Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Cleaning

This week has pretty much been trying to recop from the busy past few weeks. I am was off Monday Wednesday and Friday this week. But of course I had a extra kid 2 of those three days and I haven't gotten anything done in my house. Not to mention that my back has been killing me this week. Wilkins isn't bad at all. It is when Wilkins and Logan are together that drives me crazy. When Lucas and Addy were there age and still now they played so good together. They just love each other so much. Logan and Wilkins on the other hand think they are funny when they do something mischievous or they are screaming at each other arguing. Which I give all credit to Leanne for the arguing thing. She thinks it is funny to get them to argue. So thanks YAYA!! Me and Brandy have to deal with it on a regular basis. Anyway enough about that. I am so excited about this weekend. We have absolutely no plans. Nothing going on no where to be just relax and sew of course. I am trying to Fall Clean you know it is kind of like spring cleaning before revival but this is so I can get my Christmas stuff out which I am hoping my wonderful husband will do for me this weekend. I usually put my tree up the day after Halloween but as I said earlier my back has been bad and I have to wait on my wonderful husband to get it out of the attic. He would kill me if I tried to climb up there and get it down. You know in my condition.

Anyway for those of you with little boys know how it is to clean their bathroom. Well I have just finished a major cleaning job in there. They are nasty! We are definitely going to have to work on the whole aiming thing. Cause I promise it looks like they tried to write their name on the wall. LOL!! Oh well now on to my bathroom maybe it won't be too bad!! LOL

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  1. Oh, I feel your pain...the other day I cleaned the boy's bathroom, and it STILL smelled like I went back in to check...and yes...of course...why did I not think to look there....

    Did you know it's NORMAL for little boys to pee in the trash can? More than once?

    Oh, and yes, they do write their names on the wall...LOL