Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baseball and The Bathroom!

Logan being silly at Cracker Barrel! Crazy kid!
Yes he is on the Cardinals this year. We wanted the Braves!
Levi actually being happy at the ball field. He usually just gets tired and hot.
So he is ill the whole time
Playing outisde.

Lucas playing first base. I love the ump in this picture! LOL
My beautiful tile and my super talented husband! LOL

Yes this is all my life consists of these days. The afternoons we are not at the ball park we are either working on the bathroom redo or at Home Depot or church. My guest bathroom has been torn out for over a year. I am about to loose my mind. We have 4 people in this house that uses the potty and 1 bathroom. It is getting old. When we decided to do this remodel things were not too bad. The after we ripped it down to the studs Bradley comes in and says he is going on 6-7 days a week 13 hours a day with a hour drive. He did that for about a month then his dad got bad. We spent 2 months there every day. Then it was the Holidays. So after we got back from Disney we started in again. I have walls, a tub and tile on the floor. Hopefully he will get the tile on the walls in the shower this week. Then I can paint and set everything in soon! It is hard when every night we are at a ball game or practice. So this ball season has been so much better for Lucas. His coach this year is sooo good! He actually gave the kids a shot. Last year if you weren't one of the coach's kids you were in the outfield and at the bottom of the order. This year Lucas is playing first base and clean up batter! His first time up to bat this season on the first pitch he knocked it in the outfield and got a home run! He is doing awesome and I am so excited for him. It seems like since we got home from Disney I have just been in a whirl wind. There has been so much going on. We have a singing this week and it is my crew. Lovely I know! So I have to go buy all the meat and get it all cooked. Then Easter pictures and a ball game Saturday. Sunday is just a full day! It will be fun and the kids will have a blast as usual. I will be so worn out Monday I won't be able to function. That is life with three kids. I can't imagine when they are all playing ball! I will be gray for sure. I hope everyone has a great Easter!

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  1. I love the pictures and Levi looks so happy and very healthy!!!!