Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Well this was a crazy weekend! Let me just tell you! We went to Bradley's family for thanksgiving on Thursday. Douglas and April were there. Then later Danielle, Andrea and Michael came in. So we planned out our shopping trip. I decided I would go by Toys r us at 9. I was thinking there would be a line but thought the rain would keep some people at home. I was wrong a hour before it opened and I bet there was 2000 people in line it was ridiculous. So I ran back to the house ordered the few things I wanted online. I had to pay 13.00 shipping but it was still worth it! Then Danielle, Andrea, Bradley and I headed to walmart about 10:30pm. When we got there at 10:45 there were already people in line with buggies full. So we ran back there to get a leapster and some Pj's. Of course they were completely out of leapsters. Which i was not happy. So we picked up a few other things and stood in line from about 11:15 until after 1 am! Then we headed to Target and let me just tell you it was crazy. They didn't open until 4am and 3hours early the line was already 3 stores down. Bradley was like this is ridiculous and he was ready to go home. The only reason he went was to get a new tv. I think the other150 people in front of us was there for the same tv. I was like no I will sit out here and wait. So Andrea and I got out and sat in the rain and freezing cold with nothing but our coats and one blanket. (on the hard sidewalk might I add) Bradley and Danielle ran to Steak and Shake to get us something to eat. By the time they got back we were freezing. Bradley came and sat with me and let Andrea go to the car. Which from what I heard was nice and warm. I never saw them two again. They fell asleep. So after 3 hours and a few people trying to cut in line. We made it in. They ran out of the 40" TV. So we had to get the 46" which Bradley wasn't too upset over. (LOL) So I grabbed a few other toys that I went for and they had the lines going so smooth we were out of there by 4:30. The fun part came when we realized the trunk was full already and the tv was too big for the back seat. So I made everyone get out Bradley shoved the tv in and we still had a problem there was no room for the Danielle and Andrea. LOL So Danielle laid on top of the box on her belly and Andrea sat in the front seat (on the hump) between me and Bradley. It wasn't a very comfortable ride home but we made it!! LOL.. Then of course Bradley had to get the new tv sat up before we could go to bed. It was almost 6 before we got in bed. I was so tired. We slept until about 11:30 got up at cereal watched the game and headed to Nana's for the rest of the day. Bradley"s two other brothers and there families came Friday. So we stayed there until 9 I guess then the girls wanted to watch a movie. Which I didn't make it thru. I fell asleep about 10:30. I am still recuperating!!

Now the family is all gone and I am still tired. Trying to get everything back together. Now my washing machine is backing up in my toilet and bath tub. Oh well I am going to try and clean a little. Got to get out here in a bit and run to gymboree they are holding some sweaters for me. I got to try and find the boys something for Christmas Program which is next weekend!! Oh lord all the Holiday fun is starting. Have a good week!

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  1. Okay-- just imagining all of you guys piling in a car with a big TV.. hilarious! So wish I could've seen that!