Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictures and Prayers!!

 I think he is finally growing! 
 I took this picture because of his hair but the eyes made me laugh! lol
Today was wear as many colors as you can day. So we went all out. Lucas cried all the way to the bus. He hated it! As you can tell he isn't happy in this picture at all.

 And yes I finally gave in to let Lucas ride the bus. he has been begging since school began. I am like Lucas cool kids don't ride the bus. Apparently riding the bus is cool when you are in Kindergarten! So I am all for it. Not having to wake 2 other kids up and load them in the car at 6:30 AM makes everybody happier!

 Well keep praying right now I am sitting on the couch at Nana and Papaws. He is finally in bed resting. Just keep praying for him that he could rest and for the family that we can keep going... Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!!!!11

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