Thursday, March 8, 2012


This picture show the real true Levi! LOL
Happy Birthday to Levi!
Levi got his first haircut at Disney. I would recommend it!
Love this picture!
Buzz and woody tried to go home with me and make Lucas and Logan stay there!
It was cool!
Cool hair
The real Logan!

Well vacation is over. We got back Tuesday about 2:30 and basically went straight to be we were all so tired. Had to get up and take Lucas to baseball practice. Yes his first practice was the day we got back. Just my luck. I do want to do a big shout out to Lucas' basketball team for coming in first place in the league tournaments. They are the official Smyrna Lil Dribblers Champions. So YAY for them. Anyway we had a great time. With a few minor set backs at the beginning it went great.

Tuesday mom and I flew out of Birmingham because I got a awesome deal on tickets.( Bradley flew out of Nashville because he couldn't leave when we did. ) After mom and I walked all over the Orlando airport trying to find the Magic Express we finally get on the bus and head to the hotel. The kids were so excited mom and I were just ready to get there. We are literally at the entrance to the Pop Century Resort when moms phone rings. It is a very hysterical Aunt Maronica saying Grandaddy Herbert was unresponsive. So mom and I immediately panicked. Here we are just got a million miles away and now this. So after getting checked in and chilled out. At about 1:30am we finally got the news they thought it was just a seizure due to exhaustion. So we got in bed finally.

Wednesday Lucas got up at like 8 ready to go to the pool. So I quietly got up to take him to let everyone else sleep. After taking it slow and sitting around the hotel for a while. Brandy finally got there about 1:30. So we got ready and went to Magic kingdom to get Levi a hair cut. Thank god. It was awful. Then went straight to buzz light year and Space Mountain. Logan was actually tall enough this year to ride some bigger rides this year. He loved Space Mountain! Mk was opened all night but we didn't make it. We left the park about midnight I think there was more people coming in at midnight than leaving it was insane.

Thursday morning we had a early breakfast at 1900 park fare at the Grand Floridian. With Mary Poppins , Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. It was super yummy!! Then headed over to Hollywood Studios. Logan's favorite ride is Tower of Terror he got to ride it last year and loved it. So we made a bee line for that. Lucas was tall enough for the Rocking roller coaster he didn't want to ride but Bradley made him and he liked it. It was very hot but finally cooled off after about 4. Bradley and I took the boys to see Phineas and Ferb, Buzz and Woody and the Cars characters. Then rode our favorite ride Toy Story Mania.

Friday we had another early breakfast in Norway with all the Princesses. Took the kids over to China to meet Mulan. They love that movie. Rode some more rides. They talked me into riding Mission Space and I will never do it again. I love roller coaster actually all the rides but this one made me sick. You spin at 35 miles an hour. I felt so weird all day. We meet up with all the others and rode Soarin another one of my faves. Then ate dinner at Garden Grill with Mickey Pluto Chip and Dale. It was pretty neat the whole restaurant rotates. Pretty Cool. Bradley took Lucas and Logan to go ride Mission space and some other rides while I did some shopping. Lucas lost his lanyard then chased the cast member down to get it back lol. This day was the most stressful. I kept getting calls about the weather. I was so worried about Edna being home alone and my house. Last time we went to Disney it was the big flood in Nashville. So I was a little worried. We got back to the hotel that night in time to let the kids swim while I washed some clothes.

Saturday was Animal Kingdom the hottest by far. The boys rode Mt Everest and loved it. Then kali river rapids. All the kids wanted to ride but none of the adults. So me Bradley and Leanne rode with them. I wanted Leanne to ride. On rides like this she apparently has a bulls eye on her. She always gets it. LOL We had a good day got to see one of my favorite shows the Lion King. Kids wanted to do the Safari. Got back to the hotel to get a shower before dinner at Whispering canyon. I had never ate there. If you go you have to eat there. It is so fun. Brandy asked for a fork and they brought here this set that was like 4ft tall. Michael asked for a little more to drink and they brought him a salt shaker with coke in it. lOL Don't even ask for Ketchup. They bring you all the bottles (like 25) then when someone else wants it you have to take them all to there table. It was a really fun atmosphere. I laughed so hard. We had Levi a little cake for his birthday. We got back to the hotel and let the kids swim. It was Leanne and Michael's last day.

Sunday we had breakfast reservations at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. Super yummy as always. After breakfast Aunt Maronica took Lucas Logan and Wilkins to Plant City for the strawberry festival and the best strawberry shortcake you will ever eat. So while she was gone Bradley and Levi took a nap. Me mom Brandy and Dad went to Downtown Disney for some shopping. As much as I love being with my kids at the most magical place on earth it was nice for some alone time. While we were there we went to goofy's Candy Kitchen. I had never been but the take the big mickey rice krispy treats and dip them in chocolate and you can put whatever toppings on it. I had white chocolate and coconut. It was delish. Went back to hotel to get kids then headed to magic Kingdom again. It was so cold that night. Rode buzz again the race cars and my favorite ride the tea cups then rode Peter Pan and headed back to Hotel.

Monday we got up ate breakfast in hotel then headed to Downtown Disney with the kids. Lucas was wanting Lego's and Logan was wanting anything. So we did a little shopping then ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich one of my favorite places to eat. Then headed back to goofy candy kitchen to let the kids get a rice krispy treat then to the hotel to let them swim again. Got ready then headed over to the Grand Floridian for a very nice dinner. It was right on the seven seas lagoon. It was very expensive and I would never eat there with the Disney dinning plan which I would highly recommend. It was really cool. You can see the castle from the restaurant. So when the fireworks started the lights went down inside and over the speakers they played the wishes music. It was really neat. And delicious!!! Then we headed over to the MK again rode Buzz and tea cups again!!! Headed back to the hotel to get packed up for our super early flight.

My favorite parts of the trip is when Logan told Cinderella he thought he had to burp again! LOL yes that is my child.
When Lucas saw buzz and he hugged him like crazy. Or Levi seeing the fireworks I thought he would be scared but he loved them. It was a great vacation now I am ready to book another trip!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Ok where do you guys stay?? We are thinking of taking Ava in October? Is that a good time or too hot??

    1. Glad yall had a great time! I love Ohana's the food is to die for there! The bread pudding is amazing! I always loved to get Madison disney themed outfits when we would go! Makes me sad she is to big for them now :'(