Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally a Van

So I finally got a van!! It isn't new but it serves its purpose. Let me just tell you my car was getting smaller by the day. A Pontiac G6 is not meant for 2 adults and 3 little boys. I was about ready to scream every time we went to church or any where for that matter. So we finally found one in decent condition at a price we could afford! Thank You Lord! Well we went to drive it Saturday and everything looked good. So after a little negotiating I got him to come down about $500. Woohoo!! Anyway I went to pick it up today. When I got there I gave him the money he signed the title over. We signed the bill of sale after he went to make a copy. He came out and told me he had prayed that this van would be a blessing to someone. He said I don't know if you are a believer or a christian but I feel like giving you some money back. He gave me $200 back. I stood there crying in this mans driveway. It wasn't that I needed the money back. (It was nice but I did have it) We had just been praying that whatever vehicle we bought it we be good vehicle for us. That just let me know. I cried all the way home from Franklin. I called Bradley, Mom, Aunt Maronica, LeAnne and Nana. I cried every time I told someone. How thankful I am to know that god is right there with me in everything we do watching over us. So I will go now I just had to share that with you all!! Love yall bunches!!

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  1. That sounds just like the God that's been taking care of me and mine all these years!!! Love it!!!!