Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please Pray!

Keep praying for Bradley's dad (Bro. Carter) and the family. He is miserable and everyone is getting pretty worn out especially Edna! So all prayers are appreciated!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

First Full Day of Kindergarten!

Here he is ready to go into school on the first full day! He was really excited I think? The other day when we went into school all the other kids (except K) was already in their classes. So the school was all nice and quiet except for about 25 little kindergartners. Well today we got there and there was kids everywhere. The bell had just rang and all the kids were going to their classes. I thought Lucas was gonna throw up. LOL

Here he is waiting outside the classroom on his teacher. He looks so scared! But as soon as the other kids got there he went right in and sat on the rug. Waved and I left. He is so growny and such a boy! A Pritchett boy at that. They show very little emotion in front of everyone. Well I just wanted to share my pictures for the day!

Just a update: Carter is not doing good at all. They had to come in to pray for him last night. He was pitiful and hurting. He was crying and begging people to pray. They finally got hospice. So now he has a nice hospital bed I just hope he can use it. Keep all of us in your prayers things will only get worse at this point. Thanks

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Lucas about to go in to school!!
Of course Logan had to have a picture made too. Not sure what he was doing?

Well today was a big day for us! It was Lucas' first day of Kindergarten. It was a phase in day so he only went from 8-1. Then he starts Friday for good. He did so good! I walked him to his room and told him I was leaving he said bye. When we walked out of the building Logan said where is Lucas. I said Lucas is staying for school. He started crying I don't want to leave Lucas I want Lucas to go with me! I had to hear him cry all the way home. I was like great I thought I was going to be the one to cry. I didn't think Logan would even care. Oh well he is fine now.
I have to get finished cleaning so I can go get Lucas. Have a good day!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayers Needed!!

Everyone remember Bradley's dad and his family. He is not doing good at all. He has a Dr appt in the am and they are going to set him on hospice. Pray everything goes smooth and he doesn't suffer. No one wants him to die but we all agree no one wants him to lay and suffer if he isn't going to get better. I guess I am saying pray for the lords will!! Thanks

Monday, August 15, 2011

She's Back!!

I am back. We have had some major internet issues and instead of going into all the details I will just say AT&T are a bunch of idiots. The good news is I have internet now so I am happy! So much has been going on I can not even tell you all of it. Levi is doing much better last time we went to Dr he weighed almost 13lbs. He is so silly as you can see from the above pictures. He loves for people to talk to him. He laughs all the time. They are pretty sure it is Acid reflux and he will grow out of it.

On another note Leanne and Michael moved away and left us. That has been really rough. Especially on Lucas. He and Addy were so close. Now they are gone. They were supposed to be starting Kindergarten together this week. So that is sad but it is life.

And worst of all Lucas is starting Kindergarten this week. He goes Wed for a phase in day then Friday is his first full day. I am so worried about leaving him alone. He is so backward I am afraid he wont talk to anyone. Bradley says I am crazy but I think I am just a worried mother. I am super excited about only having two kids to deal with during the day. Oh well that is all I have for now.

Have a Great Week!!!