Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mouse in the House!!!

As for my new dilemma I have a mouse in my house. Not just anywhere it is in my bedroom and I am about to loose it. I am not scared of alot of things but mice I can not stand. It is not that I am afraid they are going to hurt me. I just can not stand them. Now let me just tell you in the past I have completely left home for days at a time until it was caught. The longest I stayed away was 3 days. I have actually stayed home this time and I am trying to not freak out while sitting on the couch. I saw one in the garage back before Christmas but since Santa left toys in there we have not been going in and out that door. Well Monday after Christmas Bradley was burning boxes and the boys were going in and out. And it doesn't matter how many times you tell them or how much bodily harm you threaten they still barely shut the door. I went in there 2 times and the door was halfway open. So that afternoon I saw it. It has to be that mouse. It ran from my bathroom to my bedroom towards my closet. Then Lucas saw it run under the tv back into my bedroom later that day. So I immediately went to buy some traps. We have slept on the couch the past two nights. That is the only way Bradley convinced me to stay home. He said he would sleep with me on the couch. So it has not been comfortable at all. We haven't got much sleep but hey I am not sleeping in that room until it is dead and gone. Well today I had got braver because it hadn't been seen again. I had about decided maybe it was gone. About noon I am sitting on the couch and there it goes again. I immediately got all the kids and we left I know I am a big chicken but I do not care I can not stand them. I stayed gone all day until Bradley got off work. I took the kids to McDonalds and the park. Then Lucas saw it while Bradley was taking a shower. It ran in my room again. So I went to wal-mart I thought we needed more traps. We officially have 8 regular traps and 4 glue boards. I thought while we were gone to church tonight we would get him. Negative!! How is it possible to have 12 traps and not get the mouse! So it looks like another night of sleeping on the couch! Dear god please let us get him soon. I think I might loose my mind if we don't. So you should have saw me trying to get clothes out for church. I was standing in the living room trying to tell Bradley what to get out of the closet. That was quiet a sight. I was so not going in
the room at all. Oh well if he don't get caught soon I do not know what I am going to do. We are supposed to be leaving for Atlanta Friday. I have to get some laundry done!

I want my Christmas tree down but we still have two more to go. One this weekend and then Gatlinburg with the Middlebrooks the next weekend. But that is ok I am looking forward to it. What I am really excited about is we leave for Disney in 2 months. I can not wait. I am so excited!!!! So say a prayer for me I do not loose my sanity. LOL

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