Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Almost Summer

 Things have been super crazy here. Seems like we always have something going on! Bradley has been working on the bathroom. Maybe one day it will get finished. The floor tile is in. Tub and shower are in. Now he is working on the tile in the shower. Since I wanted small tiles it is taking a while to say the least. Lucas has been doing awesome at baseball. Since it has got hot i am about to die at these games. I thought I was going to pass out Saturday. Poor little Levi was miserable. We all got sun burnt. Sunday we had no church all day. Which I hate it was for a death but we never get a whole day to just work at home. So it was kind of nice. Bradley trimmed the hedges. The boys were supposed to be cleaning up the leaves while he worked on the tile. I decided I would help them. It was so hot out there. I took them out back and soaked with the water hose. They loved it. We are so ready for Nana's pool to open up. We got it done. Came in ate dinner. Went back out and played baseball with the boys until dark. Logan about didn't make it thtu his bath awake. We were all so tired. We had a good day.

 I am totally depressed. This school year has flew by. Lucas only has like 15 more days of school! Then he will be going to First grade. Logan will go to preschool next year. I can't wait in a way but on the other hand I hate it that my babies are growing up. It will be so nice just me and Levi. I can get so much done. I remember when Lucas was a baby I thought I had my hands full. It is a lot of work with one baby. But once you are used to having all three. One seems like it would be a breeze.  LOL.

 I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful summer weather. We have a field trip tomorrow and Friday is field day! Then Saturday is Wilkins birthday party and Lucas has a ball game. Another busy week ahead!

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