Friday, August 19, 2011

First Full Day of Kindergarten!

Here he is ready to go into school on the first full day! He was really excited I think? The other day when we went into school all the other kids (except K) was already in their classes. So the school was all nice and quiet except for about 25 little kindergartners. Well today we got there and there was kids everywhere. The bell had just rang and all the kids were going to their classes. I thought Lucas was gonna throw up. LOL

Here he is waiting outside the classroom on his teacher. He looks so scared! But as soon as the other kids got there he went right in and sat on the rug. Waved and I left. He is so growny and such a boy! A Pritchett boy at that. They show very little emotion in front of everyone. Well I just wanted to share my pictures for the day!

Just a update: Carter is not doing good at all. They had to come in to pray for him last night. He was pitiful and hurting. He was crying and begging people to pray. They finally got hospice. So now he has a nice hospital bed I just hope he can use it. Keep all of us in your prayers things will only get worse at this point. Thanks

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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