Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another week down!!

 Another crazy busy week almost over!! Thank you Lord! The first part of the week we were just dead. I still kind of feel that way actually but Wednesday night we got to go to church. And the good Lord came by for the whole family. I think we all needed it so bad. I actually hadn't been to church in almost a month and I was missing it. Then Friday was Jasmines wedding and we were busy with that of course. You know me if there is a wedding I am in on it some how. I actually didn't get to do as much as I would like to help with this because of Carter but I did enough. We did all the flowers and helped with food. Well of course clean up!! It turned out to be very pretty of course.

 Then today was the Cardin reunion. It wasn't as much fun as usual because we didn't stay all weekend like normal. We got to stay late and sit around the fire tonight. It was nice to sit with some family and laugh for a while. I am sure you will see pics soon! There are some good ones floating around from today. We ate and laughed alot so it was worth it.

 Everyone pray for Edna. Tomorrow is her anniversary and everyone is having to go home tomorrow. Thank the good Lord Douglas and April stayed all week so they were there with her. It is going to be rough anyway much less with everyone leaving. Actually pray for everyone. We have some good days but then like the other night Lucas just lost again. He started telling me about Pawpaw. Everything he could do and everything pawpaw taught him. It was actually really sweet but pitiful. He was like Momma did you know pawpaw could juggle. I was like NO. He said yea I wish he would have taught me before.... He never finished the sentence. He just lost it> It is so awful. He is at the age where he really don't understand it all but just enough to tear him up. Sometimes life ain't fair.

 I just keep thinking about how much he suffered in his last few weeks. I think thank you lord for taking him. Then I think about Christmas or family get together. It is going to be so different. EMPTY!! He was the one that said Nana the kids are getting hungry its time to eat or Nana we might as well open the presents the kids are ready!

Well that is enough and I am really sleepy!! NIGHT NIGHT!!

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  1. Okay, so I can't imagine. I know how bad I'm going to miss him and can't even fathom you guys! I know the holidays especially will be rough, but I am glad that he is not suffering because i know that he would not want to just lay and everyone having to take care of him. I hope Nana did okay yesterday.

    I seen your little cutie patootie last night at church!!! I can't get over how big he is and sooo stinking cute! I'm sitting there and then I look back and theirs this little Bradley sitting beside Andrea and I kind of went back in time and had a double take all at once!!! :)