Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow AGAIN!!! and a NAME!!!

Don't get me wrong I love snow but I am so tired of it this year. We have gotten so much snow here lately. Bradley has worked one full week since Thanksgiving. Some of the days were just because Holidays but the rest were snow days. One day he even went in because he couldn't get a hold of his boss. And no one showed up so he just came home. Anyway, they are saying 3-5 inches tonight and tomorrow. So I am sure our kids will not be having school tomorrow either. Oh well enough about that.

On a better note we are in the home stretch of this baby thing. I am so tired of being pregnant. Not having any complications so far. Thank You Lord! With Lucas I was already on bed rest and with Logan I had him in about two weeks from now. I am hoping I at least get the baby room done first. Which I have not even started or decided what I want. I only have 6 weeks left until delivery date. Which my doctor doesn't think I will go that long but that's what we are shooting for. We have accomplished one thing kind of...I have gave in on a name I think it will be Levi Maddux... Unless I change my mind again. I just got tired of messing with it. He doesn't like anything I like so I am settling. I do like Maddux and trust me it could be worse than Levi. He has came up with some pretty crazy names. The only other one that comes close is Lincoln. OH well that is enough for now I guess I am going to go wait on the snow.

Have a great week!!


  1. Cute name.....I like Lincoln too...If you went with that you could call him Linc for short....I read that on baby center.com Levi was Kevins Great grandpa's name and we like it but someone else got it first.....Well good luck on getting everything done in 6 weeks (or Less)Lol....I still have lots and lots that NEEDS to be done and Lots I WANT to get done. So I will prob. go to the end too!!!