Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ok so I have been seriously slacking on my blog. Things have just been super crazy. Friday mom Leanne and I went to Trenton then to Chattanooga to the funeral home then home again. I stayed home and did some cleaning then Aunt Veta's birthday dinner was after church Saturday night so we cooked dinner for that. Sunday we got up and went to Flat Rock. Brother Pat is helping run that revival. It was fun I got to see a lot of people I don't see that often. We were planning to come home before church that night but the singing wasn't over with until 4 and church started at 5. So we just sat around and talked until church time. After church we hit the road.

I was so tired Monday morning and I was sleeping so good. Then at 6:30 I hear bulldozers and all kinds of heavy machinery. My neighbor was getting her driveway paved. Which I was super jealous. My driveway was horrible. After the flood any little bit of rocks we had was washed away. Then about 8:00 the little guy came over to my door. He said" we got some extra gravel and my boss wants to now if you care if we fill in your driveway" I was like no we would appreciate it. They started putting gravel down and then came back and smoothed it out. It looks so much better and it is completely level with the road. I believe the lord let them do that for me.

Well mom and Leanne and I have been going to Flat Rock every night and I think Bradley is going tonight. I haven't had to take my kids. Bradley kept them Monday and Nana and Papaw kept them last night. I am afraid I am going to have to take them tonight. Which is fine it is just a much more peaceful ride when there are no kids in the car. LOL.. Oh well the lord has gave 1 the holighost Sunday morning and I am looking forward to another one tonight. Oh well I am about to go get my kids and get the oil changed in my car. So have a good week if I don't post again.

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  1. I guess I will see you tonight at FR! Unless something happens :)