Monday, November 15, 2010

Boy has it been a crazy few days. I thought this was going to be a nice restful weekend. Since it is the last weekend until 3rd week in January yes I said January!!! We Thanksgiving with my mom and dad this weekend and then next weekend is Thanksgiving with Bradley's family. Then it is December no one has time to even think in December. It is full then New Years weekend we have Christmas with Bradley's family and second weekend is Gatlinburg with the Middlebrooks! So we have a busy couple of months ahead.

Friday Brandy and mom were off work. So we went to moms and put one of her trees up and then went to eat Mexican for lunch. It is rare that we are all off on the same day. So it was fun but a big hassle with 6 kids. Saturday I was going to put up my Christmas tree which I did and that is just a big ole mess!!! Then Sunday was my birthday I turned 28! And it was just another day. Except for Bradley's mom calling crying because his dad was so bad. So we went down to there house after we got finished eating and stayed until church time. Then went to church and straight home to relax for a little bit before we went to bed which I was ready for early. I have been so tired this weekend!

Oh well now it is time to start getting ready for the busy weeks ahead!! Have a good week everyone!!

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