Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a Boy!!!

Yes it is in fact a boy!! And yes I cried. Actually I criede alot. Which is wierd because I really thought I would be okay with it. I think everyone telling me it was going to be a girl kind of got my hopes up. I am ok now still a little bummed. I really wanted a girl. I have not been this upset over either one of my boys. i think the reason I am now is cause I kinda feel like this is the last one. I have no more hope. LOL..Oh well as long as it is healthy that is all that matters really.

My biggest problem with another is the name. Bradley wants Levi...I hate that name. I like Landon and he hates that name. A girl name was easy we had that one down but that really doesn't matters now does it. Well I do have to have another ultrasound November 16th because he wouldn't be still and he chose to fold up with his head in his chest so the couldn't get good pictures of the heartbeat. So now we just spend the next 4 months trying to figure out what are going to call this kid!! Lucas likes Timmy Two Shoes...LOL not sure where that comes from and Logan is calling it Logan Baby!! So have a good week!!


  1. Oh....congrats! I hope all goes well like you said a healthy baby is really what matters. If all goes as expected we will have our 5th little granddaughter December or January. Who knows what this babies name will be....

    By the way I love the name Landon. :) Levi, not so much. :(

  2. Landon over Levi - sorry Bradley!

  3. Of course I love Landon cause that's my nephews name...Congrats...I'm pretty sure if I ever had another kid it would be a girl....