Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy Kid...

I had to sit down and post this today because it was just too funny. Logan has become such a little comedian we laugh at him all the time. The other day we were talking about what they wanted to be for halloween. Lucas was saying he was going to be Jack Sparrow and Logan was going to be Will Turner or davy jones he can't decide. Anyway we were just talking and logan (who is a week away from being )turns and says to me with so much excitement "momma I know what you can be for Halloween, You can be the SHIP" LOL not the pretty pirate girl in the moive I have to be the whole stinking ship!! LOL.. He comes up with some crazy stuff! This morning he comes in my room at 4am and says "momma I got chocolate all over me" I look his hands are covered his face his neck his shirt is all chocolatey. LOL I was like what are you doing up at 4am much less why do you have chocolate every where. After I cleaned him up I went to put him in bed and there are like 20 little reese's papers all over his bedroom floor. I don't know what time he got up but it was early enough to make a huge mess!! LOL


  1. That's too funny...Peyton was in the Suburban the other day and she was in a BAD mood....I got in and she said, "Mom, when you get in it shakes the whole bus." We gotta love our kids. If we didn't we would kill them

  2. I have no kids but LOVE laughing off of that was too cute Haley & Lacey.. LOL