Monday, February 22, 2010

There is a SUN!!!

Well it has been one of those weeks for us. Everyone in my house has been sick with the flu!! We are trying to get better but we just are not trying hard enough evidently. Lucas and I can not quit coughing and blowing our noses. Bradley is doing better and Logan, well Logan is his own little person and doesn't care if he feels bad or not he is full force all the time. LOL...But totally cute. You gotta love him. Anyway this weekend was so nice I forgot what it was like to wear short sleeves and flip flops.. It was so nice but I decided to go shopping most of the weekend. Friday Brandy mom and I went out for a little while. We went to Cozumels for lunch then to Biglots. After I left them I went to pick up my new laptop... YAY.. Finally Bradley can have the computer in the afternoon and I will have my laptop..So excited.Anyway mom and I later went to the fabric store then to Gymboree Childrens Place and a couple other children's stores. Then Saturday LeAnne and I went to Opry Mills for a couple hours then went to Marshalls to get my lay a way out. Went to to church Saturday night and Will came home with Lucas and Logan went home with uncle Michael. Then Sunday morning Brother Pat went to Park City so most of our church went with him. I was still not feeling real great so I decided to stay home. Later I went to moms for Italian Beef. The kids played outside most of the day Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night we went to church. We have just changed it to were it starts at 5. So last night when we got out a little before 7 I was so excited. Then papaw wanted us to go out with him and Nana for some Japanese food. Which was really good. My kids were kinda scared of the Hibachi Cook. They really didn't know to handle someone throwing food at them. It was funny. Logan went home with Papaw and Lucas being the mommas boy that he is came home with us. It has been a nice weekend just a little busy. But it really made me ready for spring and summer. I couldn't help but buy summer clothes this weekend. I know they won't get to wear them for a while but I am so ready I think all this snow is making it worse. I so done with IT!!! Anyway till next time..

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