Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year!

Well another year gone. This year honestly has to be one of the worst years of my life. I feel so bad because Levi was born but I feel like I have just missed the whole thing. There has been so much going on It just seems like a blur. I can not believe I am already planning his first birthday party. (Which will be at Disney world!! YAY!! I can not wait.) This year is going to be better it has to be. I know I said it has been the worst year ever but I am so thankful that the good Lord has been there with us threw it all. I do not even want to think how it would be if I didn't have him to call on. Thank you lord for your blessings on me. Anyway enough about last year.

We leave for Gatlinburg tomorrow. Yes we still have one Christmas to go. I am excited to get away somewhere. Even if it is in a cabin with 44 Middlebrooks. LOL I am sure it will be entertaining as usual. There is usually not a lot of sleep going on but we make up for it in the laughing department. We have 14 bedrooms this year. Every one has their on room and bathroom. Which means Bradley can take his playstation 3 and play it all day and all night with no one bothering him. He is such a social butterfly. LOL Last weekend we went to Atlanta for Christmas with the in-laws. It seemed so rushed I hated the trip. We had a good time with everyone as usual. Got to go to church with them Sunday which I really enjoyed. So all in all it was a good quick trip.

On another note. I have still not caught my little friend but no one has seen him or any signs of him since last Wednesday. I have been sleeping in my bed this week. I have just about determined he has ran away or went somewhere and died. I know now that I am getting braver he will probably show back up. Oh well I can't get booted out of my house over a mouse. Well I better get up here and get busy. I was so excited about Lucas going back to school Wednesday and I have had Wilkins the past two days. I am not getting anything done. Oh well must get this house done and finish the laundry. I don't want to come home to a mess Sunday. Have a great weekend!!

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