Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is finally here to stay...I think!!

Well Monday was a beautiful day!! So when Bradley got home Lucas convinced him to fly his Toy Story kite. He has been driving us crazy but Monday was the perfect day for it!!

Those of you who know my sister and family will love this picture! We have been doing some shopping here lately. Getting ready for Easter and for Disney so I thought I would add this picture of my retarded sister showing Dad some swimming attire. I took this and text it to him at work. You don't even want to know his comment!! LOL
LeAnne may possibly kill me if she sees this!!LOL

Well Tuesday and Wednesday have been just as beautiful as Monday and from I hear it is supposed to be this way all week. I am really loving this weather and my kids are too. I had to work Tuesday but when we got home they played outside until dark. Today I had Addy and Wilkins so they all played outside all day. Wilkins mainly just sat in the garage on Bradley's lawn mower but they were really good and I think they enjoyed playing outside. I had to make Lucas come in at 6 to get a bath and eat dinner so we could go to church. Of course he cried and said "I hate church." He is Bradley's child he had rather stay home as to go anywhere. Oh well we have a had a great week so far. Although we have not had our family picture made yet! We rescheduled it for tomorrow at 6. Then Friday we are taking all 6 kids to get a picture with live bunnies at Studio Z. That is always interesting!! We do it every year and Lucas is usually scared of them. He is such a weirdo....
Oh well today marks exactly 4 weeks until we leave for Disney and I finally booked our Airline tickets. I got a awesome deal. I got all 4 of us tickets for less than $300 round trip. Anyway we can't wait to leave and after Easter I have to seriously get busy getting us clothes together. Oh well if I don't post until after the weekend have a GREAT Easter!!!

OH here are a couple pictures of the boys before we left for church. Lucas is ready to go to Nana's house with his backpack! And Logan with his elephant. I made the mistake of letting him take it in church. He kept making elephant noises during church. Everyone was laughing I was ready to beat him. He would wait until it got really quiet and then do it. He is a NUT!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weigh In!!!

I lost 3.6 more pounds making my total 23.6!!!! I am super excited!!!

Super Long post about nothing really!!LOL

This weekend was very busy. I felt like I didn't stop until yesterday afternoon. So Friday night Bradley, the boys and I went to Red lobster. It was so good.. I only had ONE biscuit I was very proud of myself. I ate tilapia which was really good and not too many points. Anyway we had a good time.

Saturday was supposed to be really pretty outside and it was! Bradley actually got up at like 9. That is really unusual he usually sleeps until 10:30 or 11:00. We went straight outside. Bradley and Logan mowed the front yard and when they were finished in the front. It was Lucas' turn. So Logan and I ran to the auto part store and gas station. I returned home only to see Lucas actually driving the lawn mower. Bradley was on there with him but he was turning it and everything. He did good until he was bringing it thru the gate to the garage. He hit the gate and ran into the garbage can. LOL. Anyway Bradley changed the brakes on my car and me and the boys went for a walk. When we got back mom called and she had made Logan some shorts so me and the boys ran over there so he could try them on while Bradley was finishing my car. Came back Bradley finished up the yard and I did some cleaning. We were all done and the boys were taking a nap at about 1:30. So I ran to Steinmart, Dillard's and Kohl's then to Kroger. Came home finished up my dinner for church then started the baths, ironing and getting everyone ready. I was rushing getting ready after I got the boys ready. So we rushed to the car and get about 5 minutes down the road and Bradley looked at the clock. He was like "Haley we are SUPER early." It was only 6:30. It only takes us like 15 minutes to get to church. So it almost kills Bradley to sit there for 20 minutes . Church was pretty good had a few visitors. Logan went home with Papaw. Lucas came home and was in Heaven. He would love to be a only child..LOL I put my beans on and ironed our clothes for church Sunday and went to bed. My back and my legs were killing me.

Thankfully Bradley prayed for me and I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a new person. So I got up and got ready. Went to church changed Logan's clothes when I got there. Because he can't wear the same thing two days in a row. Plus he wouldn't have matched all of us..LOL. Anyway church was good had some more visitors come in. Dinner was really good I don't know if it was because I hadn't eaten breakfast or just because it was stuff I never get to eat. Plus Nana had made home made Banana Pudding and somebody made real chocolate pie. I don't even want to know how many points that was. After dinner Logan wanted to go home with Papaw AGAIN and Lucas went to Mammie's house. So guess what I did when we got home. I went to bed. I slept from like 2-4:15. Ok I know church starts at 5 and we didn't mean to sleep that long. So I jumped up got ready shaved my legs so fast I have razor burn like you wouldn't believe. LOL Anyway got to church on time actually! We had communion and sang like 100 songs.(Well not that many but it was alot) Church was going really good and Brother Pat dismissed at like 6:30. It was nice!! So I brought everyone home and I ran to Ross. I was actually going to Target to get Easter basket stuff as I was driving by Ross and to my amazement they don't close until 9 on Sunday. Then off to Target and they close at 9 too I thought they stayed open until 10. I was wrong..Came home put the kids to bed and I went right back to sleep. It was a good weekend and I felt like we actually got some stuff accomplished.

