Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy Weekend!!

My Christmas tree!

Mom's house for Thanksgiving. Her dining table didn't come in so we rented everything except dishes. I think it looks nice!

Mom' s house again!

Logan in a tutu and Kiley's hat he is crazy!

My favorite Grandaddy in Granny's hair piece!! LOL
(He looks like the old grandad on National Lampoons Christmas vacation!! LOL)

Well last week was very eventful! We spent Thursday and Friday at mom's putting trees up, cleaning, and cooking. Then Saturday was Thanksgiving at her house. Patty, Billmon and their clan came up. We had a lot of fun as usual!! Laughed alot and at way too much! I got home about 8:30 and went straight to bed I was so tired. Then Sunday Mom, Wilkins, LeAnne, Addy, Me and Logan went to Trenton to my granny and granddaddy's house. Had a really good time there too. Got to see some of the family. We were only missing Aunt Maronica's family and Uncle Daniels family. Uncle Chris and Aunt Lora were there but no kids. We had fun! It made me ready for Christmas in the smokies. Everyone will be there for 2 days. Its about the only time of year we are all together. Oh well now today I have to clean my house. Bradley's family is coming up Thursday and I am getting some over flow house guests. So I better get busy it would be so easy to sit here all day and do nothing. Can't do that gotta get busy!

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