Sunday, February 14, 2010

Worst Valentines Ever!!!

Well this week has been interesting. Started off ok but went down hill fast! First of all I was supposed to work a the flower shop here in Smyrna for Valentines Day Thurs-Sun. So Bradley and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day Thursday night while his parents had the boys. Because I figured it would be the earliest night I would get out of work. So we decided on Japanese. So I am already feeling a little bit on the sluggish side but the more I sit there the worst I feel not wanting to ruin the evening I am trying to be normal. So the little guy is cooking and throws over a piece of Shrimp at me and I eat it (which was really good) He then throws one over to Bradley. LOL ( Bradley is allergic to shell fish of any kind throws up and the whole nine yards just FYI) But anybody that knows Bradley he wouldn't want to hurt anybodies feelings. So I look at him like do you want me to get it off your plate and the guy is staring at Bradley like "What wrong with you white boy you not eat my food I fix for you" LOL. So Bradley eats it and says its good which it was. Two minutes later I look over and his face is white as cotton. We barely make it thru eating without him losing it and me just coughing my head off. Get in the car and decided forget it we went and got the kids and went home and went to bed. It was awful. The next day I go to work miserable sick I come home Bradley still in his PJ's you can't even walk thru the house because there is toys everywhere. I am like I am going to bed. I am chilling coughing aching all over running fever snotty nose running to the potty. 10 minutes later Bradley comes in the room so what are your symptoms....I am like huh he has been sick all day. So we barely make it thru the night coughing waking each other up rolling the bed because we are miserable. So guess who wakes up at 6:30 Saturday morning. Yes that's right the 2 cutest little healthy boys in town. Raring and ready to go. I quickly dial nana and they come to the rescue. So we laid around all day Saturday and lucky for me I had a Valentines Day Party planned for all the little kids at church today so I drug myself out of bed and made it to the party. The kids had a really good time but I was so miserable. Anyway I came home Lucas is now sick and they have took Logan away from us again in hopes that he doesn't get sick!!! Anyway that was my lovely Valentines we were so sick we didn't even buy each other cards.. Oh well hope I have a better week. I am up now waiting on the snow and hoping Lucas stays asleep on the couch!! Goodnight...

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  1. Oh my goodness - when you tell a story you TELL A STORY! LOL - I am not surprised. I'm sorry but this just sounds like a "Haley" story and I don't even know how to begin to explain that :) Tell big dummy Bradley he should just tell him he's allergic! I don't think he would have gotten his feelings hurt! :)