Oh well I feel like I have done really bad on my diet this week. I think mainly because I didn't get to go to the meeting last week. So I am going tonight for sure then we have our women's meeting at church tonight. So it is another busy week for me. I have WW meeting and women's meeting tonight tomorrow night I will probably go shopping I have to help Brandy find something to wear this weekend..LOL ( I know you are ready this Brandy and I know how you love for me to go shopping with you on a mission LOL) Wed I am sure I will have Addy and I think Wilkins Wed plu have buttercup pictures at 5:30, then church. Thursday I hope I will have nothing to do after work but I am sure I will. Friday is our singing so I have to bake a couple cakes plus all the grandkids are having Easter pictures with real bunnies Friday at like 3 I think. Saturday is Kelsey Le's graduation party in Trenton at 11 in the morning. So after a long night at the singing we have to get up early and ride for 2 hours then I think we will try to be home for church Saturday night. Oh yea did I mention Bradley has to work Saturday so that means I will be driving down and back alone. Then to come back home for church Sunday for Easter. Then we have dinner so I have to cook AGAIN! After dinner we have the egg hunt and if they plan on singing the 10 songs we have been working on church will last forever. I was like come on pick out 4 songs. Oh well that is off the subject. My kids will be so sleepy after the egg hunt but they probably won't get a nap because church starts at 5 so we will pretty much have to turn around and go right back. Oh well busy weekend plus busy week equals a even busier weekend!! Have a good week maybe I lost some weight this week I will post a update!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thinking & Crying!!

Not much to mention this week. Except the fact that I have been reading Slick and Crystals blog and I can't tell you how much I have cried. That is so awesome!! I always thought it would be so neat to adopt a baby less fortunate than us. I have to tell you, I think it takes a special person to be able to do that. And that is just what they are. They are doing such a awesome thing for that little girl and the new baby. Not only will she get to have all the things she needs in this life. She will also get to be brought up by people that serve the lord and she will get to see the real power of God! What a blessing! When she grows up and looks back on where the lord brought her from. I can't imagine I was brought up only knowing this way. What a testimony this is for Brother Slick and Sister Crystal, but what a even BIGGER testimony it will be for that little girl one day!

Oh well life has went on here as normal. Wednesday I had Leanne's kids and my boys. Thank the lord it was beautiful outside. We all went out and played. I finally got to paint my bench that is on my porch. I took them all for a walk Lucas rode his bike again Addy rode the tricycle and Bryson pulled Logan and Will in the wagon. It was a nice day. Then we did the norm Wed night thing. Eat baths clothed church and then the kids went home with Nana and Papaw.

Thursday was nasty outside. I had to work till 1. When I got off I ran go the kids came home and they were so sleepy. So I put them both in bed made dinner and as soon as Bradley got here I was off to Coolsprings with the girls. (Mom LeAnne Addy Brandy and Wilkins) We were mainly just going to look and go to the fabric store. But of course we picked up a few things. They have a Janie and Jack there and I love that store!!! I got Bradley's Easter shirt it matches perfectly I was so surprised. I still haven't found myself just what I am looking for. LOL.. So they called today and delayed our pictures that we had for Saturday. So now we have to go Wed at 5:30pm.

So yet again on my day off I have all these kids. Wilkins and Addy are the only extras today. Not bad!! Wilkins just wonders around usually and Addy plays with Lucas.

I have to tell you what Wilkins did. She had a little cabbage patch baby of Logan's walking around with it. She went back down the hall with it and I thought she went in the boys room. I kept hearing her say "Sticky" over and over. So I went in there thinking she was in the boys room. I was wrong she was in the bathroom standing on the little stool dunking the baby in the TOLIET!! When I saw her I was like "Wilkin's" She turned and looked at and said "Baby Sticky Wash" The doll was completely soaked. So I guess she thought the baby needed a bath. Of course when it is not your kid you can just laugh. I cleaned her up and took the baby. Lucas said mommy are you not gonna give her a spanking. I just laughed and said no. LOL..Nieces are way more fun than your own..LOL

It is 4th weekend so I need to get up fix these kids some lunch get my house cleaned and start getting ready to do some grocery shopping and maybe go look for me something for Easter. Oh well hope yall have a good Weekend!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad case of Spring Fever!!

So Monday is my day off and it was cold and dreary outside. Lucas slept until like 8:30 and Logan slept till about 10. I was so excited!! I actually got some needed sleep. Of course I have had a better mind this week after Sunday morning. The boys played and we had a small drama!

I don't know how Logan gets into these predicaments but he always does. He is so funny. All I heard was "momma help I stuck" in a much cuter way than you can type it. I started laughing. He said get me out and of course I did what any other good mother would do. I said "hold on let me get my camera first" LOL.. You know you would have done it too. I got him out and Lucas said Momma you are the best Momma I ever had. I was like I hope so. Kids are so funny..

