Monday, February 7, 2011

5 weeks and counting!!

Well I officially have 5 weeks left from today. I am so ready but not really... I know 5 weeks and nothing really done. I have the bedding the room is the correct color. NO baby bed and you can not even walk in that room. It became the storage room after Logan moved in with Lucas. Not to mention where all the vacuums go to die.

Ok we have discovered this place in Murfreesboro that sells stuff really cheap. It is all new in boxes from Wal-mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond etc... So last Saturday Bradley and I run over there to see if I can find a vacuum. While in there they start rolling in these pallets full of stuff. I am thinking they got a delivery. No they sell the whole pallet for like 75-100. You should see all the stuff on them. Well of course the line was so long by that point we didn't get anything. We find out they do this every Wednesday and Saturday. So Wednesday LeAnne and I go back and wait in line for like 3 hours. We both got a pallet of stuff. Mine had 14 vacuums on it!! Yes 14!! Not to mention it also had a 10 cup food processor,2 blenders, a vacuum sealer for food, a 50.00 crock pot, a humidifier, 2 Mr Coffee programmable coffee pots and a Kuerig... Which I love love love....and a ton of other stuff.We ended keeping a lot of stuff. I paid $80.00 for the while thing. I sold the remaining vacuums for 80.00 the next day. So the way I look at it I got a vacuum, Kuerig, Crock pot, and Food processor for free... Now the thing is not everything works or it might be missing pieces. Most of it did some didn't. I was really excited with what I got and plan on going back this Wednesday to see what I can get. I plan on selling pretty much everything unless I get a stand-up mixer (I will be keeping that) It was fun and we got some good stuff for FREE basically.

Oh well as far pregnancy goes. I had some blood pressure problems last Monday and Tuesday. I had to go to doctor Tuesday then again on Friday. Which I hate! But by Friday everything was back to normal and I do not have to go back until this Friday. I am hoping I can go the full 5 weeks this time. It seems like this time it has went by so fast. Probably because of all the holidays that was thrown in there this time. Oh well I guess I will go to bed. We had one of those weekends you wished you could just erase from your mind for ever. Maybe I will write about it next time but for now thank the lord it is Monday and over with. It was horrible!!! Have a good week!!

P.S. My baby shower is this Friday at moms house!!! I love stuff like this. Not the getting gifts. I love the organizing the shower thing. Except they won't let me do anything this time...Oh well I am ready for some Chicken Salad sandwiches anyway!!!

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  1. I can't believe you are almost due! It just seems like yesterday you were telling me you were prego - time is literally flying by ....cliche I know but it's true!