Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's HOT outside!

We have been super busy these days. Running from church to ball games. Working over at the church trying to get things done over there before revival. I haven't even started my "Spring cleaning". I barely got my daily cleaning done. LOL Lucas had ball game Tuesday night. They have only won two games all season. I mean seriously they stink. Well they had a tournament game Tuesday and I figure ok this is last game of the season. Actually I was hoping they would lose. That is awful I know. (babies at a 150 degree ball field doesn't work very well!) Well that get out there and they played like they knew what they were doing. They won like 21-8. I was happy for them but that means another practice and at least one more game.

Oh well it has been super HOT also. I have literally been at the pool everyday except yesterday! The kids are brown as little ginger bread. Except Levi no pool for him yet. He is growing though. He smiles a lot and is getting cuter. He was ugly for a while. I like me some fat babies and he has some scrawny little legs and arms. LOL

Oh well kids are waking up! Stay cool and have a nice weekend!

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