Friday, June 11, 2010


Do kids know when you are so tired you can not hold your head up and then decide it is time to run a fever and be up all night. Yes Logan is up and it is almost 1 am. He is pitiful laying on the couch beside me miserable! I got home from FR at about 11:30 and everyone was in bed I was going to sit here for a minute and organize my coupons then hit the sack. As soon as I got to that point where I don't feel like I can keep my eyes open. I hear it!! Mommy I'm sick!! bless his heart his checks were flaming red and he is got fever. So I gave him some medicine and I am hoping he will drift off to sleep and I can go to bed!!

This going to FR every night is about to get the best of me!! Tonight was the worst. Luckily we rode with some friends so I didn't have to drive and there was some major laughage going on!! We had fun!! But we were like 20 minutes late due to Bonaroo!! Those people are so crazy and traffic was a nightmare everyone that came from Smyrna tonight was late or right on time!! It took us 30 minutes to go 10 miles!! I was ready to scream!! It was fun and I guess I am going to try to make it again tomorrow night. I am hoping to see good things! Bro Pat always says Friday is payday and I feel like I have worked all week I am hoping to see someone make it!! Oh well have a good weekend I am going to try to go to sleep!!

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