Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday???or Monday????

I am super sad our long weekend is over with. Bradley's brother was here until Sunday. So we went shopping Saturday and Sunday with them. We grilled out then the kids, Bradley and Douglas went swimming in Nana and Papaw's pool. No I didn't get in but I wanted to really bad!!! I wasn't sure I wanted to be the only women in the pool. So I will wait and get in another day SOON!!Well Makenzie and Shelby stayed for the week at Bradley's parents house. So Sunday night after church they wanted Lucas and Logan to spend the night. So we let them! They stayed down there until this afternoon and I had to make them leave. They get to go back Thursday because of course I have to work.

I do have exciting news I will be getting my new Ashley bedroom furniture in 2 weeks. I can not wait. So now that means I have to get everything painted and ready. I still have not found a bedding set that I like. I change my mind so much I am thinking of going with white and just accent with the colors I like. I have all my pictures and everything. And on top of all that Brandy and I spent like a hour in World Market yesterday and I have decided to change my colors in the living room. I am going to recover my chair and get new curtains and now I need to search for pictures that I like. Oh well that is all fun stuff.

I am also doing really well on my couponing..I love it and my family loves all the food in the house. The only draw back is I have no room to store all of it. So I am about to do some organizing. If my sister was the great sister she claims to be she would come organize it for me. (Brandy!!!) You think you are so good at that.

Well revival is in just like a little more than 3 weeks and I have a ton to do. I do not think I will have very much company but we are doing the ministers Sunday night at moms so we have to help her get her house together. A lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. It is mostly fun stuff. I can not wait to show you all pictures of the furniture as soon as I get it I will post!!!

Have a good week!!!


  1. When would you like me to organize your stuff...before or after I work 50hrs/wk, before I start school in a week, while I am trying to paint and get Wilkins' new furniture plus clean and wash clothes, all while having split days off every week in where I work until 8 or 9 the day before my first off day and then being at work at 5am the day after my day off (meaning I am barely going to get anything accomplished here)...We both know that I have to help get mom organized first!! DUH! But I will pencil you in sometime....lol! Oh yeah don't forget Wilkins' 2 yr pictures on Wednesday of next week too...I am stressing myself out typing this!

  2. Ok, of course we will be up there some for revival and remember "I" haven't seen you house since you trashed the carpet in the living room, had your second child or totally redone your kitchen. So, I feel an invite coming on. LOL.