! Love yall bunches!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Summer Days!

Well we had a nice weekend! Bradley and I were all excited because we had absolutely nothing to do. No ballgame! 90% of our church went to the singing on the lake. So Bradley and I opted to stay home! We worked outside all day. Sunday was full of church. Between services we went to nana's for some delicious roast. Yummo! Then Lucas and I ran to Lowe's while Bradley and Levi took a nap. Monday it was just Bradley, Levi and I. Lucas spent the night with my mom and you will never guess were Logan spent the night! PAPAW'S! We got up early and started finishing our yard work that we started Saturday. Got all that done and I ran got Logan then we headed to mom's for some grilling. We wanted to get in the pool but it just wasn't ready yet! All in all it was a good weekend.

This week has been hard for me. I got some upsetting news. That I didn't deal with too well. Right now I am hoping that the lord changes things.

Other than all that LeAnne and I have been working in mom's pool cleaned out! It is looking much better nice and blue. It is just still really cloudy. Oh well I am hoping tomorrow it looks better. Yall have a wonderful rest of the week. Stay cool!!!