Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shocked a little!

Ok I have to blog about this. We go to church tonight as normal. They sing a couple songs. Singing is kind of getting good. They sing He is still with me. Then Sister Agnes Davis jumps up to testify before prayer or anything. Her first words were "this may be my last time." Then she says how she loves everyone and would love to just get them all in her arms and hug them. So sweet. She sits down and maybe 15 minutes later somebody says she is sick. Next thing I know she laid over in someones lap. The whole church is huddled around. They call 911 and I am pretty sure she was gone before she left the church but since no family was there. They couldn't tell us anything right away. As soon as her daughter got to the hospital they took her back and said she had passed away. I can not tell you how crazy it is. It was so quick! Now mind you Sister Agnes turned 90 years old February 18th. So you would think we wouldn't be surprised. But this women could still drive, she didn't take any kind of medicine. She was so lively especially for her age. We are just in shock a little I think. I have to say what a good way to go. If you are wondering who she is and have ever been to Smyrna church she was a little white haired lady that sat on the front right bench on the corner by the aisle. Anytime I got near her with my boys she would get their attention and say "I love you" She loved the babies. She always wanted to hold them but they were usually bigger than her. She just squeezed them and kissed them. She was precious and will be greatly missed!

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  1. I don't know if I remember her or not, but this was such a sweet post! Praying for the church and family!