Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures and Videos recap

 Lucas in his Kindergarten play. It was Mother Goose and he was little Tommy Tucker. It was so cute. The kids did so good and the Kindergarten teachers at his school are awesome. I mean anybody that will keep all the Kindergartens after school give them a nap, feed them, brush their teeth, fix their hair and dress them are awesome in my book. Especially after having them all day. I love his school.
 Logan and Levi watching cartoons. Looking all sweet. Looks can be deceiving.LOL
 We went to Addy's K graduation last night. She is beautiful. I hated when we left she cried because she wanted to come home with us but bless her heart they are taking her tonsils and adnoids out Wed. :(
 The cookie I got Lucas and Addy! It was yummy
 They were so happy to see each other. They will be BFFs 
 Lucas with his books he made me and Bradley. They are so cute. I might post some pics of it later. He amazes me! I love him so much!
 Lucas and Mrs. Oliver. She is a awesome teacher and we are so excited she is looping to the 1st grade. So Lucas and all his class mates get her again next year. Everyone is so excited.  She is the best!
 After going to Addy's graduation last night and not getting home until Midnight. We had to be at the school at 6:30am for Pasteries for Parents. He is so excited only 2 more days of school. I can't believe that school is already over. I am sad. I was sitting there at graduation thinking about how fast time has went by. I was like OML next time I turn around they will be graduating high school. I want to stop time and soak up everything. 
 Lucas doing his Nursery Rhyme. Little Tommy Tucker
 Singing their song. Well the end of it at least! 
And my little Levi is walking well running everywhere. It was like one day he just stood up and started walking. He is such a ham. This video just shows his personality so much. He is almost 16 months old. Somebody said the other day it was like he didn't do anything then all the sudden he started doing everything. After all the problems he has had he's just normal now. He does everything a normal 16 month old does. One weekend he was wearing a size 12 months then this weekend he wore a size 24 months to church. He is growing so fast. I want him to stay like this forever. Ain't that how it always is. I was so worried because he was so little and not growing. Now that he is I want it to stop. LOL

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