Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Play and Opryland Hotel

All the kids at Opryland Hotel

Lucas and Logan in their hero costumes that Sis Priscilla made them

Addy and WIlkins singing Deck the Halls

This is how all my pictures turned out with my crazy kids!!

Waiting for Santa at the play!

Is that him!!

Logan singing Jingle Bells!! He doesn't have a shy bone is his body!! LOL

Lucas on the other hand was a nervous wreck singing Jingle Bell Rock!! Although he looked like he was going to throw up at anytime. He nailed it!!!

Will and Lucas as Shepards

Our very unruly angels playing with the feathers in their wings!!

Angels again!

The Christmas Play was Saturday night! It was really good the kids did good!! Got some snow Sunday so that was nice. It was just another busy weekend that gets tangled into this busy Holiday season! Tuesday night mom Brandy LeAnne and I took the kids to Opryland Hotel to see the lights. 4 Adults and 6 kids quiet a adventure let me just tell you!! The kids enjoyed it!! So now it is time to get ready for church. Lucas and Addy's Christmas Party is tomorrow. Then Christmas Vacation officially begins. Saturday we are heading down to Trenton to my granny and granddaddy's house to see Aunt Maronica Uncle Kevin Kelsey and Avery. They are going to be in from Florida for the weekend. It will be nice to see them for a while. Then Mom and I have got to do some Christmas shopping I am so not finished!! Oh well everyone have a great weekend! I am sure everyone will be just as busy as we are but have a good one anyway!!!

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