So of course Lucas (I mean Spiderman) then had to have his picture made with all his toys. After I took the picture I realized he has took his quilt off and it was stuffed under the bed. BOYS!! What am I going to do with them..LOL

So Tuesday was a much different day. I had to work so the boys stayed with Yaya (LeAnne)today. Her kids are on spring break this week so they all played outside today because it was gorgeous today. I had to work a little later than normal today, but when I got off I wentto get the boys and we went home. Logan was laying in his bed watching TV and Lucas wanted me to watch Brother Bear with him. About 20 minutes into the movie I hear the snoring began, he gets that from his daddy. So Logan and I went outside. Wasn't long until Bradley got home. So after standing out there talking and playing with Logan for a while. Bradley came in to get a shower. Lucas woke up and him and Logan went back outside. Aunt B called and said what are yall doing. I told her we were playing outside about grill Bradley a hamburger. So her and Wilkins came over to play. When she got here we decided we wanted a hot dog. So we left Bradley here with all 3 kids and we ran to Publix. Came back grilled hot dogs for us and the kids. We let them play for a while. They had a blast. So I was still wanting to go walk. Lucas hopped on his bicycle and I put Logan in the wagon and off we went. As soon as we got to the road here comes Bradley he wanted to go too. So we took the walk around our neighborhood.

Logan was tired! He just about didn't make it back home. He kept saying bye bye house. LOL. He is so Crazy!!

Lucas rode the whole way. I was surprised I figured he would get tired. It is like almost a mile. But he wanted to go around again. It was just a good afternoon.

Oh well now I am getting my summer and spring clothes out. I hope they are all too big and I have to get a new WARDROBE. Oh well we are having a family picture made Saturday in the buttercups at the Sam Davis Home. The photographer we use does this special every year. And since that is where Bradley and I got married and it was this time of year. I thought it would make a good picture. I am excited. We haven't had a family picture since Lucas was like 10 months old. I am awful!! Oh well now I have to find what we are going to wear for that. LOL

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graet Day!!

Today was great!! But let me start by telling you about last night. I got to church and as I thought it was our turn to clean so I went down stairs to get everything ready. We went up stairs and had several visitors. They were all mostly Brother Ron's family. So church was good and I am sitting there. Logan says momma I pee pee. I have been trying to potty train him so I got really excited!! I thought he was telling he had to go to the potty. So I was wrong!! He had already peed and it was everywhere. The pull up he had on didn't do anything. I took him to the bathroom took his clothes off and guess what else I had nothing to put on him. No diaper, no clothes, NOTHING. I was stressed!! Finally Terina gave me a diaper and Sister Marsha gave me a outfit that she had of her grandson. Which was a Jon Jon he looked ridiculous but oh well we made it. So I spent 80% of church down stairs. After we cleaned and got home it was after 10 and we were really tired.

So this morning we got up and got ready and off we went to church. It was one of best meetings I have been in maybe ever. I shouted my hair down two different times. Which it is rare that I do that one time in a month much less twice in one service. It was just a really good meeting. I mean alot of people got help. Everyone in my family got a blessing. Me Bradley Mom LeAnne and Michael and alot of other people.It was so good.. Then the boys went home with Papaw after church. So Bradley and I come home. I fixed him a hamburger. I wasn't hungry so I just went to bed. We both slept pretty much all afternoon and got up and headed back to church tonight. It was a good meeting again. Got to hear some good word of God and that was good. A few people that didn't get a chance to testify this morning got to tonight. After church we went to Catfish house with Bradley's parents and now I am sitting on the couch and the kids are running around being secret agents. Well that is what Lucas is doing. Logan is just being crazy!! LOL.. Maybe they will get sleepy in a little bit. But it sure ain't bothering because I am still floating from this morning. It was one of those blessing that stays with you. Bradley and I both are just smiling and so renewed feeling. Life is good and oh yea did I tell yall I lost 20lbs this month..I am still really excited about that...LOL.. I went to Belks Saturday afternoon and just tried on clothes. I think I tried on like 30 outfits.. It is so good to be 2 sizes smaller..Oh well have a good week!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring..Is Here!!

