Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Why is it you are just going along. Thinking everything is fine. Then all the sudden something comes up and totally disrupts everything you are doing. Nothing you can do anything about but pray and hope the Lord will work it out. I am praying for that right now. Except it seems like I can not get anywhere with my prayers. I feel like I am in a hole screaming for help and no one is around to hear me. I know there is and when it is time he will make a way. But right now I am waiting not so patiently but waiting. I need to work on that patient thing!! Hope everyone has a good week.!

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  1. I was SOOOO there just a couple of weeks ago - I called on a few of my friends to pray as I just felt like I couldn't get mine past the ceiling....and praise the lord for good friends that can get a prayer through! It COMPLETELY turned around - and it'll work out for you too! If it hasn't already since I'm reading this kind of late!