Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why am I up??!!

Why am I up at midnight?? I think the time change has messed all of us up. Lucas and Logan have been crashing super early. Levi has just been sleeping all the time. Literally I think he slept most of the day today. I woke him up to feed him. Then I woke him up to take him outside. That lasted for maybe 30-45 minutes. I fed him again and he was out. Slept until church time. Then he was wild at church clapping and rocking and talking. Just crazy. And I have been up late every night but then I want to sleep all morning. Oh well I love this weather!! I just want to stay outside all day. I actually opened my windows today to air out the house. It got hot in here. I had to shut them and turn the air on. Crazy weather!

Oh well other big news another one of my nieces are getting married! Congratulations to Kasie and Will. She just called me tonight and she sounded really happy! So I am happy for them. On another note my anniversary falls on Easter Sunday this year. 11 years! Hard to believe it has been that long. March 31st will be our dating anniversary I guess you would call it. 12 years ago we started dating. Seems so strange. Time goes by way too fast.

I can not even begin to tell you how fast it goes with kids. I mean before we had kids it seemed to go fast but then when they were born it is like someone hit fast forward. I was making some reservations for something for next January and I had to put the kids ages. I could have cried when I realized Lucas will be 7 and Logan will be 5 this year! How awful. I don't know where the time went. Lucas has started baseball and I am super excited he is doing so good this year. He has improved so much from last year. What I am really excited about is he will be playing 1st base this year. That is my position I played! Oh well we have already had two practices this week and now another one Friday. Busy Busy Busy as usual. On top of all that we are leaving for Atlanta Saturday morning. Lucas is on Spring break next week and he is staying with Shelby and Makenzie for the week. He is so excited! He hasn't ever really got to stay with them before. Used to when he would stay down there. He would stay with Nana and Papaw. So he thinks he is big now! LOL

Yall have a great weekend!

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  1. WHAT?? Kassie is getting married? I hadn't heard.