Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was looking thru pictures today and came across this one. It almost made me cry. Lucas will be 5 in just a few days. That makes me sick. I can't imagine where the time has went. This picture was 2 years ago and he has changed so much. He is so grown up acting. The other day when I took him to school he said he didn't need me to take him. I was crushed!! I walked him to the door and let him walk down the hall alone. It was awful!! I know I am having pregnancy hormones. I don't know how yall feel but I am constantly worrying am I treating them the same, am I showing one more attention than the other. I know I am crazy!! But with the new baby on the way and Lucas in school I feel like he is going to be on his own. He is at that age where he can do everything for his self you know and Logan is so not there. Logan requires constant attention.. LOL Oh well I just wanted to share this picture cause I think it is soooooo cute!!

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