Yesterday was a busy fun day. First the boys and I got up and got ready. I actually got to put shorts and sandals on them.. I love this time of year. It was beautiful outside. I took them to get haircuts at Sports Clips. Which actually went really smooth. Lucas always just sits there and is so good. Logan not so much. He hates to get his haircut, but he did really good. So we then left to go pick up my new sit and stand stroller that I found on Craigslist for 75.00 (but I got them to take 60 for it) It was well worth 75.00..LOL..Anyway then we went and picked up LeAnne. Then off to meet Mom, Brandy, Wilkins and Addy at the mall. We had intentions to go see the Easter Bunny, but apparently the Easter Bunny doesn't come to the mall anymore. So we shopped I actually bought something to wear for Easter, but I am not real sure if that is what I am going to wear. Oh well in case I don't find anything else at least I got something. While we were there at the mall mom and I had to leave to go get weighed and checked for our diet pill refill. We have to go once a month so they can weigh us check our blood pressure all that good stuff. I have lost 20lbs this month....YAY I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway LeAnne and Brandy stayed at the mall and let the kids play in the little play area..(pictures above) Came back ran in Baby Gap then headed to Olive Garden for Lunch. Afterwards LeAnne had to go get her kids so Lucas went with her to play. Took Wilkins and Brandy home to take a nap. Then we took Logan to my house and put him in bed because Bradley was already home taking a nap..LOL. SO mom and I ran to Smyrna to my favorite little fabric store. Then back to mom's house to get Brandy and Wilkins, stopped to pick up LeAnne. Lucas then informed me not to come back to get him he was not coming he was spending the night..And that he did! Then just us girls were off to Mt. Juliet to another mall. We shopped until about 9:30. Then of course we were hungry again. After driving around all the restaurants we could only agree on Red Lobster. I only at ONE biscuit..That is will power!! It was so good and fresh..So of course somebody had to go in Walmart and of course we all had to go in. It was after 11:00 before we got to Mom's it was after 11:00. Well then Wilkins wouldn't let me put her down so she came home with me. Well I think mainly to see uncle Bradley. She loves him! I think it was after midnight before I got in bed. Bradley came to bed about 1:30 and Logan was still awake. That kid and his sleep patterns are all messed up from the time change. Oh well he slept until 8:30 and Wilkins didn't get up until 10 so that was nice. Now Bradley and I are just sitting on the couch being lazy. Michael is on his way here with Lucas. And I think Wilkins and Logan are destroying their bedroom. Oh Well they are doing it quietly! LOL I got to get up and go get some groceries so we can cook for church tonight!! Have a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 Week Down 6 More To GO.....

I know you are saying today is just Thursday, but that is the end of my week. I am off work now until Tuesday. Today at work one of the guys there told us he was leaving for Disney in the morning and I was so jealous. It made me want to go even more. We have 6 weeks from yesterday until we leave. At least right now I am occupied with trying to get Easter stuff and Singing clothes together. Not to mention we had to go out and practice some of the songs we sing on Easter Sunday. Really we talked and goofed off most of the time but we had fun..Anyway I am going to start looking for me something to wear for Easter. I dread it so bad. I wished I could have lost about 15 more pounds before I had to start that excursion. Well we are all of work tomorrow and it is going to be another beautiful day here. So I think I am going to pull out the boys shorts and sandals and get out early tomorrow. I am thinking haircuts (which I dread because Logan hates Pray I don't kill him..LOL) then maybe to the Avenue or Providence Shopping Place. Which are all outside malls and maybe to the park. Who knows where I will end up tomorrow. I just want to be outside in the Sunshine.. Oh well we have a busy few weeks ahead of us. This weekend we have Brother Ronald's birthday dinner, next weekend is 4Th weekend (We have to cook 2 times), then the next Friday night is our singing, Kelsey Le's graduation thing Saturday at Granny's, and then back to Smyrna for Easter Sunday. Busy, Busy, Busy but maybe it will keep my mind off Disney. Oh well have a GREAT weekend...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I can't believe it!!

Well I was supposed to work today but mom wanted to trade with me so I am working tomorrow for her. So miss priss stayed with us today (Wilkins) My boys love to have company and she loves to come over here. So they were really good today. So while Logan and Wilkins were sleeping ( 3 hours each it was great) Lucas and I cleaned there room. We organized and rearranged. I haven't go to vacuum yet because they were all asleep. But it looks so much better. Wilkins was asleep when mom was on her way home so I had her just let her stay. They all woke up, Bradley got home, we ate dinner, and I cleaned the kitchen. Then mom was on her way to get me and Wilkins we needed to run to Walmart. While she was on her way I changed all the plans. We took Lucas and Bradley kept Logan and Wilkins..So we decided to to run to the Avenue and I can't believe it myself but I bought my boys Easter outfits. I have there pants shirts sweater vests and SHOES...I am probably crazy but for Easter I have to get all NEW everything even socks and underwear. Mom always got us new everything for Easter. I just can't believe it is more than 2 weeks till Easter and I already have there clothes. You don't understand I am usually running around Saturday before Easter trying to find clothes. Of course I have nothing to wear yet.. That is always the worst but at least I can focus on just me and Bradley is the easiest.. So we are wearing yellow and blue...I am so excited it is done. Anyway we also have a singing on Good Friday so I have to find them something to wear for that but not that big of a deal..It is hard for me because I have to have them match for everything and on holidays and other occasions Bradley and I have to match. Oh well enough about that. While we were out we ran in Hancock's fabrics I was getting a pattern out of the drawer (on the bottom of course) And as I TRY to stand up I couldn't and screamed before I knew it. My back went out. So after I sat there for a minute. Collected my self mom and LeAnne were freaking out laughing and of course diagnosing me..She should have been a doctor..LOL. So we go to pay and I don't know if you have ever watched Napoleon Dynamite (stupidest movie ever but Bradley loves it) but the guy at the register looked just like napoleons dorky brother. It took him literally 30 minutes ringing the person in front of us up. FINALLY reinforcements came and rang us up. I was about to scream.. So we left my house at 6 to just run to Walmart and we left Hancock's at 8:30 and still hadn't been to Walmart. And Bradley hadn't called. Which I have to tell you I was a little nervous because he was home alone with TWO 2 year olds. So I called and he said they are fine just playing in the boys room which scared me even more cause I knew he was just letting them do whatever they wanted.

