Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well today is going by so slow. Lucas woke up at 6:15 this morning and then Logan up at 7. I am so tired I feel like I have been up for two days and it is only 12:30. Oh well I feel like I have nothing to do today because we didn't go out last night so I went and got my groceries and I cleaned my house yesterday. So I am totally bored. So bored I decided to take the cover off the boys car seats and wash them. Just to let you know that is really bad if I am trying to find things to wash. I hate laundry and usually have laundry for as far as the eye can its not that bad but I always have some laundry.

Anyway I just put the boys down for a nap they are driving me crazy today. Mom says it the barometric all the kids are wild today. Bradley has gone to the dump and to the auto part store to get the stuff to change the oil in his truck. It is even 4th weekdend and I am bored I am usually running my legs off on 4th Saturday. Oh well I think when he gets home I will go to the church see if it is my turn this weekend and set up the basement for dinner. I cleaned out my car and I am going to take it to get cleaned when I get out. And for some reason I am not even in the mood to go shopping and that is odd for me.

We were supposed to go sign Lucas up for Tee Ball today but apparently I readit wrong and the last sign up was Wed night. So Lucas is upset at me and I am ill at myself. I tried convince him that soccer was just as much fun and he ain't buying it. So I have a email in to the baseball league people begging to let him sign up late. Oh well if not I am just going to have to deal with it.

All that aside it is fourth weekend and I am really hoping we have some visitors. I need one of those really good meetings this weekend. I guess being sick the past few weeks and not being there every time I feel like I am behind. Probably let the booger man bother my mind more than I should. But that is just part of life I guess. Well I just saw Bradley pull back in the driveway so I am going to head over to the church to do my good dead for the day. Have a great weekend I will post again after I go to weight watchers Monday night.. Wish me luck!!

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