Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting ready for revival!

Well we are home from Atlanta and we are pooped! I got my furniture in on Thursday and it is beautiful. I love it!! So Thursday morning I got up and pulled everything out of my room. I mean everything. It was completely empty. So I decided to start painting after I cleaned my baseboards washed the walls and did all that jazz. My furniture arrived about 1:00 and I had it all finished except some trimming in I didn't finish. That still left the problem of all the stuff in the living room. I was planning on going to Nila Thursday night and they wouldn't let me back out of that so we went. Then I had to work Friday so when I got home Bradley got off work early so by the time I got home he was already here. So we ran to Kohl's because he was in need of some shoes. And since Lucas was with Brandy watching Toy Story 3 and Logan was at moms asleep. We decided to hurry up and go while we had no kids. We got shoes and went to eat Mexican just in time for mom to call and say Logan was awake. We ran by and got the kids. Came home dumped off Bradley and the kids so I could run to CVS and Kroger for my deals of the week.

At CVS I got 3 boxes of strawberry pop tarts and Bradley a Schick Hydra 5 razor and paid less than 5.00 for all that. Then I went to Kroger got a buggy full it rang up 69.45 and I paid 24.30 for it. I was super excited !

So I came home unloaded my groceries and turned on another load of clothes and then ran to mom's at 10:30 to go swimming. So at 12:30 when I got home I got a shower and folded some clothes went to bed at 2 or so got up at 7 to head to Atlanta. I was so sleepy!! I still am! We had a good trip. I drove from Dalton until we got there and everyone slept. We decided to stay for church last night since it started at 4 our time. We got home at like 11:00. Which I drove all the way home. I can not believe it I never drive all the way. Anyway now I am home with my mess. I have to start cleaning. Especially now that plans have changed and we are having the ministers at my house Sunday night. So I have a ton of stuff to do. Pray that I can get it all done!

Have a GREAT week!!

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  1. Make sure you come down to church during revival and you can come see just how much we have changed that house! LOL - the living room was pretty much the last room we had left to work on. It looks TOTALLY different