Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Summer Days!

Well we had a nice weekend! Bradley and I were all excited because we had absolutely nothing to do. No ballgame! 90% of our church went to the singing on the lake. So Bradley and I opted to stay home! We worked outside all day. Sunday was full of church. Between services we went to nana's for some delicious roast. Yummo! Then Lucas and I ran to Lowe's while Bradley and Levi took a nap. Monday it was just Bradley, Levi and I. Lucas spent the night with my mom and you will never guess were Logan spent the night! PAPAW'S! We got up early and started finishing our yard work that we started Saturday. Got all that done and I ran got Logan then we headed to mom's for some grilling. We wanted to get in the pool but it just wasn't ready yet! All in all it was a good weekend.

This week has been hard for me. I got some upsetting news. That I didn't deal with too well. Right now I am hoping that the lord changes things.

Other than all that LeAnne and I have been working in mom's pool cleaned out! It is looking much better nice and blue. It is just still really cloudy. Oh well I am hoping tomorrow it looks better. Yall have a wonderful rest of the week. Stay cool!!!

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