So we get to Walmart run in get what we need. And we have all our stuff in one buggy. Which might have been $50 worth of stuff all together. It was like nothing in there. So we get to the door and the greeter. Which I don't know where they get these people. I think they go to the geriatric psych ward and take applications. But that's besides the point. She says I need to see your receipt. I am like OK so mom and LeAnne shows them their receipt and I can not find mine anywhere. I search thru the bottomless pit I call my purse. Which is more like a toy store/filing cabinet/grooming station/Batman's lair/garbage can/ piggy bank...I couldn't find it no where. And she keeps staring at me never says anything just looks at me like she is going to take my 22.55 worth of water, ice cream and diapers away from if I can not find that receipt. So the longer I look the madder I get. Mom finally looks in one of my bags and find it. DUH Haley!! Anyway as I am walking out the door I say rather loudly " She must think she works at Sam's somebody give her a highlighter" everybody around me dies laughing. I didn't know I was that loud but she was crazy. Anyway I got home and of course Logan has on a dirty diaper you can walk thru the room me and Lucas worked so hard to organize today. So me Lucas and Logan get the toys put back up. I tried their Easter outfits on. They look super cute!! Read 3 books and they are sleeping. I am sitting on the couch and for the time being my back isn't hurting. So I am going to sit and relax for a few and then head to bed!! Good night....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boring Days!!

So I have been looking at old pictures and I am sick I can't hardly even remember when Lucas was this age!!!

And I sure don't remember him being this FAT!! LOL

We have had a boring couple days. Nothing exciting happening for us. Went to church Saturday night. It was pretty good. We had been planning to go to Scottsboro Sunday morning. Lauren has been wanting us to come and I had already been thinking about it last week. So Saturday night Bro Pat said he was going to Higdon Sunday morning which really excited me. I was like oh no what do we do. Cause seriously going to Higdon would have been great since I can not remember the last time I was there for church. I knew that if Bro Pat was going would be one of the few times I could get Bradley there but we decided against both when we realized the time changed. Daylight savings time is rough on us LAZY people. So we didn't go anywhere. Stayed home then went to church last night and it was good. But then we got the phone call during church that Trevor Ledbetter received the holighost in Florida. Bro Ed and Sis Miriam were so excited. You would have thought he received it at Smyrna to see all the people crying and shouting. It was good. So we got home at like 7:30 after we ran by Kroger. (Our church has started starting at 5 and I have to say I love it) I just sat on the couch like a zombie. Then today the kids actually slept in a little which I was really happy. Time change messed them up with their sleep. So today I had something on my mind all day it was driving me crazy. I needed something to work out for me in a big way. So I cleaned out my closet then pulled everything out of the laundry room and organized that. Washed all my laundry from the weekend. To say the least I was trying to keep myself preoccupied. And trying to pray and this afternoon it all worked out so easy and perfectly. It amazed me....So I am not working tomorrow I am thinking I might paint the laundry room or just stay outside all day.. Who knows.. I love spring and I am so excited that it is supposed to be pretty and warm this week..

Oh yea I didn't gain or loss this week. I stayed the same....It is that wonderful time of the month for me so I was kinda surprised I didn't gain a little cause I get the munchies bad plus you know all bloated and yucky feeling. So I was happy with staying the same...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Balloons for Layla Grace!

The one that had the card!!

There they go!

Wilkins and Brandy ready to release the balloons!

Lucas and Logan ready to let go!

The self timer on the camera actually worked.
Lucas just wasn't looking! But I made it in the picture!!

The kids with the balloons!!

Well today was a dreary day here. Cloudy and Windy! Brandy and I decided to go to the park with the kids and let balloons go in honor of Layla Grace. There was supposed to be people everywhere let balloons go at 4pm when her celebration of life was to start. So we met at the park despite the chilly conditions. I have to tell you this little girls story was pitiful. The first time I heard about it I went to the blog and I read the whole story. I sat and cried and cried. I can not even imagine what they must feel like right now. I don't know if I could even pick myself up out of bed. So I went to let the balloons go not only to remember Layla but to kind of initiate a new way of thinking about my life and the two little healthy blessings the god lord has given me. They are a hand full and require constant attention. I have to tell you that a lot of times I have thought of tending to the kids as a job. And it does require work but I want to look at it in a different way. I feel so blessed and thankful for everything I have my kids and Bradley are the most important things on this earth to me. I am forever Thankful for them. They are all healthy and happy and a bonus they are totally cute..It kind of makes me worry if I could get as lucky if I decided to have a number 3. I mean chances are it ain't going to turn out so good. Why push my luck right!!

