Thursday, December 30, 2010


Lucas and his Cake!
Helping me make potato candy!
Christmas morning.
Lucas in his toy story snuggie!! He thinks it is a robe. lol
Bradley and his superman steering wheel cover. Lucas bought it for him!
Logan with his 3 favorite gifts. Cowboy boots, Cowboy Hat, and Candy Canes from his stocking!
All the kids at moms!
The 4 little ones !
Wilkins and Addy in their princess dresses
The two little monsters looking

We started last week out with a trip to Chucke Cheese for Lucas' 5th birthday. I can not believe he is already 5 seems like yesterday we brought him home. Then Tuesday Lucas and I made Christmas Candy. It was fun and loves to help me do stuff like that. Wednesday was the Christmas Party at work. Which of course I was put in charge of. I don't know why they do that to me. It went great anyway. Thursday and Friday was pretty much spent Christmas shopping with mom and Brandy. Friday night was Christmas Eve so mom brandy, LeAnne and I loaded up our six kids and took them caroling to some of our older people. It seemed to be a big hit and the kids loved it. People kept giving them candy and cookies. They did really good and hopefully it helped some that feel lonely thru the holidays. We got home got the cookies out put the kids in bed then was up all night wrapping presents and putting a bicycle together. We went to bed at about 2 thinking the kids would get us up at 4 am like they did last year. Well our phone rang at 7:30am and no kids up. So we had to wake them up! They loved all their presents. I loved mine too... I got my flip video camera that I was seriously wanting. Then we went to moms and open a ton of presents there. The kids got so much stuff. Bradley got his Clarks and Gap Jacket he was wanting and I got my bedding from Marshalls and my new shoes... And a seriously cute purse from Brandy that I love. They are called Miche Bags and you can change the covers. She got a purse cover and a diaper bag cover for the baby. I think my favorite present this year was the snow. I have never in my life saw a White Christmas. We had about a inch Christmas morning then it snowed all day. It was beautiful!!! I guess Lucas was right he informed me about a month ago that it snows everywhere on Christmas. Sunday morning they called of church because our roads were bad. So we stayed in our P.J.'s most of the day. Bradley started cleaning out drawers and pulling stuff out of closets. So we would have a place to put everything. Then about 3 we decided to run to Logan's to eat we were starving and I sure didn't feel like cooking. We got home cleaned Lucas' closet and let the kids play for a while. Then we were all ready for bed!!! This week is still cleaning and shopping. We still have 2 Christmas' left this weekend with Bradley's family and next weekend with the Middlebrooks in Gatlinburg.

While I am on that subject we got a urgent call from Grandaddy Monday afternoon telling us that Granny wasn't good and they were coming in to pray for her. So of course mom Leanne Brandy Wilkins and I loaded up went to her house. After they prayed she went to sleep for a while but then woke up again in bad shape. We finally convinced her that she needed to go to the ER about 11pm. The ambulance came and got her and took her to Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. We were there until about 4 am our time. And let me just tell you those people in the waiting room hated us. There were only about 14 of us waiting out there. If you have ever been around one middlebrooks you know it is not quiet but when you get 14 very sleepy Middlebrooks together all bets are off. We laughed most of the night. Apparently her Gall Bladder was the size of a softball when it should be the size of a golf ball. And the took out ALOT of stones the size a Pecan. She says she feels so much better and wishes she would have had it done 30 years ago. Oh did I mention she hadn't been to the doctor since Uncle Daniel was born and he is 37 years old. They are sending her home this morning. She is still sore but feeling much better. Thank You Lord!! Oh well I have blogged long enough...Have a great rest of the week!

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