Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas already?!

Well I do not know what my problem is this year. I just ain't feeling it like usual. I am usually almost finished shopping by now. I literally have 4 presents under my tree. It seems like just the other day Levi was born. That was February! Christmas day he will be 10 months. And in case y'all haven't counted down the days yet. It is just 11 days until Christmas!!! It seems like I have had something going on everyday. Not to mention Lucas has started basketball and that is every Thursday practice and every Saturday a game. They have had two games already (and won both of them YAY). Tomorrow is his Christmas thing at school. Then he is off for Christmas vacation. We have a ton of stuff to do this weekend. I would love to get the rest of my shopping done. Or at least 90% of it. Bradley hasn't been shopping yet so he will be dong that this weekend. Which means anything I do I will have all three kids in tow. You know they can't shop with kids!! LOL Anyway I need a little Christmas spirit. The boys are so excited about Christmas. Lucas' birthday is next Tuesday and he will be 6. I can not believe it. Levi got his first tooth and his temper is bigger than he is. He has been doing so much better you just wouldn't believe it. Thank You Lord!! Oh well I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Merry Christmas

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