Anyway Lucas is totally confused about Layla Grace. I told him we were going to let balloons go at the park. And he said "let them go? Why would we do that?" I said we were doing it to remember Layla a little girl that passed a way due to cancer. he said "who killed her" I said "No one killed her that she was just really sick and she died and went up to heaven" He said "why are we letting balloons go " I told him "heaven is up in the sky so maybe she could see them" He got a smile as if he finally understood he said "oh so she's up there with Zeke our dog right" (Zeke our dog Bradley had for 13 years died last year and honestly didn't even know if he remembered him)

So I said "yes probably" He then said "Do you think Zeke will see the balloons too" I said "hopefully" Kids ask so questions that I really don't know how to answer sometimes and when I do. I wonder if they really even understand what I mean. They continue to amaze me and make me laugh..I can only imagine the hard questions Layla's two older sisters are going to be asking there parents in the coming days and weeks. So I guess I am just very thankful for my life and family..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Day!!

Today was just another Wednesday except we saw the sun and it was almost 70 degrees outside. YAY!! So I was off and Addy stayed with us today. So this afternoon we went an picked Brandy and Wilkins. Then we took off to the park it was beautiful outside. Just a little more windy than we were expecting. Of course when we got there the sun went behind the clouds. Me and Brandy were a little cool but the kids didn't stop long enough to know they ran like crazy and played. They had so much fun and of course acted like they had been shoot when we had to leave. Seriously they have so much then you have to threaten their lives to get them in the car. But it was fun! Then it was home for dinner baths and church. So all the kids were out like lights during church. Which was nice. The boys went home with Papaw cause I have to work tomorrow. Today made me so ready for spring. I am ready to get the flip flops and short sleeves out for good..Till next time.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Sad!

Traffic Jam!!
Playing in the gravel!

Well today I had to work. So I got up took the boys to Nana and PaPaws. Went to work. So I worked until 1:00pm. Right before I got off work Brandy called and said she just heard that Layla Grace had passed away this morning. She could have waited until I left to call because it took all I can do not to fall apart. This is a precious little 2 year that I have never met. I have only read the blog that her mother has. I can not even tell you how thankful I am for my two boys that sometimes make me want to scream. I can not even imagine how her two sisters are dealing with this. I am 27 and can not imagine one of my sisters dying Much less being a 9 year old and (I think) 6 year old. And how her poor parents are doing. Oh my lord that is the worst thought in the world something happening to one of my kids. Even now as I sit here on the couch typing this and they are chasing each other thru the living room screaming or Logan is riding Lucas like a horse or Logan keeps getting the step stool out of the bathroom and running thru the house with it. I would normally be stressing out ready beat them but today I am just glad they are healthy and able to run and play. I have hugged the boys and today so many times I think I am driving them crazy. Logan said " Mommy why ou cwyin" in his words.

Well I went straight from work to get the boys came home got settled and Bradley came in. So we took advantage of the brief glimpse of sun light this afternoon and we went outside to play. I posted a few pictures of the boys. My camera is at mom's so these are from my phone. I also posted some photos on my blog from this weekend..

Thankful for my Life and Family!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weight Update....

I just got home from weight watchers and I lost 6.4lbs this week making my total 13.6lbs.....I am super excited...Just thought I would share that!!!!!!Yay ME!!!

Surprise weekend plans!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboys! Love Logan's Face!!
They can smile!!

Wore these to church cause the sun was in his eyes!
Thanks Mamie for these beautiful Buzz glasses!

Cheese with a mouth full of candy!

Well Friday we woke up. It was all sunny outside. But me and the boys just stayed home all day. Mom was off work and had Addy so I thought we will go to the park. But I just kept working around the house the kids were playing and messing. I just let the day slip away from me. That is easy to do with this shift Bradley is on. I am so not complaining its just that he gets off work at 2:30 so he is home by 3. It makes for a short day. He has been working 4-10's for more than a year. But I am just thankful he has a job. He came home a few weeks ago telling me they had laid off his apprentice and a lot of other people. They actually laid off 3 people on one job so that they could make room for him over there. Which I hate so bad but I am so thankful that the lord watches out for us. I think he said they have 70 Pipefitters in the whole company. Last year at this time they had 270. So THANK YOU LORD he is one of those 70. He just found out they put him on this job to let him take it over so while all these people are getting laid off he is getting promoted to foreman. So I am blessed!!

Anyway when he got home Friday afternoon we went to Longhorn then to belks to get him a new belt. Because his broke at church Wednesday night. LOL..Which I thought was really funny because he really laughed at me when I wore two different shoes last week. He didn't think so.

Well we were on our way home for the night. I have been thinking all that I could do on this beautiful weekend. I was going to paint and organize my laundry room, Clean out the flower beds and the yard. But his mom called to tell us that his brother Douglas and April and girls were on there way up from Atlanta for the weekend. Don't get me wrong I was really excited they were coming. Since we hadn't seen them since Christmas. But my weekend plans went out the window ......

