Friday, January 7, 2011

Need to be busy...

I know I should be packing clothes right now but I just can't get it together today. I am so sleepy for one thing and another thing I just ain't in the mood. LOL We are leaving at about 4 today to go to Pigeon Forge with all the Middlebrooks. It is supposed to be snowing up there and I have already been informed by my mom ( who is already there) that it looks like it is built in the side of the mountain. Apparently way up on a very high hill with a narrow road. To say the least I panic over this kind of thing. My wonderful husband whom I love so much...Thinks that he is a race car driver going around these kind of curves and hills. Now I was raised on Sand Mountain so you would think that it wouldn't bother me but it does. I have lived in Tennessee now longer than I lived on the mountain. Almost 15 years Wow!!! Didn't realize how long it has been... Last year we went up to Cloudland canyon on lookout mountain and I literally felt like I couldn't breath. Bradley says I am becoming more like my mother everyday but I can not help it. If it is covered with snow I will be even more nervous.. Pray that I don't kill him and he don't kill me!!!

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