Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Style

Where do I begin...This weekend was a long one. Of course it was our turn in the kitchen this weekend. Saturday after going over to the church and setting the basement up putting some fresh flowers out and running to get my car washed and cleaned out. I ran home it was like 4:30. I threw Logan in the tub Lucas was asleep. The bath tub is like the best babysitter for Logan..So I fixed Chicken Rotel, put my cake in the oven, got every ones clothes out, Lucas woke up, I threw him in the tub with Logan (who has literally been in the tub for like 30 minutes by this point) got the ironing board out turned on the iron, Got the cake out of the oven, kept asking the boys if they were ready to get out of the tub they kept saying no..Made fudge icing for my cake, cleaned the kitchen. Asked the boys again are you ready to get out no...So at 5:45 I finished ironing..I go to get in the shower here comes my adorable husband who I just love to death. He finally decides to get up off the computer and just as I am about to go in the bathroom he says hey babe I need you to cut my hair.....I was like huh?? But looking at him I couldn't let him go to church like that. I am like ok I grab the clippers put a chair in the bathroom. And I hear it Mom we are ready to get out the water is cold..I said hush your are going to have to wait. So I get his hair cut the whole time they are crying. Bradley gets in the shower go get the kids out of the tub get their clothes on them make them sit on the couch run in the bathroom sweep up the hair mess. Bradley gets out of the shower I go running in the bathroom about to get in the shower it is literally 6:15 I have no idea what I am wearing. As I am getting in the shower Bradley says you don't have to wash your hair do you. I think I could have ripped his head off at that point..LOL.. I said well I did before you needed your hair cut. Now I don't have time. So I jump in the shower get out grab my black dress that doesn't have to be ironed black and white jacket red necklace fix my hair. Put my hose on...(By the way Bradley still has not finished getting ready it takes a little longer when you are watching Napoleon Dynamite as you are getting ready..LOL) Start getting the kids coats on put my food together on the counter. Bradley is finally ready. I run in the bedroom go in the closet slip on my black shoes, grab the kids Bradley gets the food and we are off. I get to church get all the food ready in the basement. Run upstairs sit down guess what Bro. Pat preaches on CHARITY... After he finishes I slip back down stairs to check on everyone food. As I come back upstairs.Mind you church is more than half way over..Bethany Walker is standing against the wall and as I walk by she goes Haley do you have on two different shoes??? I looked down and shook my head and said well yes I do..Go back over to my seat. She is laughing hysterically mom says what is she laughing at I said my shoes. I thought mom, Edna and LeAnne would fall off the seat laughing..Word spreads like wild fire. I look up and Bradley mouths at my "You big dummy" and starts laughing. Let me just tell you to these shoes did not even look the same. One was brown loafer shoe and the other was black patten leather with a silver buckle. One had a square toe the other was rounded. I have officially lost it people!! By the time church is over practically the whole church knows. Then I see Brother Pat coming over to me looking down with that haha i got something on you grin. Yes he loves to pick on as I do him we trade fat jokes 99% of the time he wishes he wouldn't have got into it with me. Because I usually embarrass him. LOL.. But this time he had me I had nothing to defend myself with.

Oh well after hearing the news of Sister Maude I thought ok Sunday we won't have a crowd. Uh I was wrong. We had Brother Ray and Brother Oron and several visitors. Church lasted 3 hours it was really good I enjoyed it. Of course everyone checked my shoes to make sure they were the same. After eating and cleaning it was 3:30. Church was dismissed last night for the viewing.

So we went home dropped Bradley off grabbed the boys some PJ's. Ran to moms got LeAnne mom and Brandy oh and Addy and Wilkins. We headed for Sand Mountain a trip I dreaded I wanted to stay home so bad but I went on and got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. And of course my family had already heard about my little shoe incident the night before. Thanks Gina!! Brother Shirley played with Logan Squeaking his belly. Logan thought that was hilarious but cried when he couldn't do it Brother Shirley said "Son da battry bwoke" in his words..LOL I got to see Miss Kensley walking that was good. And tons of other people. Then we went the Mexican restaurant in Ider with Uncle Herbie, Aunt Sheila,Granny, Grandaddy, Uncle Chris and Aunt Lora. Got the kids PJ's on them and headed home.

So when we got home of course both the boys had fell asleep in the car. So we put them in bed thinking they would stay asleep. WRONG. Apparently Logan had slept long enough that he got his nap out. So the stayed up till after 3 am. Just watching TV being good laying in bed. He slept till about 10:30. Which that was nice. So I never made them take a nap yesterday so when I left to go to weight watchers last night Logan fell asleep at like 6:30. So I thought oh well he was tired he will probably be fine. WRONG again! He woke up at 2am. He wasn't laying there all quiet and innocent this time. He was playing his drum, riding his little red rocket thru the house laughing and playing. I kept putting him back to bed thinking he would fall asleep. Next thing I know here he would come thru the living room on the rocket. So I was up pretty much all night. Bradley of course slept thru it all. So when Bradley got up for work at like 5. Logan thought alright they are up. Wrong...Put him back in bed I could still hear him in there. Finally at like 6am he came in my room got in my bed covered up and said "Dood Night Mamma" in his words. He then feel sound asleep. That was great except I had to get up at 7 for work. So I drug him out of bed and toke him to yayas for the day. Kids...I used to think I wanted like 5 kids. After Lucas I thought ok maybe 4. Then after Logan I think do I really want more kids..LOL...He is a mess...

Oh yea I only lost .4lbs. Not much but I was just proud I lost at all. After 4th weekend I thought for sure I would have gained...But I am still encouraged to keep trying. So till next time check both shoes before leaving the house and hope everyone has a good week!!!

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  1. The life of a mother of 2.........actually 3 with the hubby......join my world ! LOL