So Saturday we got up went down to his mom's as soon as we got there Carter was wanting to go to the flea market to get some trees. So after we drove to Lebanon to get his trees. We went to Demo's to eat (which was so good) Then back to their house to sit and watch tv. Meanwhile Bro Pat called and we had a leak at the church so they had to call off church because the city had shut the water off... So can you imagine how nice it would have been to have nothing to do on this beautiful day... Well we had a good time the kids had a blast. Carter and Edna's back yard is like a park. Swings slides playhouse sand box see saw tether ball etc..It is like 3 acres all fenced in..
So Sunday morning we went to church came home Bradley took a nap. I ran to Publix to get groceries came home put up groceries sat down on the couch and it was 10 minutes till 4....SOOOOOO since we have started having church at 5 on Sunday night. I got back up got the kids ready fixed my hair again and headed off to church. Which was really good and we were out by 7:15. The boys wanted to go home with Papaw again.. So we came home sat on the couch the rest of the night!!

But lord this morning has been a nightmare. Have you ever done anything so stupid and you wish you could take it back. Well I have and it seems the older I get the goofier I get!! But it seems like one stupid mistake keeps coming back to haunt you....I am like I thought I fixed that but it keeps rearing it ugly head. So it is only lunch and I feel like it has been 2 days worth of dramas. If it could go wrong today it has...LOL.....Don't you wish you were me with all my dramas...NOT!!!

Oh well as I sit here and write about my mild dramas. I can't help but think about Layla Grace...
She is a beautiful little 2 year old girl that is withering away right before her parents eyes with cancer...I am so thankful for my healthy boys.
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P.S. I go to weight watchers tonight..Wish me luck!! I have done really good this week and think that I have lost this week..I hope I have anyway..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rough Day!!

Well Wednesday started off really good the kids both slept till like 8:30. So I was super excited I got to sleep in a bit on my day off. We got up and ate breakfast. LeAnne called and needed me to keep Addy. That was fine since her and Lucas usually play really good together but today the argued over everything. I was ready to beat them all and put in separate rooms. But that was still not to bad. Until I hear Logan screaming "let me out". I then start hollering for Lucas to let him out. I figured they shut him in the closet or something. But I never hear Lucas. Just Logan still screaming. So I finally go in there room to not find Logan anywhere. I then realized he was in the spare bedroom. Somehow he had locked the door from the inside and could not get out. (I am still not sure Lucas and Addy didn't lock him in there, they were awfully quiet and never admitted to anything LOL) I tried breaking in, I tried to explain to him how to unlock it. After 45 minutes of him crying and saying "I want to watch Dora" (which was on in the living room and he could hear it.) "Let me Out" , "I stuck" etc. Not only was he locked in there by his self he had on underwear because I have been trying to potty train him. So while he was stuck in there he peed all over the place. So I finally decide to go outside to the window and coach him thru it. It worked finally he was freed and he said "Momma we did it"..LOL..So cute!! I know I must have looked like a nut to all my neighbors in my robe hollering at my window but it worked.

So LeAnne came and got Addy I put my boys down for a nap and thought it was a good time mop the floor before Bradley got home. So I don't know if yall do this or not by I do. Once they go to sleep I try to do everything I possibly can and my mind just races all that I can be doing. So I start to sweep then I think hey I need to get those clothes out of the dryer oh yea I need to put the dishes up. So as I am putting my dishes up I drop one of my princess house pasta bowls that I love and we eat out of all the time. And I guess I was trying to grab it before it hit the counter. And somehow it broke and gashed my pinkie finger open really good. So everything I am wanting to do is put on hold while I try to get it to stop bleeding. Here I am by myself and I am about to pass out. I couldn't get it to stop finally after like a hour it quit and I got a band aid on it. So when Bradley got home of course he wanted to see it. So we took the band aid off and it started again. But I think I will live now my finger is just really sore. I probably should have got stitches but I didn't. So we went to church the kids went home with Nana and Papaw. I had to work today and the sun was out. It might have been cold but I so enjoyed seeing the sun. I am sooooo looking forward to this nice weekend they are predicting. Especially since we have no plans and no where to be!! YEY!!! Have a good weekend!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Style

Where do I begin...This weekend was a long one. Of course it was our turn in the kitchen this weekend. Saturday after going over to the church and setting the basement up putting some fresh flowers out and running to get my car washed and cleaned out. I ran home it was like 4:30. I threw Logan in the tub Lucas was asleep. The bath tub is like the best babysitter for Logan..So I fixed Chicken Rotel, put my cake in the oven, got every ones clothes out, Lucas woke up, I threw him in the tub with Logan (who has literally been in the tub for like 30 minutes by this point) got the ironing board out turned on the iron, Got the cake out of the oven, kept asking the boys if they were ready to get out of the tub they kept saying no..Made fudge icing for my cake, cleaned the kitchen. Asked the boys again are you ready to get out no...So at 5:45 I finished ironing..I go to get in the shower here comes my adorable husband who I just love to death. He finally decides to get up off the computer and just as I am about to go in the bathroom he says hey babe I need you to cut my hair.....I was like huh?? But looking at him I couldn't let him go to church like that. I am like ok I grab the clippers put a chair in the bathroom. And I hear it Mom we are ready to get out the water is cold..I said hush your are going to have to wait. So I get his hair cut the whole time they are crying. Bradley gets in the shower go get the kids out of the tub get their clothes on them make them sit on the couch run in the bathroom sweep up the hair mess. Bradley gets out of the shower I go running in the bathroom about to get in the shower it is literally 6:15 I have no idea what I am wearing. As I am getting in the shower Bradley says you don't have to wash your hair do you. I think I could have ripped his head off at that point..LOL.. I said well I did before you needed your hair cut. Now I don't have time. So I jump in the shower get out grab my black dress that doesn't have to be ironed black and white jacket red necklace fix my hair. Put my hose on...(By the way Bradley still has not finished getting ready it takes a little longer when you are watching Napoleon Dynamite as you are getting ready..LOL) Start getting the kids coats on put my food together on the counter. Bradley is finally ready. I run in the bedroom go in the closet slip on my black shoes, grab the kids Bradley gets the food and we are off. I get to church get all the food ready in the basement. Run upstairs sit down guess what Bro. Pat preaches on CHARITY... After he finishes I slip back down stairs to check on everyone food. As I come back upstairs.Mind you church is more than half way over..Bethany Walker is standing against the wall and as I walk by she goes Haley do you have on two different shoes??? I looked down and shook my head and said well yes I do..Go back over to my seat. She is laughing hysterically mom says what is she laughing at I said my shoes. I thought mom, Edna and LeAnne would fall off the seat laughing..Word spreads like wild fire. I look up and Bradley mouths at my "You big dummy" and starts laughing. Let me just tell you to these shoes did not even look the same. One was brown loafer shoe and the other was black patten leather with a silver buckle. One had a square toe the other was rounded. I have officially lost it people!! By the time church is over practically the whole church knows. Then I see Brother Pat coming over to me looking down with that haha i got something on you grin. Yes he loves to pick on as I do him we trade fat jokes 99% of the time he wishes he wouldn't have got into it with me. Because I usually embarrass him. LOL.. But this time he had me I had nothing to defend myself with.

Oh well after hearing the news of Sister Maude I thought ok Sunday we won't have a crowd. Uh I was wrong. We had Brother Ray and Brother Oron and several visitors. Church lasted 3 hours it was really good I enjoyed it. Of course everyone checked my shoes to make sure they were the same. After eating and cleaning it was 3:30. Church was dismissed last night for the viewing.

So we went home dropped Bradley off grabbed the boys some PJ's. Ran to moms got LeAnne mom and Brandy oh and Addy and Wilkins. We headed for Sand Mountain a trip I dreaded I wanted to stay home so bad but I went on and got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. And of course my family had already heard about my little shoe incident the night before. Thanks Gina!! Brother Shirley played with Logan Squeaking his belly. Logan thought that was hilarious but cried when he couldn't do it Brother Shirley said "Son da battry bwoke" in his words..LOL I got to see Miss Kensley walking that was good. And tons of other people. Then we went the Mexican restaurant in Ider with Uncle Herbie, Aunt Sheila,Granny, Grandaddy, Uncle Chris and Aunt Lora. Got the kids PJ's on them and headed home.

So when we got home of course both the boys had fell asleep in the car. So we put them in bed thinking they would stay asleep. WRONG. Apparently Logan had slept long enough that he got his nap out. So the stayed up till after 3 am. Just watching TV being good laying in bed. He slept till about 10:30. Which that was nice. So I never made them take a nap yesterday so when I left to go to weight watchers last night Logan fell asleep at like 6:30. So I thought oh well he was tired he will probably be fine. WRONG again! He woke up at 2am. He wasn't laying there all quiet and innocent this time. He was playing his drum, riding his little red rocket thru the house laughing and playing. I kept putting him back to bed thinking he would fall asleep. Next thing I know here he would come thru the living room on the rocket. So I was up pretty much all night. Bradley of course slept thru it all. So when Bradley got up for work at like 5. Logan thought alright they are up. Wrong...Put him back in bed I could still hear him in there. Finally at like 6am he came in my room got in my bed covered up and said "Dood Night Mamma" in his words. He then feel sound asleep. That was great except I had to get up at 7 for work. So I drug him out of bed and toke him to yayas for the day. Kids...I used to think I wanted like 5 kids. After Lucas I thought ok maybe 4. Then after Logan I think do I really want more kids..LOL...He is a mess...

Oh yea I only lost .4lbs. Not much but I was just proud I lost at all. After 4th weekend I thought for sure I would have gained...But I am still encouraged to keep trying. So till next time check both shoes before leaving the house and hope everyone has a good week!!!